Interesting Thoughts & Talks Before and On Election Day

Here are 2 to 3 videos interesting before we vote or before the (alleged) results come in, the 3rd one still worth sharing afterwards (on the regular video weekend), but anyway… In case you are standing in a long line to vote, these clips may help you deal with the long wait. And may you not catch COVID or any other disease. Best wishes. (and some brief thoughts of mine written below)

1. Running against Unbelievably Criminal Pelosi to Replace Her
… and fight the corruption of the D Partyfrom within. Remember, politically the highest chance for success is in inside-outside strategy that attacks a corrupted political party from both within (challenging corrupt XXXXs) and without (a people’s party). Also remember that a people’s party needs to be aligned with a strong people’s movement (growing from direct action activism) in order to not merely help force positive change in an established major parties but to replace them (Bolivia being a dramatic current example of that).

Why Nancy Pelosi Should Be Defeated! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Nov 1, 2020)

2. Election: Voting to Replace Al Capone with Frank Costello

Biden’s Cabinet Of WALL STREET! The Real LOOTING of America! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Oct 31, 202

3. Building Back a (Real!) Left
(and Bernie may have abandoned us less as many of us (myself included) have been painfully thinking)

Socialism and America — with Jacobin editor Bhaskar Sunkara. ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Nov 1, 2020)

And who to vote for? Hard to decide. Both presidential candidates are among the worst in U.S. history. Both will keep hurting the American people. One can suspect that Biden would be less dangerous in violent oppression of the people in what we used to consider a “free country” and has become an oligarchy drifting towards brutal dictatorship. Yet Trump can be considered to be less able to pretend we have a government by and for the people, so that building a people’s movement and party may be better doable in the next years. And another neoliberal president of the D Party could in the customary back-and-forth swing between the D and R parties result in a more effective fascist president and congress in a later election, and thus an enhanced violent oppression making peaceful change for a good life for all of us even harder to fight for. With these conflicting possibilities it is really hard to pick one over the other. So, I tend to think that writing someone onto the ballot or picking a third party candidate might not only be a better option than continuing to support the evil twin party tyranny but less “spoilage” risky than ever before. (And yes, I opted out of the “lesser evil”/”vote spoilage” game many years ago because it always keeps the corrupticians in place and makes them become more corrupt and cruel every time.)

Non-presidential candidates may be easier to pick. Like attempting to off corrupt Nancy Pelosi or trying to bolster third parties. I can only wish everybody good luck, good health, and a chance at some peace of mind. So, once more best wishes.

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