Wakeful Video Weekend 2021-11-07 (10 videos)

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Summary: two humorous videos, one heart-wrenching one, and all insightful. Issues: governments, capitalism/feudalism vs socialism, twin-party tyranny, digital chains, stupid-making schools, injustice system, and mentality for change.

Stars and channels: thejuicemedia, The Problem With Jon Stewart, Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff and David Harvey), Second Thought, Bad Faith (Joy Gray an Yanis Varoufakis), The Jimmy Dore Show, Freshtastical, mediasanctuary (Chris Hedges), …


  1. Humor: Governments’ Fossil Fuel Behavior (“Honest Government Ad”)
  2. Humor: Jon Stewart on Socialism
  3. Capitalism: Why Our Rising Prices (Inflation), Cold War upon China
  4. Our Decline Since the 1970’s
  5. Right-Wing Twin-Party Tyranny
  6. Mentality: Work vs Labor, Becoming Good vs Being Enslaved (Star Trek vs. The Matrix)
  7. Modern Feudalism
  8. Our Growing Digital Chaining
  9. Our Stupid Public Schools
  10. Our Prison-Using Oppression System vs Christian Caring

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X. Humor: Governments’ Fossil Fuel Behavior (“Honest Government Ad”)

Exposing corrupt government comedy-style.

Honest Government Ad | COP26 Climate Summit ~ thejuicemedia (Oct 27, 2021)

X. Humor: Jon Stewart on Socialism

Funny plus meaningful.

The Hypocrisy of Bailouts | The Problem With The Economy | The Problem With Jon Stewart | Apple TV+ ~ The Problem With Jon Stewart (Oct 29, 2021)

X. Capitalism: Why Our Rising Prices (Inflation), Cold War upon China

Soaring prices to make the money lords even richer. And a new ridiculous cold war.

Economic Update: China & Inflation: Real Analyses, Not BS ~ Democracy At Work (Nov 1, 2021)

X. Our Decline Since the 1970’s

The mess we are in now was built over decades by corrupt fiends we, the people, must finally stand up against now and block in the future.

Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: The Ruling Ideas of a Billionaire Class ~ Democracy At Work (Jul 15, 2021)

X. Right-Wing Twin-Party Tyranny

Yes, both the R Party and D Party are corrupt, bribed right-wing parties working hand-in-hand for the robber billionaires against us, the people.

How The United States Ended Up With Two Right-Wing Parties ~ Second Thought (Sep 17, 2021)

X. Mentality: Work vs Labor, Becoming Good vs Being Enslaved (Star Trek vs. The Matrix)

How our mindset must change to improve our system.

Star Trek vs. The Matrix – What’s Our Future? w/ Yanis Varoufakis ~ Joy Gray and Yanis Varoufakis on Bad Faith (Oct 28, 2021)

X. Modern Feudalism

I always find capitalism not very noteworthily different from slavery and feudalism. All three varieties are about a rich and power-given ruling class oppressing, exploiting, and abusing the rest of us making our lives bad, often not worthy of living at all, when we humans should be doing the exact opposite as most of our ancestral generations did before these terrible systems were invented. Anyway, there are small differences between these three varieties of a dungheap society pyramid. In this unfortunately very low volume episode, Yanis Varoufakis points at a return of our current system towards feudalist characteristics:

Technofeudalism: Explaining to Slavoj Zizek why I think capitalism has evolved into something worse ~ Yanis Varoufakis (Nov 1, 2021)

X. Our Growing Digital Chaining

If you don’t understand this growing problem, you are utterly ignorant of the invisible chains being put upon us. We have already been fiercely chained by the rule of money in our lives for generations. Don’t work for the money lords getting a small wage, you will end up homeless and starving. Haw haw! But at least we used to be able to keep cash out of the hands of the lords. But now, as we shift towards money handling via “smart” phones and easy to use debit cards (that can be caught by hackers), payment seems so much more comfortable UNTIL the lords who have the control over theses systems, you can suddenly be detached from your money. And now adding even identification to this ever more cross-networked digital system in the hands of the lords, guess how completely you will be controlled by them (much of this already set up this way in China, btw, where – if the dictatorial government doesn’t like you (for example having shared truth) – you get made unable to buy anything, get a job, or even travel somewhere else). Do we really want to loose all freedom?

DIABOLICAL: Bill Gates Digital ID Will Control Your Life ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Oct 27, 2021)

X. Our Stupid Public Schools

Making students stupid to raise a stupid labor force in a wage slave society. (something else never mentioned– including in this student’s video – is that teachers are treated the worst, among other things being left with even much less time, being made to toil and struggle day and night and on the weekends, too)

Why School Makes Us Stupid ~ Freshtastical (Feb 24, 2017)

X. Our Prison-Using Oppression System vs Christian Caring

Incredible injustice vs admirable solidarity.

“Our Class: Trauma and Transformation in an American Prison” w/ Chris Hedges ~ mediasanctuary (Oct 19, 2021)


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