Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-09-20 (15 videos)

If you lack time to discover many top level meaningful videos about major events, problems, and solutions, here is a weekly share for you to check and share onward. Major issue this time: dealing with the housing crisis, now and in the future.

Stars and channels: NonCompete, The Jimmy Dore Show, Movement for a People’s Party, mylittlehomestead, Tiny House Expedition, Belinda Carr, Kristina Smallhorn, Better Together Life, Nate Murphy, Anna’s Analysis, Jaz Morton


Politics & Life

  1. Well said about Assange by Noam Chomsky
  2. Race –> Poverty –> Criminality to Survive | Violent Oppressive Police History
  3. Wakeful Discussion (Duncan Trussell & Jimmy Dore)
  4. People’s Party National Call 9/17/2020

Dealing with Home Ownership Challenges

  1. Affordable New Homes & Homesteads to Buy or Build
  2. Iffiness of Shipping Container Homes
  3. Prefab Homes (Modular & Mobile)
  4. Land Purchase Criticals (Out of Suburbia)
  5. No Real Home Solutions, but Improving the Survival inside Cars

Side Note: Since I was very busy all week with probation work to get a paid job I only had the weekend for searching out useful videos.

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Politics & Life

1. Well said about Assange by Noam Chomsky

NOAM CHOMSKY on Julian Assange’s Trial & the Silence of the Press! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Sep 15, 2020)

2. Race –> Poverty –> Criminality to Survive | Violent Oppressive Police History

Blacks are not natively more criminal than whites. Being born into poverty pushes people into criminal activities to survive or escape poverty.

A History of Violence – Should We Defund the Police?! [Part 1] ~ NonCompete (Aug 30, 2020)

3. Wakeful Discussion (Duncan Trussell & Jimmy Dore)

Political Rage! Duncan Trussell & Jimmy Talk About Our Broken System! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Sep 16, 2020)

4. People’s Party National Call 9/17/2020

(sadly I had no time to watch it; hence no comments or links to special parts from me this time; still it’s usually useful to stay on touch and updated, hence shared again)

Movement for a People’s Party ~ Movement for a People’s Party (9/17/2020)

Dealing with Home Ownership Challenges

Things we may be able to do in addition to fighting for a fairer society… things to help ourselves and our friends and family directly for now… (this post’s videos about this action are all part of 2 approaches: 1. buying or building affordable NEW homes, 2. making the living in cars more livable)

Note: Since I am new to this issue, you may learn alongside me; but tips from already more experienced visitors would be great! 🙂

Intro: Since at least the last 30 years, American home ownership (buying and building, probably buying more than building) has become increasingly blocked by our predatory parasitic capitalist oligarchy (yes, please give up the false notion that we still live in an at least partial democracy — democracy is something we need to fight for, both in the political sphere and our workplaces). Without home ownership we tend to be stuck in a poverty trap where excessive rent payments keep draining us throughout our lives, and at old age or when losing our jobs we can easily be kicked out on the street. (even if we do own our homes, crappy political crimes like property tax committed on homes rather than Wall Street stocks may still slit out throats — another political issue to stand up about together) — Now, that another housing crisis is being created (with the COVID crisis used as an excuse to do this) by our corrupticians, I will try to investigate affordable home ownership options in this and following posts (visitors adding discoveries, knowledge, and tips would be very appreciated — anyway, if this interests you, better subscribe and share):

5. Affordable New Homes & Homesteads to Buy or Build

Homestead (Small Earthbag Buildings around a Courtyard, $4650 Family-Built)

Earthbag construction is an inexpensive building method using mostly local soil to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built. It is a natural building technique developed from historic military bunker construction techniques and temporary flood-control dike building methods. Homesteads consisting of several small buildings around a courtyard help with building flexible communities. For example, former huts for children can later become huts for friends or caretakers as one gets old and the kids may have moved away. Not being alone and unhelped when needing help is important at old age when physical mobility shifts further and further away. One problem I believe to see in this video is that this construction won’t deal well with cold and moist climates (say, when you need to get to a bathroom building). I also felt improperly informed about how to deal with safe construction when it rains. Still, here is a first look at earth-bag building, an interesting new concept or cheap material solid homes:

The Family Builds Bryson’s Earthbag Bedroom | $4650 Total Cost for Expenses | Full Version Movie ~ mylittlehomestead

A link to a web page explaining the build of Earthbag Houses with text and images: How to Build an Earthbag House (and Why You Should) – Off Grid World

Another link: http://earthbagbuilding.com/http://earthbagbuilding.com/faqs/costs.htm: “We have quite a few plans available at this site, and if you chose one of the smaller ones, you might be able to build a complete house for $5,000. Here is a short article about economical housing.” … Legality (stupid governments standing in the way or not): “There are a few places around the country that have not adopted building codes, but the landscape is always changing. I built my first earthbag house in Saguache county, Colorado, which does not have building codes. It is possible to build with earthbags in places that do have building codes, but it is often necessary to have a state-licensed architect or engineer sign off on the plans, and that can cost money and time.”

Here is a Tour of their Homestead

Walk Thru Tour of Earthbag Buildings & Answering Questions for 200th Celebration | Weekly Peek Ep200 ~ mylittlehomestead

A Short Global and Historic Look at Earthbag Homes

Pros and cons of Superadobe Earthbag homes ~ Belinda Carr

Another documentary on Earthbag Homes (broad designs & not exclusively focused on low cost)

(and unfortunately again in a desert region (that most of us don’t live in, still interesting, for example dealing with heating and AC))

SuperAdobe Tiny Homes & Emergency Housing: Low-Cost Solution ~ Tiny House Expedition

6. Iffiness of Shipping Container Homes

7 reasons why shipping container homes are a SCAM ~ Belinda Carr

7. Prefab Homes (Modular & Mobile)

COSTLY Differences Between Modular (Non-Mobile) and Manufactured (Mobile) Homes

The VERY COSTLY Differences Between Modular and Manufactured Homes ~ Kristina Smallhorn

Some Buyable on Amazon (probably not the best option)

5 Tiny Manufactured Homes You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $40k ~ Kristina Smallhorn

8. Land Purchase Criticals (Out of Suburbia)

6 Mistakes to AVOID when Buying Raw Land {for a HOMESTEAD} ~ Better Together Life

Note: HOA = Homeowner Association (*shudder* small insignificant people who are desperately gluttonous for power over others)

More notes (from commenters):

  • checking the flood plane before buying
  • Make sure to get quotes for well, septic and electrical BEFORE purchasing the land. There may be issues you aren’t aware of that prevent you from installing the systems. It may even cost way more than you thought.
  • … possible industrial contamination. About four blocks from [the] house was an old closed creosote plant. They had allowed toxic chemicals to be poured on their property which then traveled underground to a bayou on the other side of [the] house. … Check with the Army Corps of Engineers(ACE) before purchasing any land to make sure that the property does not have any part of it designated as “wetlands”. You do not want anything to do with the Army Corps of Engineers. Take all other federal, state, county, city and HOA regulations add them together and then multiply by 1000 and then you will have an idea of what dealing with ACE is like.
  • … bought land years ago that someone’s cows were allowed to graze on. Never again. Fencing would have cost a lot of money and there were harsh restrictions on the fencing itself. Beware of water and mineral rights also, they might not come with the land!
  • More issues (but no tip how to deal with them): Are there Department of Ecology complaints against the property? Are the woodlands under DNR lease? Are there easements? Are there wetland restrictions? What’s the zoning? Is there a legal access? Will the county let you install a septic system? Is the lot big enough for both a well and a septic system? Are there contested property lines? Who will own the timber rights? If someone else holds a timber lease, is there an end date to their lease? Are there squatters on the land that you will need to evict? Can you evict squatters in your state? Is there an adverse possession threat?
  • … lands for sale near farm lands that spray round up and other chemicals …
  • … you are able to save by finding land cheap on taxes …

9. No Real Home Solutions, but Improving the Survival inside Cars

… converting vans into camper vans:

How to Better Live in Vehicles #1: A Bed & Kitchen Sample

No real home, but more livable car: Adding a bed and kitchen to a van

Engineer shows how to convert a van in 7 days and a $1000 budget ~ Nate Murphy

His website outing his book on how to engineer this: The Van Conversion Guide – Complete how-to for self-build vans

How to Better Live in Vehicles #2: Video Showing Assembly

The installing of a firm floor on which other things can be installed starts here.

How I Converted A VAN into an OFF GRID CAMPER for under $3,000 ~ Anna’s Analysis

How to Better Live in Vehicles #3: Assembly Including Shower & Toilet

S1E5 Sprinter Van Conversion | Shower + Toilet ~ Jaz Morton

A bunch of links follow below the Youtube video!

Unsurprisingly, I ran out of time viewing all videos on this subject. Here are links to the next ones I would have watched rather than merely glimpsed at:


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