Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-03-26 (10 videos) – With Important Comments

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Summary: Most issues dealt with are today’s online censorship and healthcare corruption (with our Medicare getting taken away from us rather than extended), plus also insightful revelation of our corrupt global economy and at the end a kind reminder of altruism.

Important note: I am beginning to wonder if my blog is also shadow-banned (in fact that it may have been been for some years by now), since comments have stopped being made. I nevertheless have been giving up sharing revelations and ideas, just in case. But I must wonder if ANYONE still comes across them. (reminder: you can set up to be emailed when a post comes out; of course that could also be secretly shadow-banned)

Stars & channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Bad Faith, Abby Martin speaking with Briahna Joy Gray, CODEPINK, Consortium News, The Jimmy Dore Show, Chris Hedges Fan Club, CroPETROforeverHR, Pindex, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow talking with Ed Weisbart of PNHP, BBC Earth


  1. Global Money Lordship, Impoverishing Sanctions, and Splitting the People
  2. Today’s Online Censorship Equivalent of Book Burning
  3. Chris Hedges: Wedding Speech for Julian Assange
  4. Ukraine: Potential Fake to Justify More War
  5. Our Human Spirit Wracked by our Corrupt Capitalism (short Chris Hedges note)
  6. Healthcare Corruption by the Global Robber Billionaires **
  7. Medicare Being Taken Away from Us – And Org(s) Fighting for Us
  8. Let’s Remember Altruism

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1. Global Money Lordship, Impoverishing Sanctions, and Splitting the People

Smart insights on global rather than national capitalist development and the inequity-spcialty of sanctions. True: with global trading capitalism is not bound by national borders. Actions like shifting jobs form the U.S. to other countries like China may hurt American non-rich people, but the rich money lords only get richer from that. And, yes, unlike bombs and drones, sanctions specifically and absolutely precisely target poor people, crushing them and pulling more and more into poverty (except the rich, of course). In the second segment of this video, racism is discussed, but not very clearly. below I share a quote by a listener on Youtube who, IMHO, expressed this issue much more clearly and shorter.

Economic Update: Ukraine, Race and Class ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 21, 2022)

Great quote: “I was a child of abject poverty, my early life was spent living in the worse slum area of Toronto, Canada. My life experience makes it difficult for me to understand how anyone can believe that in a country like the U.S. where less than 1% of the population has robbed and hoarded more than 90% of American wealth that people can believe they are living in a democracy. The U.S. has had 21 Democratic and 19 Republican Presidents to date, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. In Canada we are a little better off, so far only 25% of our wealth is in the hands of 1%. I was in 9 foster homes and I saw the fear of change keep foster children from reporting abuse. I believe the programmed fear of socialism as it will lead to communism is an obstacle to people taking action. The poorest people in society are invisible, we can step over them in the street as if they are not even there. I’ve been to the U.S. and I heard, don’t go to this part of town or that part of town. A few years back there was a rise in gun violence in two of the poorest sections of Toronto and the news was giving alternate bus routes around those areas.

In 246 years the U.S. has only known 17 years of peace and again the war drum is beating. It’s my understanding that members of Congress were buying Lockheed Martin and other military stock weeks before Russia invaded the Ukraine. I’m a high school dropout and at 66 years old I’m more ignorant then I should be, I’m embarrassed and ashamed by that, but my bullshit meter is fully operational.”

2. Today’s Online Censorship Equivalent of Book Burning

… and infantalizing us like children; done by our mafiosi-style masters, told us by Abby Martin speaking with Briahna Joy Gray. And a little revelation about Russia (what our oligarchs did to its people and are trying again). (Abby Martin still accessible via Patreon)

Abby Martin on the Left Media PURGE ~ Bad Faith, Abby Martin speaking with Briahna Joy Gray (Mar 18, 2022)

More (adding Chris Hedges and Lee Camp to Abby Martin on CODEPINK):

U.S. Media Censorship of Voices for Peace ~ CODEPINK (Mar 23, 2022)

3. Chris Hedges: Wedding Speech for Julian Assange

… incl. the utter evil of our ruling class and what it deserves.

Chris Hedges: Wedding Speech for Julian Assange ~ Consortium News (Mar 24, 2022)

4. Ukraine: Potential Fake to Justify More War

Ukraine Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack Predicted ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 23, 2022)

5. Our Human Spirit Wracked by our Corrupt Capitalism (short Chris Hedges note)

Chris Hedges | Capitalism EATS US Alive ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (Mar 20, 202)

Part 2:

Chris Hedges: American & Western Society became A SICK SOCIETY ~ CroPETROforeverHR (Mar 4, 2022)

Yes, important to hear these remarks several times!

Note: Chris Hedges’ new online place (articles and apparently also interview videos or podcasts): The Chris Hedges Report | Substack

6. Healthcare Corruption by the Global Robber Billionaires **

… well presented by a British report that compares the U.S. and other countries with the UK, plus worse pandemics we may meet in the future, the anti-health pharmaceutical industry goals, etc. (side note: “phages”, properly called bacteriophages, are viruses that attack bacteria; a bacterially diseased humans rescue that was researched in the Soviet Union (yeah, let’s keep demonizing it (now viewed as Russia) continuing with the red scare culture… that’s a satirical joke, forgive me)) – So, yes, across the globe the robber billionaires are ruining – respectively corrupting – the healthcare system (and basically everything else) to steal even more wealth from the rest of us human beings who – for them – are wage-slaves and serfs when they can use our labor, or otherwise wild animals to be gotten rid of. Also not left out: the common loss of homes to healthcare costs in the U.S.

This will dwarf covid, and it’s far more deadly, w Stephen Fry. ~ Pindex (Dec 19, 2021)

7. Medicare Being Taken Away from Us – And Org(s) Fighting for Us ***

Dr. Ed Weisbart: The Stealth Plan to Corporatize Medicare ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow talking with Ed Weisbart of PNHP (Mar 11, 2022)

Note: “Medicare Advantage” is an already existing private corporation intrusion into Medicare, cheating a huge amount of people who fall for this trap since the corrupted government institutions don’t warn us about it. But the game continues to corporatize all of Medicare into the robber billionaire pockets.

More notes:

  1. Note: Not mentioned here, but I think the same game against us is being plaid in Medicaid, as well. 😦
  2. Note: Mentioned is an organization “Physicians for National Health Plan” in addition to “Physicians for a National Health Program” (PNHP), one or both likely a group of true heroes potentially having use for support from us, the people, for whom they apparently fight (as so few well stationed people do nowadays). My online searches quickly found “Physicians for a National Health Program” while “Physicians for National Health Plan” seemed to go back around 20 years and be scattered across state movements or state bill proposals and newsletter(s).
  3. Note: A quick search by me found this organization and link: “Physicians for a National Health Program” – PNHP (https://pnhp.org), stating: “The answer to our health care crisis is clear. We propose a publicly financed, non-profit single-payer national health program that would fully cover medical care for all Americans.”
  4. Note: I also found a good article from 2002(!!!): Physicians’ and Medical Students Proposal for National Health Insurance

8. Let’s Remember Altruism

Sad when animals must remind us of it.

A whale saved my life | Close Encounters | BBC Earth ~ BBC Earth (Sep 7, 2021)


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2 thoughts on “Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-03-26 (10 videos) – With Important Comments

  1. Shadow banning seems to be affecting my wife’s blog too. This proxy war with Russia turned out to be an ideal opportunity for the corporate world to shut down any dissenting voices from the Left.


    1. Well said, A J.

      Back in 2016 a post of mine that gave fresh information about what was happening in Nevada during the Primaries had over 1400 visitors quickly come to my blog to be informed, giving me the impression that sharing and posting online could help us all move forward to a better world; many of us “small” guys still together spreading a lot. But nowadays this seems gone.

      Glad to have received a comment now, I took the time to check my stats. Looking back 2 years I still got 899 visitors in the March of 2020. In the March of 2021 a year ago only 106. And in the months of this year so far only 16 to 43 per month.

      The same surely happening to your wife, too. In recent years I still imagined us, the people, getting at least some sites online where we could still share with many. But by now, I suspect we must learn again to use personal meetings and newsletters to inform ourselves and join for making needed change despite the relentless efforts of the oligarchs to turn us into sheep and keep us trapped.

      Besides that, I can only continue to propose that we all share truly good reports and idea proposals directly with each other via emails or other direct notifications (if they still work unlike social media that already massively censor us).


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