Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-03-22 (24 videos)

How the D-Party is working to crush the people’s campaign for Medicare for All and other necessary changes (as it has been doing since 1942) — changes currently represented by Bernie Sanders’ candidacy campaign. And what we – the people – need to do to fight for our needs and rights.

(Note: Unfortunately I am still stuck in very time consuming continued education to make it back into the (paid, as opposed to unpaid elderly relative care) workforce. So, if I missed some top videos, that’s why. And I’d be thankful for others sharing them with me.)

Stars & Channels: The Hill, The Real News Network, Jimmy Dore, Tim Canova, The Intercept (Naomi Klein), Democracy Now!, Lee Camp (Redacted Tonight), The Radical Independent, The Progressive Voice, AOC, The Rational National, Jill Stein, NowThis News, Status Coup, Dylan Ratigan, and more…


  1. Corrupt Congress Not Helping the American People
  2. Socialism vs the Coronavirus
  3. Socialism the Last Option Left – even for Trump!
  4. Bernie’s Campaign is Being Cheated Again (Blatant Vote Count Rigging)
  5. Likely Ending of the Political Revolution by its Famous Leader Bernie
  6. Will Trump Help or Prey?
  7. Right & Left Turned Upside Down
  8. News: (better than regular corporate news)
  9. More on the Vote Count Fraud
  10. Bad Biden
  11. Biden’s Loss of his Mental Faculties (& Bernie Should Lead a Dem Exit)
  12. A Reminder of What These Years are All About (Movement Building)
  13. Important Issues of the Coronavirus Pandemic
  14. A FAIR Bailout


Part 1 (the 2020 primaries rigging & necessary people’s fight)

1. Corrupt Congress Not Helping the American People

The modern day political mafiosi (corrupticians) simply don’t get what must be done to save our economy and society:

Krystal and Saagar BLAST Pelosi for holding up cash to workers ~ The Hill


2. Socialism vs the Coronavirus

As Corporate Capitalists Beg For Socialism, Let’s Not Forget They Tried To Destroy It ~ The Real News Network

Comment: True. Corporate media make their wealth by cheating the public. That’s where alternative media like the site you are visiting this very moment come in. We tend to make less money than we have to spend to inform the public. So, helping us finance our public service would be a good thing for you to do.


3. Socialism the Last Option Left – even for Trump!

Trump Proposes Socialism! UBI & Foreclosure/Eviction Freeze! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


4. Bernie’s Campaign is Being Cheated Again (Blatant Vote Count Rigging)

Bernie Is Being Cheated Again. Will He Fight? w/Tim Canova ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

The huge discrepancies between exit polls* and unverifiable computer counts is a pretty clear indication. (*the real ones, before they get edited to match the fraudulent official vote counts)

And what is the outcome? Prosecution of blatant gigantic election fraud switching a demented looser crook to the official primaries winner out of nowhere? Exposure of the election fraud by the Bernie campaign? Bernie finally giving up his alliance with the irrecoverably corrupted D-Party and starting a true people’s party? No. Just a repeat of his 2016 $Hillary endorsement, so it seems (and Tulsi Gabard also gives up):


5. Likely Ending of the Political Revolution by its Famous Leader Bernie

Did Bernie Refuse Tulsi’s Endorsement? ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


6. Will Trump Help or Prey?

Hard to tell from how he always swishes back and forth on issues. Recent promises sound good. But he has often done the exact opposite of what he promised. Here is an attempted forecast of what he will do if he sticks with the direction he has been marching in since he took over the Oval Office:

Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It ~ The Intercept (Naomi Klein)

Comment: And if you need to pick up more good ideas for much needed change, dig through this blog site. You can find a lot. (maybe search for terms like taxes, (in)equality, UBI, Universal Basic Dividend, shared assets economy, or a Good Life for All)


7. Right & Left Turned Upside Down

Part of the chaos created by a crisis is that our rulers and demagogues reel around options in less predictable ways than usual, as a portion of them tries to align with commoners in ways differing from their usual ways. All this while many predators at the top keep trying to prey on us and some of the fighters for the people at the same time give up their battles. The result is a political conundrum:

Michael Brooks issues DIRE warning to Establishment Dems ~ The Hill


8. News: (better than regular corporate news)

Rarely perfect, but usually better than main corporate news, and thus sometimes worth catching when events like of the current pandemic crisis can be more interesting than the usual stuff:

Top U.S. & World Headlines — March 19, 2020 ~ Democracy Now!

Comment: Of course, here too, you won’t hear about the massive election count fraud that anoints Biden as the primaries winner (that he absolutely is not).


9. More on the Vote Count Fraud

A bit more on our blatant vote count fraud:

Rant on Our Blatant Vote Count Fraud:

The Exit Polls Are Not Adding Up ~ Redacted Tonight

Continued thoughts:

Rampant Voter Fraud Against Tulsi and Bernie Confirmed ~ The Radical Independent

The following link leads to a video where three women apparently report on-the-ground experience of recent vote count fraud in Michigan, but not only is it long-winded, but they also fail to be precise about where they got their data. Still, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeUUfvJ3at0

And here a short review of the reported data:

Is The Election Being Rigged Against Bernie Sanders? Why Are The Exit Polls So Far Off? ~ The Progressive Voice

Little Conclusion and Reminder: We can never put all our trust and hope in or on one single candidate. We need ourselves to fight for ourselves. Candidates are only our weapons, and not the only ones we have.


Big Question: What can we do when our election process is rigged again?

… and we absolutely need Medicare for All, a UBI, cap-taxing the rich, an economy altered to give us ALL its dividends instead of only a few rich, democratic rather than dictatorial workplaces, preparing society for jobs-eliminating automation and gigification and growing elderly decrepitude, getting land the people stand on back to them from banksters and Wall Street predators…?

What can we do?


Two major things, right now, me thinks:

1. Building a people’s movement that goes beyond electoral processes (for example mass demonstrate and having general strikes like the people in France do to push things through regardless of which corrupticians are in office), and…


2. Publicly expose Biden’s senile decrepitude and corrupt scum bag record so the weapon the D-Party ‘elite’ chose to screw us with may collapse BEFORE the race against Trump, still during the primaries, so that hopefully only Bernie Sanders will be left.


Is he the best president we could have? Surely not, but the best one since FDR’s death, for now. He should finally leave the D-Party to start a people’s party this year when his campaign gets crushed by rigged primaries again, as he should have done back in 2016 instead of endorsing $Hillary. He should follow the steps of Abraham Lincoln. But since, so far, he seems to hang on to his dream of reforming the utterly corrupted D-Party from within, an attempt that has totally failed so far, we – the people – must take our own actions, like the two urgent ones just mentioned, and including the build of a people’s party and exposure of the massive election fraud we have been oppressed with for decades by now.

To follow my own advice, next comes a little glimpse on Bad Biden:


Part 2 (the rest)


10. Bad Biden

Media Lies about Bernie & Biden:

The Failure Of Media Primary Coverage In One Poll ~ The Rational National

Could you expect Biden to get this approval from the other side of the isle?

Fox News Audience Cheers Bernie Sanders, Boos Host ~ The Rational National

Bad Biden’s Lies:

Joe Biden’s HUGE Lie In Sunday’s Debate ~ The Rational National

Bernie vs Biden on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Biden Goes Missing While Bernie Takes Lead ~ The Rational National

Biden Bribing Andrew Yang

… not with money but a promised cabinet position (whether that way of motivating support be properly called a bribe or not):

Andrew Yang Reveals Why He Endorsed Joe Biden ~ The Rational National


11. Biden’s Loss of his Mental Faculties (& Bernie Should Lead a Dem Exit) **

Let’s remember that Jill Stein is a medical doctor, someone closely familiar with elderly patients who grow senile and slide into dementia:

Dr. Jill Stein on U.S. Election, Bernie Sanders’ setbacks, Coronavirus, Assange & Manning ~ acTVism Munich


12. A Reminder of What These Years are All About (Movement Building)

AOC’s Words of Encouragement to Young Voters | NowThis ~ NowThis News


13. Important Issues of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Running Votes During a Pandemic

DISGRACEFUL: Chaos & Criminality Ensue in Illinois Primary Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic ~ Status Coup

Ways to Handle a Pandemic

Dylan Ratigan Reports From The Future In Italy ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Economy Aspects (Current Bailouts & the Need for a UBI)

$2.2 Trillion Pumped Into Banks Explained w/Dylan Ratigan ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Private vs Public Hospitals

Spain Nationalizes All Hospitals Over Coronavirus ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


14. A FAIR Bailout vs Lethal Means Testing

A FAIR Bailout:

Trump Proposes Gov. Own Corporations It Bails Out! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Funny that how the 2008 Bailout should have been structured is now being proposed by a corporate pharaoh. So funny!

Let People Die While they are Means Tested

The zombie party:

Progressive Congresswoman Rips Pelosi For Blocking UBI ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Announcement: If I manage to squeeze in some time, I will soon publish an article about the vote count rigging. So, maybe check as soon as tomorrow.


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