Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-03-29 (32 videos on 13 Topics)

Main issues emerging this week: Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID origin, crisis, measures, our capitalism boosting it, and the oligarchy robbing us via it and making our country’s inequality even worse), people power and rebellion, growing corruption and totalitarianism at the top, Bernie, Biden, and the urgent need for Medicare for All:

Stars & channels: Bernie Sanders, Dylan Ratigan, Nomiki Konst, Jerry Eldred, Jimmy Dore, Kim Iversen, Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti (The Hill), Michael Brooks, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!), Norman Swan (thejuicemedia), Rebel HQ, Red Revolution Media, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), RJ Eskow (The Zero Hour), Robert Reich, The Rational National, The Real News Network.


  1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Pandemic)
  2. Evil Empire Exploiting and Killing Us / General Strike for People’s Power
  3. Lesson from France: People’s Power That is Not Circumventable by Rigged Elections
  4. Capitalism vs Democracy
  5. Economic Update: Pandemic, Mobility, Yellow Vests, and Lee Camp
  6. Pandemic Crisis, Predatory Rich & Corporations, New Housing Crisis
  7. Growing Totalitarianism from BOTH Arms at the Top
  8. The People vs Oligarchy
  9. Jimmy Dore Show Picks
  10. Bernie
  11. Bad Biden
  12. World: Cuba’s Solidarity (Helping Italy with the COVID Pandemic)
  13. Medicare for All Urgently Needed


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1. COVID-19 (Coronavirus Pandemic)

Coronavirus Forecast

Not sure if a good one like this has been broadcast in the U.S., but I came across this very informative one from Australia:

Podcast 10: Coronavirus | with Dr Norman Swan ~ thejuicemedia


  • Future salary negotiations for nurses and teachers will get better after the pandemic has demonstrated their importance (the society grinding to a halt without them)? I rather doubt it. We live in an abusive system, after all. Only when we change it will lives get good. (Remember our founders? Life, liberty, and (pursuit of) happiness for all?)
  • About the claim that we can’t rely on the government? True. But let’s not fall off the edge of reason the Libertarian way. It’s not that government must be fully replaced by greedy corporations. It’s that government is an important tool (say, for temporarily shutting down all schools during a pandemic to halt the pandemic), but we – the people – must use it. And for that, we must wrestle it out of the claws of the robber billionaires and their evil corporations.


Coronavirus Economic & Social Crisis

… contemplated about (not many solutions, but at least growing awareness):

Ep: 10 – Stephanie Kelton’s Economic Predictions, Nomiki Gets Tested for Covid 19/ Corona Virus ~ Nomiki Konst

Comment: A bit overmuch fund-me-ads in this episode, but then, agan, I probably should ask more often for vistors to at least subscribe and share.


Our Poverty-Creating and Environments-Destroying Profit System Creates Pandemics

COVID-19, Ebola, And SARS Outbreaks Were All Unleashed By Humans ~ The Real News Network


How Our American Profit-Greed System Boosts any Pandemic

Short extract of the full Economic Update episode shared further below:

Capitalism’s failures exposed by the Coronavirus – Richard Wolff ~ Democracy At Work


2. Evil Empire Exploiting and Killing Us / General Strike for People’s Power

Max Blumenthal on Epidemic and Empire ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow


3. Lesson from France: People’s Power That is Not Circumventable by Rigged Elections

While we in the U.S. allow ourselves to be played by the establishment with rigged elections in a fake democracy giving us the false illusion of having a voice in our government and only needing to vote better, the French People actually forced changes outside of elections with their large “yellow vest” street protests and a genaral strike. And as we shring from voting for legitimate COVID fear (and the French, naturally have also reduced their numbers in the streets), a lot of French still have the courage to keep up their street protests even now during the pandemic. I think we need a slice of the French courage and insight on power (like our nation’s founders had):

France: Yellow Vests Protesters Ignore Coronavirus Measures at Violent Paris Rally ~ Red Revolution Media

France – Yellow Vests Raise Hell Despite Corona Virus Lock Down ~ Jerry Eldred or RUPTLY


4. Capitalism vs Democracy

We Have A Choice Capitalism or Democracy – Commentary ~ The Michael Brooks Show


5. Economic Update: Pandemic, Mobility, Yellow Vests, and Lee Camp

Pandemic made worse, mobility down instead of up, France’s Yellow Vests & General Strike, and Lee Camp interview:

Economic Update: Comedy and Tragedy of Capitalism ~ Democracy At Work


6. Pandemic Crisis, Predatory Rich & Corporations, New Housing Crisis


Rich Creeps Profiting Wildly from the Pandemic Crisis

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti: Billionaires profit off economic crisis ~ The Hill


Giant Corporations Preying on Small Businesses

Journalist David Dayen: It’s not a bailout, it’s corporate robbery ~ The Hill


Another Mortgage Raid (Housing Crisis) on the Horizon, P.1 *

Aaron Glantz: Are we headed for another housing crisis?


Another Mortgage Raid (Housing Crisis) on the Horizon, P.2 **

Saagar Enjeti: THIS Is How The Next Political Revolution Will Begin ~ The Hill


7. Growing Totalitarianism from BOTH Arms at the Top

The Moral Fascist Left Attempting To Silence Me And Others ~ Kim Iversen


8. The People vs Oligarchy

Amazing! Is Robert Reich growing up… distancing himself from blind party loyalty (blue no matter who)?

The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It with Robert Reich


9. Jimmy Dore Show Picks


Bernie-Alternative to presidential Race

Interesting suggestion because we must step out of our habitual box (our elections are rigged, after all, and further warped by giving us nearly no desirable choices). Still, this idea – while maybe stimulating new ideas – has a major flaw:

Krystal Ball: Bernie Should Drop Out Now & LEAD! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show

Comment: The major flaw is how could Sanders be appointed and empowered as the Pansemic-Zar while Trump is in the office. The idea that Bernie could help Biden win the generl election is even more abtuse as the same ide with HRC was.


Trump Turning into Maduro

Almost funny to see Trump and the GOPmove left of the D-Pary:

Trump Orders Corporations To Produce Needed Medical Supplies ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


Why Don’t We – The Tax Payers – Get the Stocks of Companies We Bail Out???

Finally someone else makes a point I have been making since 2008:

United Airlines Threatens Government Over Bailout Cash ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


UBI – Talk

Not perfectly discussed (rentier-gouging must of course be blocked so a UBI cannot be extracted from people, just like price-gouging on essential necessities must always be protected from), but the safety-floor concept is at the very least well mentioned:

How Direct Cash Payments To Citizens Works ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


The Ineptitude (and Immorality) of our Capitalist Lords

Their profits matter to them. We don’t:

Trump To End Social Distancing For Economy ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


The Wealthy Run the Government at the Expense of the People

Stimulus Bill: “An Abomination Beyond Comprehension” – “Bernie Folded”. ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (interview with Dylan Ratigan)


10. Bernie

Speech 1:

Bail Out Workers, Not CEOs ~ Bernie Sanders

Speech 2:

Bernie Breaks Down the Coronavirus Bill ~ Bernie Sanders

Government & Hospitals Killing Our Nurses so they Can No Longer Help us :

The mentioned especially important segment comes at 14:28:

Bernie Sanders calls for rapid response on childcare, affordable housing during virtual town hall. ~ Bernie Sanders

Fighting for Working People

Bernie Rips Senate Over Attempts To Punish Poor People ~ The Rational National

BERNIE Wins 2:1 Among Expats (with Election Integrity that’s missing at Home)

Apparently the D-Party apparatchiks can’t tamper the vote count abroad like they so hugely do back home in the States!


Comment: As a commenter on Youtube said (and as I have been pointing out for years and a Stanford University study exposed in 2016): Bernie handily wins all the contests where voting machines aren’t used.


11. Bad Biden


Weak Biden #1

Impossible to convince enough voters by November:

Biden”s Latest Speech Was Another Disaster ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


Weak Biden #2

Biden’s Most Awkward Interview Yet Is A Cringe Festival ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


Sexual Assault Accusation and Corrupt Political Record

Joe Biden Accused Of Sexual Assault By Former Staffer ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


Trump is Ready for Biden

Trump Attacking Biden’s Mental Decline On TV ~ The Jimmy Dore Show


12. World: Cuba’s Solidarity (Helping Italy with the COVID Pandemic)

Humanitarian Solidarity”: Even Under U.S. Sanctions, Cuba Sends Doctor Brigade to Italy and More ~ Democracy Now!


13. Medicare for All Urgently Needed

Talk from boots on the ground:

Nabilah Islam: COVID-19 Exposes A Broken Healthcare System ~ Rebel HQ


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