QuickyPinion on Super Tuesday 2020

Biden… Why so many senile votes for this senile candidate? Well, maybe because Frank Sinatra was not on the ballot.

More seriously, how could Biden surge? Well,…:

  1. Many voters still don’t know when they are facing a crook.
  2. A lot of voter suppression and vote count tampering is the common practice in our current United States of Aristocracy.
  3. PLUS the corrupt rulership of the “D” party had planned for this kind of Super Tuesday all along by having many oligarchy-loyal candidates run to split the votes thus to ensure a contested or brokered party convention and to pool votes of non-Bernie supporters behind a single corrupt candidate at critical times like the Super Tuesday by a well-timed drop-out (e.g. Pete Butti-Gig) while keeping fake-progressive candidates (think especially: Warren) on the ballots at least through Super Tuesday to reduce Bernie’s votes at the same time.

So, do we have to accept the D Party’s rigging? Not when we have finally awoken. Is the R Party a suitable alternative? No. It’s been corrupted long ago, too. Great harm has been done by both parties, and we have our democracy blocked by these two major parties which control the electoral process and work for the robber billionaire oligarchy in return for bribes, graft, and gravy trains.

That’s why we need to seriously consider building a new party, a true people’s party ruled from the bottom rather than the top; and why we need to build a people’s movement like back in the 18th century when a movement fueled the 1st American Revolution and attempted to create a democracy, a project that WE must now finally finish in a (hopefully political rather than violent) 2nd American Revolution.


Side note: Bernie Sanders is still doing better than in 2016. Therefore, falling into depression and giving up on his campaign now is probably still premature. With enough support we might still get him nominated despite the D Party rulership being well prepared to cheat him out of the race again, like they did in 2016. But if we keep boosting him, then now in 2020 they may at least have to do it so openly that this utterly corrupted party will finally crumble as a result and make it possible for a people’s party to rise from its ashes like the Republican Party did with Abraham Lincoln, rising back then from the corruption-crumbled Whig Party’s ashes.

One strategy for confronting election rigging is fairly simple: vote for the single desirable candidate in such high numbers that all the establishment’s rigging gets overwhelmed. (For this, it may be necessary to have a serious talk with our senile family members, my friends.) How do you think that Obama, for example, won against the already well established rigging of the general election by the R Party that had given us two turns of the Bush-Cheney regime that was never truly elected? This is how. A landslide voting going so much above the expected numbers, that the artificial reduction of his reported numbers was insufficient to drop him below victory. Sadly, he was another fraudster. We must turn our backs on corrupticians and ONLY support candidates who will fight for what WE need and want. Also, sadly, the vote count rigging keeps being made more sophisticated, so that new software counts can create a predetermined vote distribution no matter how people voted. When public support does clearly not match the reported outcomes, we may finally be able to reveal this meddling, though. Bernie’s giant rallies may lead there. Also, exit polls and field studies could help with this, when not performed by corruptly lying institutions. We got some work to do.

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