Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-06-21 (13 videos)

Meaningful videos this week concerning our current troubles and their systemic causes, the need to unite and mobilize for necessary change, and glimpses at efforts to do so.

Note: I have no time to share this much on social media (plus their censorship blocks). Perhaps you can share a little, too.

Stars and channels: Dylan Ratigan, Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski (Secular Talk), RJ Eskow, Richard Wolff, Lauren Ashcraft, Nomiki Konst, The Nowman Show, Nick Brana, Movement for a People’s Party


  1. Punch in the Face of The People
  2. Housing APOCALYPSE
  3. Kyle Kulinski Reports
  4. Economic Insights
  5. Individual Insights on Our Broken Nation
  6. Movement for a People’s Party Update (National Call)
  7. Mindset: Putting Things Together


1. Punch in the Face of The People

Jimmy Dore Show Prediction Of Social Unrest Comes True. w/ Dylan Ratigan ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jun 17, 2020)

Here is the referenced report from Kyle Kulinski:



Housing APOCALYPSE On The Way ~ Kyle Kulinski (Jun 13, 2020)


3. Kyle Kulinski Reports

Reverse Robin Hood

Rob the tax payers and give tothe wealthy:

TRILLIONS To Corporations Unaccounted For In Bailout Money ~ Kyle Kulinski (Jun 15, 2020)

Comment: Yep, the mafiosi at the top are pouring trillions of tax dollars into the stock market instead of giving the people dividends from the stock market as we deserve since it is us, yes us the people, who make up our economy that therefore should not be exclusively owned by a rich upper class of crooks and thieves. Happily crushing an expeced40% of small businesses and a major part of our population to make the filthy rich even richer. It’s like giant vampires squeezing the last drops of blood out of us to drink it all.

Part 2 (stock market crimes):

CNBC Host Admits Wall St Crime Is Worse Than Ever Right Now ~ Secular Talk (Jun 16, 2020)

Our Healthcare Criminality (e.g.: a $1,122,501 hospital bill)

US Coronavirus Medical Bill Comes To $1,122,501.04 ~ Secular Talk (Jun 16, 2020)

Our Healthcare System a Web of Scams

US Healthcare Is a Scam On Top Of a Scam Within a Scam ~ Secular Talk (Jun 19, 2020)

Endless Lines of Hopelessness and Despair

Terrifying Unemployment Lines Expose The New Depression ~ Secular Talk (Jun 19, 2020)

Coronavirus and the Masks’ Lie

Fauci Admits Authorities Lied About Masks Not Working ~ Secular Talk (Jun 20, 2020)


4. Economic Insights:

The Anti-Social Nature of Capitalism
The safe upper capitalist class of aristocracy-like oligarchs steeling from the top & the rest of us forced to struggle with each other and a brutal gentry in between. Everybody with money lawering up to fight out who gets screwed and who gets saved. That’s why working people must come together and mobilize:

Everyone is out for themselves. Working class must mobilize or loose. – Richard Wolff ~ Democracy At Work (Jun 16, 2020)

Our Bad Normality
All working people affected and the established corruption’s chicken coming home to roost (and the current R&D-Party game):

Prof. Richard Wolff on Pseudo-Centric Ideology ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Jun 21, 2020)


5. Individual Insights on Our Broken Nation

Everything’s A Lot More Broken Than We Think It Is ~ Lauren Ashcraft, Nomiki Konst (Jun 18, 2020)


6. Movement for a People’s Party Update (National Call)

High points:

MPP National Call 6.18.2020 ~ Movement for a People’s Party (Jun 19, 2020)


7. Mindset: Putting Things Together

Whats Happening NOW? short video- Richard Wolff, Cornell West, Kelly Carlin, Andrew Yang, & more! ~ The Nowman Show (Jun 17, 2020)



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