Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-01-08 (9 videos)

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Summary: COVID, Pharma, Spy-Phones, Change-Making

Stars and channels: Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), The Jimmy Dore Show, Aubrey Marcus (with Aditi Bhargava, Kyle Warner, and Brianne Dressen), PowerfulJRE, Medlife Crisis , Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with Richard Panchyk, author of “Power to the People!”), All Things Secured, Liron Segev


  1. Economic Update: The Contradictions of 2021
  2. Example of Media’s COVID Exaggeration
  3. COVID-19 Insights Peacefully Talked About
  4. Pharma’s Fraudulency (Vioxx case)
  5. Medical Doctor Unhappy about Lack of Logical Precision concerning the COVID Vaccines
  6. Hidden People Power
  7. Spying on Kids, Spouses, and Employees via their “Smart”-Phones

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1. Economic Update: The Contradictions of 2021

Various insights. But, one thing for me to correct: Richard Wolff always regard the German political party “SPD” as a socialist party. It is not. In the late 19th century it started out as a non-revolutionary democratic socialism party. But over time it shifted gradually to the right into neoliberalism (fighting for the rich while pretending to still fighting for the workers), thus since the eighties having become a very similar German equivalent to our “Democratic” Party in the U.S.

Economic Update: The Contradictions of 2021 ~ Democracy At Work (Dec 27, 2021)

2. Example of Media’s COVID Exaggeration

I have missed sufficiently accurate and honest media reports on the COVID pandemic. A fairly simple look of high insight, for example, would be to compare the COVID statistics with overall death stats. Only if the latter rise significantly is a new infection likely to give us deaths that would otherwise be avoided. Not a lot of research needed for that. But even distinguishing between actual COVID-caused deaths and merely COVID-“related” deaths (regularly known to have had another cause and only an unimportant COVID test given that victim) is often sloppily skipped or possibly intentionally skipped or shifted, namely when the media expect making profits by scaring us and boosting vaccine sales. Also insufficiently reported are the revelations that our hospitals are not prepared for dealing with disease waves. A trouble not only having hurt and killed many of us but also driven thousands of healthcare workers out of their profession for being utterly overworked and exhausted (like teacher, too, btw). Also left out a lot: well-working medications to treat COVID-19 infections, like Ivermectin, and the odd current culture to hide them while pushing for unending vaccination mandates and sloppy lockdowns when the promoted vaccines are dangerously experimental, non-dangerous vaccines are also kept secret. Likewise sensibly useful reports of or conversations about improvements of treatments, vaccinations, tests, and quarantines, in proper relation and balance with liberty and democracy, seem to never appear in the mass media. More precision and honesty in our media is really needed, but our current system of corruption seems to prevent it.

Part 1:

CNN Caught Lying About Omicron Deaths ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 31, 2021)

Part 2:

Rachel Maddow’s Non-Stop COVID Lies ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 31, 2021)

3. COVID-19 Insights Peacefully Talked About

Vaccine side-effects and limited vaccination success, different vaccines (how they work, what they do), vaccination mandates (oddly disregarding natural immunities), people disrespect and discrimination. Doctors confused or driven. One story gave me the idea that if you get hit with health issues after taking a COVID vaccine and must visit a doctor or hospital, you better don’t mention the vaccination before first diagnosis results confirm your health troubles (so your physical health issues don’t get misinterpreted as psychological fantasies then denying you diagnosis and treatment). Also, wrong for us to accept forced vaccinations with no recourse and no detailed informed consent about possible side effects nor a chance to not proceed with people who are in high danger of crippling or lethal side effects. We must remember, drugs (and vaccines!) that are good for many can nevertheless not be safely given to everyone. Therefore exceptions must be possible. Also, leaving the probably much safer old-style COVID vaccines (taking the virus and killing it and giving it) off from our access, forcing instead the experimental mRNA and recombinant ones on us, is also ethically problematic, even more so now when apparently many, yes many(!), terrible victims have by now been made (and hiding, under-reporting, or mis-reporting those overly numerous bad side effects is another violation of social responsibility). Big profit making appears very likely behind the curtains of such big mistakes made.

A Cautionary Message From Vaccine Advocates w/ Dr. Aditi Bhargava, Kyle Warner, And Brianne Dressen ~ Aubrey Marcus (Nov 24, 2021)

4. Pharma’s Fraudulency (Vioxx case)

The Troubling Story of Vioxx ~ PowerfulJRE (Dec 30, 2021)

5. Medical Doctor Unhappy about Lack of Logical Precision concerning the COVID Vaccines

He considers the COVID vaccines in his country (UK) good to use in most cases, but also insists on looking at nuances, and is unhappy that in most public conversations, the nuances are swiped off the table, dividing us into two extreme groups. He warns that the damages from this will be even bigger when a more lethal pandemic comes around, which is likely to happen eventually. I wish he had given more detailed insights for when NOT to go for one of the current COVID vaccines and insights on long term effects of both the COVID virus and the current vaccines, and the differences between different COVID vaccines(for example mRNA and OTHERS), and how to deal with boost proposals. For example, repeat vaccination with DIFFERENT versions of COVID vaccines or the same one (even if it has lost reputation)? Someone like him might be able to give good information on those issues that are ALWAYS skipped over by governments that often demand testing or vaccination (for example when traveling across borders) but without telling us WHICH of the different tests and vaccinations that are out there. So, some of the lacking precision he misses would have been nice to come from him, but I guess he hasn’t spent enough time researching them (for example because being overworked in our overloaded hospitals nowadays – again an issue we, the people, should address).

What Is The Future For Vaccines (and Trust)? ~ Medlife Crisis (Dec 28, 2021)

6. Hidden People Power

Civil justice system usable for example if wrongfully injured, writing a book can re-educate system-cheated people, aligning with fellows in your town can build up a few hundred folks to scare a senator into working for us… While in America the congress members can send us letters without having to stamp them, the Canadian people forced for the exact opposite: THEY can send THEM letters without stamps. And, of course, they forced Medicare for All into existence in Canada at the time when we Americans were forced to fight war against the people of far away Vietnam. So, our Canadian neighbors only need to bring a costless card to doctors and hospitals, not worry to lose their homes and life savings. Time for some of us to get proper changes started, too, following the quote: “All change starts with one person.”

Ralph Nader Radio Hour Episode 406 Zoom (or: Power to the People! (the same recording as a mere podcast-video Dec 18)) ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour (Dec 19, 2021)

7. Spying on Kids, Spouses, and Employees via their “Smart”-Phones

Part 1: Intro

One of the oh so “wonderful” developments via the “smart”-phones (spyphones!) almost everybody voluntarily or even happily uses nowadays, and the rest of us get ever more durably forced to use them (for instance to recover our email accounts and social media accounts after we commit the apparent “crime” of relocating – this bother not mentioned in this video, of course… I am just adding it as a side issue that in my humble opinion needs mentioning – and, yes, I hear that nowadays employers may refuse to hire us when we don’t have an active social media account; so getting blocked out because of having moved to a new place (especially when across a border, thus losing your phone number) is really awful, no?).

DON’T USE MOBILE SPY APPS! (there’s a good reason why) ~ All Things Secured (Nov 10, 2020)

Part 2: Some Ways of Checking if You get Spied

Is someone tracking you WITHOUT your knowledge? Look for these 5 signs: 😱 ~ Liron Segev (May 5, 2020)


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