Public Censorship by Facebook

If you ever wondered why we, the people, should look for other ways to connect than through corporate social media (esp. the big ones), look at what happened within a minute of me trying to share the previous article on Facebook:

This post goes against our Community Standards on spam

About your post
Today at 9:26 PM
No one else can see your post.

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-05-10 (11 videos) Issues addressed this week: need for systemic change, learning from the French uprising (Yellow Vests, Unions, General Strike), empire’s outside & inside cruelty, and building a people’s party. (Why not more videos? I am buried under continued education crash courses in a financial survival struggle. You can help by sharing, subscribing, or even helping financially. And even in weeks when I have hardly tine to sleep, you can always find cool former posts here from across the years.) Stars & Channels: Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Krystal Ball & Saagar Enjeti (The Hill), Ralph Nader, Jimmy Dore, Dylan Ratigan, Nick Brana, Watching the Hawks RT, Ana Kasparian, Jacobin Magazine, The Grayzone, and Chris Hedges. Topics: 1. Learn from the French 2. Gov for the Greedy Selfish Ruling Class 3. The Need for Systemic Change 4. Courts-Gov-Politics Corruption 5. ‘Elite’: Let them buy Cake (fake gov service) 6. Bad Biden is Our Enemy (e.g. $200k bribe from the GOP) 7. Workers Rebellion: Instant Solidarity Union Organizing 8. People’s Party 9. Spoiler Warren & the Corporatist Politician Trap 10. Empire’s Cruelty Inside and Outside our Borders 11. Moral Issues of War

What’s supposed to be spammy sharing an article or blog post on social media? No explanation given. Clicking on ‘Open’ and other allegedly informative links opened nothing.

Once again, subscribing to alternative media like Beanstock’s World (and I also recommend The Revolution Continues) is vital to maintaining access to worthwhile information. Don’t trust and rely on robber billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg.


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4 thoughts on “Public Censorship by Facebook

  1. I’m so sorry you got slammed with this. I’ve seen this a million times now… Someone in a Facebook group has an axe to grind and they report you for some made-up reason to shut you down. There’s no appeal and FB couldn’t care less. I’ve narrowed a few of my “haters” to specific groups and I don’t post there anymore. It’s not fair to others in those groups, but it keeps me out of FB jail. I hope you can narrow down where the haters are and keep posting. Power to the people!!


    1. The Effbook message sounded to me as if posting this link would be denied in all groups now. At least I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was because of the announced setting of letting ONLY me see my post. So, I stopped sharing elsewhere, since I also worried it might get me blocked for days if I tried another post. I have now posted it in another group to test (A) if I get a block message instead of it being displayed (answer: no), and if nobody besides me can see it (I have to wait for a response), or if I get blocked for some time (not yet, apparently).

      The idea to block a post (or the person who posts it) across the entire social media platform because some single troll marked one post in some group as “spam” is really insane. I know that coming up with a good moderation strategy for a social media platform is anything but easy, but this approach (if it goes that way) is utterly unbalanced. Sadly, the message I received was not clear at all. I interpreted it as meaning that this post (or possibly me) would be blocked in all groups I have been a member of for years, because blocking it in only one group would probably not tune down spamming.

      Well, we’ll see what happens. In the worst case I get blocked on the entire Effbook for some time or even get my ancient account cancelled.

      BTW, I sadly found NO info whatever on WHO smeared me as a spammer or in WHICH group that happened. So, I can’t avoid that group in the future, the way you have managed to handle this issue apparently.

      *sigh* If only we had a more reliable, less censorship-dedicated platform than Effbook. Quite frankly, this added hurdle makes me wonder if I should bother to continue blogging, at all. After all, my number of subscribers is very small, and the lack of comments suggests to that nearly all of them don’t even visit the posts they get messaged about.


      1. OK. This second posting of the link in another Effbook group did get through to other group members.

        What I don’t know, yet, is if posting it in other groups on the same day that it was apparently smeared as spam in some group might have gotten me blocked from any participation across the entire Effbook for a day or more (like it happened to me many times since ~2017 or so when I posted too quickly and without reacting to other people’s posts first — measures that have usually protected me from the hyped-up blocking but turned quick sharing still possible in 2016 into a very time consuming process by now).

        If only people nowadays would not trust and depend so much on corrupt corporate social media platforms and smartly subscribe to blogs and other alternative media sites (like they used to in better days of the past) in order to escape corporate censorship.


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