Wakeful Video Weekend 2021-04-18 (11 videos)

Informative, thoughtful (and shocking!) videos from this week with added written information. Main issues: pandemic, thievish oligarchy, war crimes, people’s party.

Stars & channels: Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), On Contact (Chris Hedges, William I. Robinson, Richard Wolff), New Economic Thinking (Morris Pearl ), Al Jazeera English, CGTN America, Channel 4 News, BBC News, Ralph Nader Radio Hour, The People’s Party


  1. The Global Corporatist Police State **
  2. The Anti-Social Anti-Democratic Setup of Capitalism **
  3. Where the Stimulus/Rescue Money Comes from and Goes To **
  4. A Little Moral Awakening Among a Few Millionaires
  5. World: Political/Economic & Pandemic Chaos in Peru
  6. COVID Spike in India Related to Ignoring Safety Measures
  7. Dying Veteran’s Strong Letter to Bush & Cheney **
  8. People’s Party National Call This Week: You May Apply as Candidate *

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1. The Global Corporatist Police State **

Our oppression runs exceedingly globally.

Emergence of the Global Police State ~ On Contact Chris Hedges Interview of William I. Robinson (RT America | Apr 4, 2021)

2. The Anti-Social Anti-Democratic Setup of Capitalism **

Capitalism frustratingly pitting people against each other, and its propagandist smearing of Marxism (Marx having been the life consuming deep analyst and critic of capitalism’s flaws).

Economic Update: Marxism’s Ongoing Relevance ~ Democracy At Work (Apr 12, 2021)

3. Where the Stimulus/Rescue Money Comes from and Goes To **

It comes from us tax payers, consumers, fee and rent payers… and goes to the rich, by design; for example the government not taxing the rich but giving them interests for money loans. And guess, who gets to pay those interests? You and me with our taxes and fees. That’s right. (Other things that were not mentioned in this interview are that the growing money of the rich eventually gets used by them to buy the homes of those working people who lost them, turn them into rental buildings, turn all of us into rent paying tenants — the equivalent of us paying taxes to the new landlords and financing banksters. I just thought I should add this for anyone not yet aware of this.)

American Economic Illusions ~ On Contact Chris Hedges Interview of Richard Wolff (RT America | Apr 11, 2021)

4. A Little Moral Awakening Among a Few Millionaires

Or perhaps they mostly just want to avoid an eventual economic collapse or revolution that endlessly continuing theft by the robber barons leads to. Not sure. Either way, the members of the Patriotic Millionaires club, famous for promoting a wealth tax, are a small fraction of America’s millionaires, and none of its (global) billionaires. A bit shocking to discover that this group’s chairman (Morris Pearl, the one interviewed in this video) is a former Blackrock executive. Urgs!

Tax the Rich ~ New Economic Thinking interviewing Morris Pearl (Apr 14, 2021)

5. World: Political/Economic & Pandemic Chaos in Peru

A short pre-election report from a week ago exposing the political chaos in Peru over the last half decade (oops – reminds us of America?):

Peru’s COVID-19 crisis in spotlight ahead of election ~ Al Jazeera English (Apr 4, 2021)

There was a Code Pink discussion (less impressive than others in the past) before last weekend’s vote (there being several runoff steps to reduce the number of candidates, sort of like our presidential primaries but across numerous parties). Just too bad these two people seem incapable to explain well, and I am not sure they gave a deep and accurate insight, either. An important point easily missed but at least hinted at: nowadays military coups are often replaced with political coups less easily recognized as coups. The coup in neighboring Bolivia at the end of 2019 was amazingly recovered from in 2020 teaching us how important a strong people’s movement is (whereas political parties and candidates not based on and backed by organized people’s movements can be easily overcome). The woman (Veronica Mendoza) proposed in this discussion appears to me similar to Bernie Sanders. A single fairly good sounding presidential candidate struggling among a gang of corrupt congressionals, party leaderships, and their corporate rich crime-partners which together block such isolated candidates from getting anywhere while such hopeless candidates give us – the people – the impression that things are finally moving forward for us, the hope that we may soon get needed change — with none of this ever coming true, tho, because all we get is a kind of entertaining horse race rigged from the very beginning. Interestingly, this Bernie equivalent of Peru did not make it into the final electoral run. Instead a man (Pedro Castillo) and rural people’s party apparently made it in there:

The outcome before the final runoff:

Peru votes in ‘most fragmented elections in history’ ~ Al Jazeera English (Apr 12, 2021)

Here are some insights I was able to read on the Internet (no idea how accurate):

In this electoral contest, as is customary, the Peruvian left participates in a divided way in several electoral fronts: the “Together for Peru” party under the leadership of Verónica Mendoza, the “Broad Front” party that leads the former Catholic priest Marco Arana as a candidate, “Peru Libre” (“free Peru”) that before the judicial impediment of its leader Vladimir Cerrón participates with the teacher leader Pedro Castillo.

What is the central difference between the candidacy of Peru Libre compared to that of other sectors of the left (or maybe fake left as we get installed in countries like the U.S.)? Perhaps the popular and provincial origin of Castillo’s candidacy, the absence from the official scene and parliament, and the commitment to confrontational unionism.

Peru Libre is a regional left-wing party with close ties to the Movement for Socialist Affirmation of Evo Morales in Bolivia, which has returned to government after 2019‘s U.S. assisted fascist coup with the new presidency of Arce Catacora replacing Evo Morales who was driven out of the country and blocked from the 2020 election by the fascist regime. Pedro Castillo has taught in a public elementary school. In his youth he has belonged to the Rondas Campesinas (literally, ‘peasant rounds’), a rural people-run justice and defense activism organization combining local bottom democracy with armed defense. The sector he represents has been absent from Peru’s capital city’s (Lima’s) political scene as it does not have parliamentary representation, unlike the “Broad Front” of Arana and “Together for Peru” of Verónica Mendoza.

It’s considered that the electoral success of Peru Libre will be elusive, but it may accumulate forces in its struggle for the leadership of the Peruvian left in the medium term. Pedro Castillo is running against Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of former dictator or corrupt president Alberto Fujimori (which ever way to define him with a self-coup and death squads and economic corruptions in an otherwise also corrupt and brutal environment; funny enough he ran for presidency falsely claiming to fight the widespread governmental corruption, a traditional trick of fascist candidates, in case you don’t know).

Yep, politics gets flooded with corrupt narcissists, the worst ones hevily financed by narcicist economic money lords and boosted by corrupt media. Then there are infinite lies, and cheats, and pretensions, and unavoidable confusion, mislead, and delusion. No wonder, politics easily gets unpopular. No wonder, people easily don’t look into politics with open eyes because of the disgust produced, especially during a golden age when people feel their lives being good enough not to require political activity. That’s how the golden age of FDR’s New Deal only lasted a few decades and was then inversed bringing us by now back to a repeat of the infamous Great Depression.

Conclusion: we the people must learn to organize power structure from the bottom, eliminate top power, and build a mental culture insisting undeniably on a Good Life for All.

COVID-19 in Peru Doubling Death Rate (and new Brasil variant less vaccinable)
And, if I hear this right, this report says that in Peru the regular annual death rate has been doubled (yes, doubled!) by COVID-19 — this being an important stats check I tend to find missing in American and other countries’ reports. So, if you have been wondering if the corona virus merely switches death from flu to COVID without increasing national death numbers, this report about Peru exposes COVID-19 as far more dangerous. The increased death rates from COVID-19 do in part also get explained by under-developed public healthcare, a BIG issue also in the United States. The new P1 variant (mutation) also has higher re-infections, suggesting that current vaccines may not help enough. Which media we can trust has of course become another big question when the global capital lords use crises to steal even more from us and control us even more harshly.

COVID-19: Peru suffers from high excess mortality rate ~ CGTN America (Apr 10, 2021)

Mass Deaths among Poor, A Country on its Knees ***
Warning: painful video because of so painful reality. Yes, it made me cry. How can anyone approve of such corrupted human societies we must “live” in nowadays?!? The super rich owning fleets of luxury yachts per person and the poor (who are only poor because of the theft by the rich) pushed aside during a pandemic. How can we willingly maintain such a system?!?

Poor forced to collect Covid corpses for work in Peru, where cases are among highest in world ~ Channel 4 News (Jul 10, 2020)

6. COVID Spike in India Related to Ignoring Safety Measures

When relaxing after last year’s corona wave’s petering out, no more lockdowns (understandable because of huge job losses and such), no more social distancing, no more masks wearing, and even mass meetings, combined with a new virus variation coming along, now there currently is a scarily steep COVID spike in India.

A coronavirus tsunami we had never seen before’ – BBC News (Apr 15, 2021)

I came across an online article looking reliably scientific that I would summarize as showing that the American excess mortality during the highest 2020 Coronavirus pandemic spike tips rose by 33 to 43% over normal. Nowhere near Europe’s Middle Age bubonic plague, but definitely a painful death increase: Excess mortality during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research – Our World in Data

Likewise output by the National Center for Disease Statistics / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov): Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19

7. Dying Veteran’s Strong Letter to Bush & Cheney **

Warning: have a handkerchief ready! Thomas Young was one of the first veterans to come out publicly against the Bush-Cheney’s Iraq war for oil. And his letter really hits one’s heart, because he wrote it with deep death knowledge that so many of us stay removed from throughout much of our lives, when indeed we should familiarize ourselves with it early on to lead us towards ethical and sensible decision making. (side note: the single thing I disagree with is the upholding of the concept that the 911 victims came from airplane hits because that’s physically impossible and the crumbling of the Twin Towers is visually recognizable as a professional demolition performed with many building-installed explosives)

Afterwards, 46:15, comes some good talk about corporate taxes and an insightful look at Biden’s infrastructure bill, turning out to be very weak.

The War Crimes of George W. Bush ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour (Apr 17, 2021)

8. People’s Party National Call This Week: You May Apply as Candidate *

(at least if you are not a precarious person ignored by the whole world; you know, candidates must get well known or start out well known… that’s politics; and, yes, we endlessly suffering members of the precariat, high poverty, and old age are invisible to most other folks; anyway, the current People’s Party is now looking for about a dozen first candidates (especially for Congress) in order to break through the R & D anti-democratic politics monopoly — that segment starts at 30:34)

The People’s Party National Call – 4.15.2021 ~ The People’s Party (Apr 16, 2021)


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