Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-04-15 (10 videos) – with nifty comments

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Summary: Honesty about our economy, honesty about our wars, honesty about our flawed welfares, honesty about the Ukraine’s regime. Insight into our media propaganda and prisons. And a comedy.

Stars & channels: thejuicemedia, RichardDWolff & Democracy At Work, Primo Radical, Robert Reich, Politics and Prose, Second Thought


  1. Comedy’s Corrupt Government Review (again)
  2. Another Recession Rather Than Recovery **
  3. Taxing You and Me while Borrowing from the Rich with Interests **
  4. Honesty & Morality: Jimmy Dore Answering Questions
  5. Ukraine: Nazi Dictator
  6. Information Warfare From the Transatlantic Genocidal “Elite” **
  7. Economic Statistics of U.S. Economy Changing over Generations
  8. Humanity in Prison
  9. The Immorality of Means Testing for Social Support **
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1. Comedy’s Corrupt Government Review (again)

Those glimpses at the Australian government give us good hints at our American government and governments in most or all countries. (and a reminder to libertarians: removing or shrinking governments is not sufficient because the oligarchy does not only sit in the government but also our corporations and other big businesses, banks, stock markets, …)

Honest Government Ad | Carbon Credits & Offsets ~ thejuicemedia (Apr 10, 2022)

2. Another Recession Rather Than Recovery **

Wolff Responds: Is Another Recession Looming? ~ RichardDWolff (Apr 15, 2022)

3. Taxing You and Me while Borrowing from the Rich with Interests **

Injustice by principle in our money feudalism.

Ask Prof Wolff: Government Finance – The Truth Behind Borrowing ~ Democracy At Work (Apr 15, 2022)

Comment: So, do you now get why I keep insisting we should set up a cap tax on income and wealth like a speed limit on our roads? A way to get rid of the money lords who ruin our lives. (and then redistribute the recovered stolen money into a financial safety at the bottom (Social Security and extended Medicare and free university studies plus home guarantee for ALL of us))

Richard Wolff this week also spent his half hour Economic Update episode on our American Capitalism Economy’s degradation and self-delusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbdJ-LuVZqI

It didn’t strike me as anything new not shared yet here. Hence I give only the link. Here is a neat comment given by someone for this video, a comment that could have come out much the same from me, even as I am not quite as old:

  • “I am 73. I remember as a young teenage lad the pride, self-righteous enthusiasm and deep respect that I felt for America at that time. Then came a series of assassinations, the Viet Nam War, political chicanery from Watergate to Iran-Contra and the “Hostage Crisis” in Iran. I stumbled into the aftermath of NAFTA when I returned to the “Rustbelt” after doing a hitch in the U.S.Navy. I will never forget the anxious and dispirited and angry “company guys” that were thrown under the bus. They were my neighbors and family friends. Then came Iraq and Afghanistan, specious expeditionary adventures that benefited no-one other than monied interests. At the age of 73, after all that I have observed in the past, and the insidious things happening now under our noses, I can say that I am no longer proud to call myself American. I am ashamed, embarrassed and apologetic for America’s egregious arrogance on the World Stage. I once truly believed that we were better than that.”

Another good comment:

  • “The Bigget Pipedream about Capitalism is that everyone can become Wealthy. When the already Ultra Wealthy make sure that never happens.”

4. Honesty & Morality: Jimmy Dore Answering Questions

… about things like honesty and morality.

Jimmy Dore Takes Your Questions ~ Primo Radical (Apr 6, 2022)

Wow! Guess what? YouTube now considers honesty a violation!

Sooo… using my posted title (below the video) in a DuckDuckGo search, I found another online storage of this interview that still exists (the reason why for years now I have posted these titles, channels, people names, and dates under shared YouTube videos). Here is the link:


And here is an audio comment given for this latest censorship-delete plus many others:


It includes tips for supposedly still usable, uncensored channels/sites:

5. Ukraine: Nazi Dictator

… and kept secret by our media.

BREAKING: Zelensky Bans 11 Opposition Parties ~ Primo Radical (Mar 20, 2022)

6. Information Warfare From the Transatlantic Genocidal “Elite” **

Con artists keeping and making themselves and their kids and allies rich by mass murder and robbery while drowning us in propaganda. We must stop believing their lies about – for example – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, and – yes – Ukraine.

Pushing Back on Propaganda ~ Primo Radical (Mar 21, 2022)

7. Economic Statistics of U.S. Economy Changing over Generations

lots of details. Pretty good. (but, Robert Reich, please don’t praise rich jerks as the sole inventors of their huge businesses)

Wealth & Poverty Class 1: What’s happened to income and wealth in America over the past 40 years? ~ Robert Reich (Feb 14, 2022)

8. Humanity in Prison

Emotionally touching conversation giving insights on the poor/mistreated stuck in prison.

P&P Live! Chris Hedges | OUR CLASS with Boris Franklin ~ Politics and Prose (Oct 24, 2021)

9. The Immorality of Means Testing for Social Support **

Means testing is a truly criminal element inserted into our welfare programs. It serves to (A) oppress people, (B) keep them poor, and (C) help as few folks as possible – not only by administratively blocking those that shouldn’t be, but by making application required as well as puzzling/hard or even intransparent or unknown, and punishing application with dangers of future losses (let’s not even talk about the shame issue today). Plus – by keeping many poor people poor this way – this keeps the rich as rich as possible. It lets the rich grab as much as possible from the rest of us and have to return as little as possible to us. This done with assistance from our governments. And, yes, this process aims at keeping up the dungheap pyramid of huge inequality, because that is the most important thing for the mafiosi-type rich oligarchs. This is really important to understand, because it is not only a financial scheme with financial results but also a mental manipulation scheme using smoke screen justifications to justify itself when that is a real stab in the back! Welfare inserted with means testing builds a diseased mental culture for us, set up to maintain the wealth-and-power pyramid, rather than letting us shift to a system of good lives for all. The shift for a good world has to aim for universal assistances, for fully mutual cooperation and receival from and for us all. A totally different mindset than figuring out who is allegedly poor and who not.

Why Means Testing Is A Terrible Idea ~ Second Thought (Apr 8, 2022)

Further thoughts:

  • Let’s repair our messed-up thinking by experimenting with what we hear and say or think and expect.
  • Let’s give financial assistance to the poor. → Let’s give financial assistance to the non-rich.
  • Let’s make financial stability for the poor. → Let’s make financial stability for all of us.
  • Let’s tax middle class employees to help the poor (actually only some poor). → Let’s tax the rich to eliminate poverty.
  • And, when you are not defined as poor, is it actually true? Do you know how astronomically rich the really rich really are? Looking from that angle you are indeed very poor.
  • And how about this: Let’s tax away excessive wealth and profits and redistribute to get a healthy society of no rich and no poor. (a society where we all are secure and nobody able to bribe the politicians, political parties, and whole governments; a society where we can return to proper human lives focused on love, friendships, our interests, work that we like and/or do well rather than bad work forced upon us, dealing with natural catastrophes and health issues and aging instead of an excessive focus on and desperation about money) — And, yes, taxation isn’t the only way to reshape our wealth pyramid with its astronomic billionaires tower into a broad house with stilts under it and a safety roof on top (examples: universal fee-less healthcare, free college, universal basic dividend, …).
  • In fact, well said roughly by Second Thought: Universal programs are good for solidarity.
  • And, yes, solidarity of the people is the last thing our criminal oligarchs want to let happen, because we could then topple them off their thrones, us becoming united rather than competing among ourselves.


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