Bad Biden, Voter Suppression, Exit Polls, and HUGE Election Fraud

Joseph Stalin (or Joseph Biden?) quote: “It’s completely unimportant who will vote, or how. What is extraordinarily important is who will count the votes, and how.”


Bad Biden:

A demented creep with a corrupt scumbag record who is only supported by a minority of ignorants is deceptively placed at the head of primaries via blatant vote count rigging when lesser tricks like voter suppression don’t suffice. And this guy is supposed to be our preferable alternative to Donald Trump?

If you are surprised at such negative claims about Biden, then just skim through the most recent Video Weekend posts on Beanstock’s World. Among other useful stuff, they also contain jaw-dropping reports on and recordings of Biden.

Biden voted for (or even created Congress bills) that harm so many of us, for example by cutting our social safety net (repealing FDR’s Great New Deal), eliminating bankruptcy protections, herding us into pointless evil wars, or placing millions of us in neo-slavery prisons. And he and his family not only made tons of money for themselves via bribery, but on a TV stage Biden arrogantly dismissed young people who complain about our corrupted system. On TV he even once happily admitted his political corruption. And now he is about to be anointed as the presidential D-Party candidate via blatant election fraud? This guy then is supposed to be our preferable alternative to Donald Trump and have any decent chance to win against him?

Asa little hint, here is a video that does NOT review Biden’s corrupt record but DOES dive into his current dementia which would make him a guaranteed loser if he were to run against Trump:

Biden Seems Like He Has Feathers in His Brain ~ Hard Lens Media

And despite his horrible political career record and his grossly evident dementia plus an awfully lazy campaign skipping over many states and offering no real agenda for American voters, Biden is supposed to now be soaring from a very low place in the early primaries to the very top and be magically floating ahead of the vastly popular Bernie Sanders? This is supposed to be true and real voter outcome? Not a fixed election process?


Election Fraud:

First, here is a video you can watch to introduce yourself to the issue:

How The Democratic Primary Was Rigged ~ Free Radicals

Side Note: By the way, the fixing of elections – although it is slowly moving towards perfection (especially with newer voting machines) – is still not always completely guaranteed in its outcomes. It almost certainly can still be overwhelmed through huge landslide voting. And Bernie is still in a good position for us to make this happen, if he doesn’t give up. Obama, for instance, so I have heard, was still 300 delegates behind HRC at this current stage in the primaries in 2008, not the alleged 153 delegates that Bernie is currently reported to lag behind — a drop from the top created through voter suppression and vote count rigging, as you will realize when you read on.

Now, as for the details, let’s look through the mess:

We have heard a lot about early ways of rigging the primaries and caucuses: widespread voter suppression, fraudulent counts and coin tossing in caucuses, spoiler candidates working for the DNC to split the progressive vote, lots of smears of Bernie and glorification of corrupt corporatist candidates on the corporate media, the corporatist candidates later dropping out and endorsing Biden right before the first Super Tuesday, and so on. And we can even imagine Trump supporters in open primaries voting for Biden to try and prevent Bernie from running against Trump, since Bernie would almost certainly win while Biden will most certainly lose. But while these measures do add up and play quite a big role, they also serve as a distraction from the the biggest and most reliable election rigging (aside from gerrymandering when the toss goes between the R and D party in November). And that most reliable election rigging is the meddling with the count of our votes.

It’s what Stalin reportedly praised as the single necessary means for controlling election results. And it is. There is a flow at work. First, all these other meddling measures shift the votes to some extent and make us feel overwhelmed when attacks come from so many directions and scattered over so many locations. They also convince a large segment of the population of the myth that the establishment-picked candidates are actually getting the most voter support (or that these crooks are the “most electable”) . This, in turn, makes the awakened rest of us then feel too marginalized to try and fight this electoral corruption. And when all this has been done to us, the final adjustment is then applied: manipulating the vote count so it matches exactly what our oligarchic lords want us to believe is the way we voted.

The preceding other forms of election meddling not only play with people’s heads and distract the majority of the people from vote count rigging, but they also lower the numbers by which the vote count rigging at the end needs to adjust the reported outcomes. This, in turn, helps making the vote count meddling less obvious.

But this doesn’t mean it’s not in place.

Talking about how obvious it is: Doesn’t the very fact that our votes are always counted in secret tell us a lot?

How could our vote counts possibly be honest when they are stubbornly done in secret?

And another hint: Apparently, all our allegedly “elected” officials get rich during their political careers. Would we all stubbornly vote for none but corrupt politicians? So, how can our elections not be rigged if we almost always end up with corrupt politicians in office? And remember, the vote count is always done in secret!

Think about it for a moment if you have never done so before.

And then let us continue our thoughts:

For the the lords who rule us in a fake democracy, meddling with the vote count is the one safe and sound way to adjust the official election outcomes to whatever they want.

This has two main ways of being done:

1. Ballot box stuffing, an old method, now often done via rigged mail-in voting, I strongly suspect. At the end of an election night suddenly large boxes full of ballots are brought in which, oh what a surprise(!), flip the victory for example from Hillary to Bernie (reported in 2016). This is why I don’t trust mail-in voting (which could of course help us to vote during a pandemic). I mean, how can we know if those filled-out ballots in those delivered boxes are real, not fake? A strong indication that they may be fake is when the allegedly cast votes exceed the number of registered voters in the district. Exactly what happened in past cases such as victory flips from John Kerry to George W. Booh (sic) in 2004 and $Hillary to Bernie in 2016 (by very large numbers!).

2. A more sophisticated modern method, easier to hide: black box voting (having our ballots or button pushes disappear into computer boxes where we have no way to see what is being done with them). This kind of vote count hack can be done in ways that do not have the number of votes exceed the number of registered voters. What you may there sometimes see, however, is an occasional drop of the numbers of voters who voted because of fractional number rounding (by software using fractional numbers instead of one-person-one-vote) or sudden huge percentage changes in the outcomes (when the hack was not being gradually applied throughout the election night with fractional vote count distributions but as a quick fix near the end). Both kinds of events have been reported by people throughout the years since these demonic voting machines and vote tally machines were put in place — at large taxpayer expense, by the way.

All the other efforts preceding the final vote count cheat are mostly done to distract us from this final fix and to convince gullible fellows that the election outcomes are basically valid with only some small percentage accidents here and there (from a small number of reported voter purges, for example), and that those of us who scream fraud are supposedly obsessing about minor issues or off-the-wall conspiracy theories. Sections of the population can also be befuddled into thinking that “voter fraud” is the actual issue to worry about. The voter fraud myth claims that millions of people risk prison sentences by voting twice or by voting when they have no voting rights. However, in law enforcement investigations, both of these alleged acts have been indicated to POSSIBLY having been done by only a very tiny handful of people (when in reality they probably only relocated or were confused by investigators with similarly named voters, or they were possibly suffering from old age dementia making them forget they had already voted… it’s still very unlikely though to get to vote twice (how exactly would that be possible unless someone has successfully created a second official identity?)). At any rate, there are only a few dozen or less suspected voter fraud cases over the last decade or two. The myth of massive voter fraud distracts gullible folks from actual election fraud (notice the different word?!?) — with the latter involving millions of votes. The voter fraud myth furthermore potentially shifts the gullible folks’ justified anger over their damaged lives (an anger the rest of us share) away from the fraudulent money lords and corrupt politicians and election officials and their mass media buddies – who cheat and defraud us on a daily basis – towards innocent undocumented immigrants (accused of impossible fraudulent voting, something they cannot do because non-citizens cannot register as voters!).

Meddled vote counts, by the way, is how we got imposed on us both terms of the Bush-Cheney regime that stuck us in the profit-for-them-and-their-buddies military Afghanistan and Iraq invasion and occupation (killing about a million people and wounding and displacing millions more on the side) and which ran roughshod over our bill of rights (thus essentially ending our American Constitution and democracy and replacing them with outright fascism — both things that Obama happily continued and expanded, by the way — a strong indication that BOTH major parties are corrupt and criminal beyond the pale).


Exit Polls:

Exit polls are asking voters as they leave the polling stations how they voted. This makes possible forecasts of how the vote count will come out, and it can be used to expose meddled vote counts. Nowadays exit polls are extremely accurate, varying from honestly counted total ballot counts by 1% to 2% or no percent when the number of queried voters is large enough to reduce statistical errors. Whenever the difference between the reported vote count and exit polls exceeds 4% (the current international standard, such as of the UN), this large difference reveals election integrity flaws or downright fraudulent tampering of the ballot count. Obviously, when vote count reports shift drastically away from exit polls time and again — and always in one and the same direction always benefiting one particular candidate or party (like G.W. Booh or $Hillary Clinton or Bad Biden, and hurting their opponents) — this is not the result of accidental mistakes, but the outcome of willfully committed election fraud.

We don’t get to see many exit polls anymore, thanks to a massive repression of exit polls in the USA since early 2016 (implemented as soon as the exit polls began to expose massive election fraud that switched the victories from Bernie Sanders to $Hillary Clinton). Still, here are the recent revalations of a few states where exit polls were still getting run (and the real results apparently leaked out despite a current practice to rig them, too):

CA: Bernie -11.1%, Biden +15.3%
TX: Bernie -11.8%, Biden +1%
MA: Bernie -12.4%, Biden +16.2%
SC: Bernie -6.6%, Biden +8.3%
VT: Bernie -11.0%, Biden +26.1%

These percentages represent the individual candidate’s vote outcome shift by false ballot count, meaning that – for example – in Vermont, Bernie’s own state, his vote count was edited 11 percent down and Biden’s vote count 26.1% up, meaning Biden had a quarter as many votes as he actually received added on top as additional fictitious votes to make him look better, while over a tenth of all votes Sanders received were slashed away in the official election reports.

All of these shifts (except for the mere 1% up-shift for Biden in Texas, still connected to Bernie’s nearly 12.5% down-edit) deftly exceed the international 4% standard that proves election fraud!

Does any reader want to call this a democracy?

And doesn’t this amount to a clear reason of why our ‘elite’ appointed government officials would give a rat’s tail for our needs and wishes, rather than their own selfish goals and those of their billionaire masters? (and, yes, as you probably know, Princeton University has proven that they ignore our wishes completely)

Another thing to keep in mind when checking U.S. exit polls is that the U.S. standard nowadays is to quickly edit the exit poll count before publication to match the fraudulent official ballot count, so that the evidence of the crime is destroyed. Therefore, when you see U.S. exit polls that closely match the reported ballot count results, you are probably looking at the re-written fake exit poll data rather than the useful evidence from the actual exit poll results.

The modern practice seems to be: run the exit polls and give their true results to the campaign managers (so they can fine-tune their election meddling to perfect their befuddling of the American public), do not reveal these true results to the public, and then replace them with fictional numbers matching the rigged ballot counts, and then publish the edited numbers which are no longer true results, so the public won’t be able to see the evidence of the election fraud but a fake verification instead.

Somehow, the actual exit poll results seem to have leaked out, though, in the case reported above. I mean, how else could we explain the soaring of Big Business Biden who cannot fill a gym with supporters and constantly reveals himself as demented and has a horrible corrupt record throughout his political career for which he was publicly shamed in the past? How else could we explain the sudden drop of Bernie Sanders’ lead in the primaries when he is the ONLY, yes the ONLY, D-Party candidate who regularly fills huge sport stadiums and public parks beyond their brim?

Currently, there are only two widely popular presidential candidates. Both populists. A genuine one: Bernie. And a fake on (what’s called a demagogue): Trump

Only one popular populist can beat the other. Any other candidates will lose the general election, no matter how much our rigged primaries and dishonest corporate media paint them as having popular support.

Let’s take another glance at these rarely released actual U.S. exit polls: the vote count meddling of California and Texas combined amounts to a Bernie Sanders loss of 435,000 votes (someone, not I, calculated) that were cast for him. That’s pretty close to half a million votes. Nationwide we are most likely dealing with millions(!) of Bernie votes removed from the official election results. Just like in 2016. Oh yeah, there was a study that, oddly, few people even in the alternative media seem to know about, one that revealed that Hillary officially only won in districts that had no paper trail, while Bernie officially won all districts that had one. A paper trail of paper ballots means that recounts are at least theoretically possible, so that vote count tampering can be revealed and therefore be dangerous to commit. So, what does your ability to think logically tell you, when $Hillary officially “won” only in the districts where vote count cheats were safe to perform, while she officially lost in all districts where vote count officials would have run a risk to cheat?

Take a moment to think about this, if the click in your head did not happen, yet. Again, everywhere where manipulating the vote count was safe she officially “won”, while everywhere where manipulating the vote count was risky her loss and Bernie’s victory were reported.

It’s almost funny how our corporate media owned and run by the rich always claim that exit polls don’t mean anything, when in fact they mean everything. They are like a thermometer when measuring fever. They measure election integrity. And that comes out to checking whether we have a real democracy of one person one vote or a fake democracy where a ruling class consisting of a modernized money aristocracy hands us ballots that won’t get counted and runs a horse race show on the media to excite us, to glorify their appointed managers of our lives which these fiends happily oppress and exploit, and pretend that we have a voice in our lives’ matters, so we should not complain about our rotten lives but blame ourselves or our neighbors who are supposed to have voted badly.

Also almost funny: the claim in a court of law that political parties have the right to rig their primaries. Of course, one could argue that political parties are entitled to appoint their candidates and then have them run in democratic elections. That’s common practice in many democracies and works OK in parliamentary democracies where voters’ choices are analogically represented in parliaments that make laws and elect the executive government, the members of parliament reflecting by their numbers the percentage of votes and acting as the voters’ delegates.

However, in OUR electoral system of first-past-the-post and winner-take-all, we always end up with only two political parties that monopolize the electoral field, which prevents such an analogue representation. And when both major parties are corrupted by robber billionaires or the evil corporations behind which these modern robber barons hide, we have no real choice in our elections, especially as long as we insist to comply with voting only for one of these two parties out of fear of “throwing away our vote” or getting blamed for the “bigger evil” winning over the “lesser evil” by having voted for a “spoiler” — all stories used to manipulate us into playing along with our fake democracy.

The rigging of our primaries therefore utterly destroys democracy making it high treason in a nation founded on the idea of being a democracy where the government serves the people, not a ruling class. Furthermore, running a dog-and-pony show of primaries that pretend to get us around this electoral-system hurdle placed before democracy by making it seem as if we, the people, can pick our candidates, is outright fraud committed against the American public when those primaries get rigged. We make large campaign donations, volunteer, and declare as legitimate the party and its (allegedly!) elected officials that we loyally connect with while that party sells us out. That is outright fraud, steeling money and labor from us (and contributing heavily to the creation and upholding of a corrupt system that ruins our lives). To consider this as legal is an odd warping of the fundamental concept of legality.

A video that goes over these exit polls (from BEFORE the 2nd super Tuesday, set to start ~22:38 min in):

We’ve Got Problems! The Democratic Primary, Exit Polls and Lies ~ Steve the Amateur Historian

Link to TDMS:

Link to a summary of the reported TDMS research:

Now, there are also counter-reports that say the reported TDMS research is mistaken by the analyzed Edison Research exit polls not being real exit polls at all (procedures of asking the voters who leave after casting their vote how they voted) but simply later machine count results being compared to earlier ones. Still, if all these machine counts late in the voting night suddenly drop the floor under one candidate and dramatically boost the numbers for his opponent, this strongly indicates a late-night tampering with the reported vote counts. When they consistently shift from one candidate to the other, it’s not a peculiarity but fraudulent vote count tampering. It is a very strong indication of election theft via vote count fraud even if the attacked candidate were not the single truly popular candidate (huge-rallies-Sanders) and if the fraudulently boosted candidate were not a rally-less and evidently senile establishment candidate who has a long record of scum bag corruption.

Whichever way we look at these reports, they lead to the conclusion that the election results reported to us are consistently tampered with in order to declare an establishment corruptician the winner and the people’s candidate the looser. And this has been going on for years, greatly facilitated by absentee voting and even more so by black box voting (the stupid use of easily rigged and secretly vote counting machines).

By the way, exit polls and late night vote count flips aren’t the only possible indications of election fraud. Utterly unlikely reported outcomes also expose election fraud: Besides public opinion polls which could be used but are often badly or dishonestly run, there are things like voter district demographics and party registrations. For example, in 2004, a lot of strongly blue voting districts in Florida reported victories of G.W. Bush reflecting D-Party registrations. The more voters were D-Party registered, the higher the alleged votes outcome for the Republican president Bush whom democratic voters outright loathed and hated. Make sense? No. Evidently, the votes for Bush and Kerry were simply being flipped in those districts in a state whose governor was Bush’s brother. Another clear indication is when demographics are not reflected at all in the official vote counts. An example is Tim Canova’s 2nd (or 1st & 2nd?) race against corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz, where (despite large support for him noticed by canvassers) all districts came out with exactly 5% reported votes for him, no matter if they were all White, highly Black, or full of Hispanic Americans, urban, rural, or whatever. That is not credible, at all. Different demographics do vote differently, especially for change-promoting candidates like Canova. When, instead, all districts not only come out way below reasonable expectations, but with the exact same count number, it is obvious that the count number was artificially chosen by vote count controllers. In the case of voting or vote tally machines, they were either equally pre-programmed into these machines or later at night hacked with one quick fell swoop across all the districts.

Question: What democracy do we have when machines are voting instead of us and our votes get counted in secret?

The same question goes for non-counted, secretly swapped,or counterfeited provisional, mail-in, and absentee ballots.

One of the fights we must fight is for paper ballots – publicly counted(!) – and not once but twice (by opposing party members), and recounted until all counters (from opposing parties) agree. This is how votes are counted in countries that are not banana republics. I suggest we like bananas and other fruits, but create a real republic, a.k.a. a real democracy. And while our electoral system currently gives us, the people, pretty much no power, we also better build other tools of power by organizing and building a strong people’s movement (including the possibility of general strikes and eventually also having one or more real people’s parties once we can get our votes cast and counted) with the aim for a Good Life for All.

Phew… finally done. 😉


Afterword: So, what to do about missing exit polls, or those kept secret from us? Here is an idea for anyone who has more spare time like me: Wherever we get told how demographic voter distributions split up over candidates’ votes, if those are real votes, not just polling numbers, we could check these state’s demographic stats and multiply the demographic population percentages with the reported demographic voting percentages and add them all up to reverse-engineer the hidden exit poll results for each candidate. 😉

A recent video addressing voting machine fraud:

Whistleblower Exposes Voting Machine Fraud ~ Hard Lens Media


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5 thoughts on “Bad Biden, Voter Suppression, Exit Polls, and HUGE Election Fraud

  1. you are doing the work for Trump campaign finding dirt on Biden. As much as I’d prefer Saunders, we seem to be getting Biden and now should all unify behind him. A smear campaign will only keep some key voters from participating, leading to another Trump success. Stop this.

    Douglas Owens-Pike 612-220-1911 mobile

    *We know how to transform this world to reduce our impact on nature by several fold, how to provide meaningful, dignified living-wage jobs for all who seek them, and how to feed, clothe, and house every person on earth.*

    *What we don’t know is how to remove those in power, those whose ignorance of biology is matched only by their indifference to human suffering. This is a political issue. It is not an ecological problem.*

    *–Paul Hawken, from a speech at the Bioneers conference in Oct. 2002*

    On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 2:45 PM Beanstock’s World wrote:

    > Dirk Droll posted: ” Joseph Stalin (or Joseph Biden?) quote: “It’s > completely unimportant who will vote, or how. What is extraordinarily > important is who will count the votes, and how.” Bad Biden: A demented > creep with a corrupt scumbag record who is only suppor” >


    1. Thanks, Douglas Owens-Pike, for commenting, even if we disagree on something. Talking things over can help us all grow our understanding. Both necessary and good. I reply in 3 steps:

      1. Trump’s campaign, Fox “News”, and so on are well funded and staffed and can find and expose dirt on Biden much better than we can. They will obliterate Biden if he gets to run against Trump (and have been working on this siince last fall if not sooner). Hinting at Biden’s shortcomings during the primaries is a necessary attempt to prevent the nomination of a candidate who is guaranteed to lose.

      2. Always picking a “lesser evil” over a presumably worse one has been leading us down the path of ever growing evil by a kind of leap-frog practice. It is high time for us — the people — to jump out of that trap before it’s too late.

      3. This comment could use a cleanup. The Paul Hawken quotes are good (and essentially lead to an article like this one as stuff we must write and share). But how these quotes are linked to the rest of the comment is unclear. And at the bottom is attached a weird email-like quote block copied and converted from the top of the article. These scrambles make this comment hard to read and understand. I hope I managed to reply sensibly despite of that.


    1. Yes. Biden essentially is an even less popularizable 2020 version of $Hillary Clinton. Therefore even the faulty eligibility argument and deceptive “lesser evil” choice tactic we keep getting pounded with merely lead to a guaranteed repeat of the 2016 general election: a guaranteed win for Trump.


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