Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-05-20 (14 videos and important comments esp. on Medicaid Mess )

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Summary: This week I spent my free time on learning about Medicaid. Thus, the topics deal with our economic decline and our welfare-undermining like the Medicaid mess.

Stars & channels (this time a lot of commercial ones / lawyers since the Medicaid topic is hardly communicated from anywhere else, *sigh*): The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (and Richard Wolff), Democracy At Work, Dirty Medicine, Healthcare Triage, Vox, Rabalais Estate Planning, Ettinger Law Firm, Christopher Berry, AmeriHealth Caritas, InfusionCenters, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, Pixorize

6. Our Welfare Systems Converted into More Theft for the Rich (example Medicaid)Topics:

  1. Our Dangerous Decline (Always Fakishly Disannounced by our Media and Politicians) ***
  2. Three Ways the U.S. Historically Curbed Inflation (NOT With Interest Rates)
  3. The U.S. Health Insurance Labyrinth
  4. Is Medicaid Coverage Better or Worse than Private Insurance?
  5. Medicaid Very Different in Different U.S. States
  6. Our Welfare Systems Converted into More Theft for the Rich (example Medicaid)
  7. Some Hints at Medicaid Insurance Permission
  8. Medicaid can be Combined with Medicare
  9. Pregnancy and Child Birth Can Give Medicaid
  10. Basic Medicaid vs Medicare explanation

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1. Our Dangerous Decline (Always Fakishly Disannounced by our Media and Politicians) ***

Especially informative at 13:13 a very important comparison of our nation’s drowning with the German history that led to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi terror.

Prof. Richard Wolff: Do Workers Have It Too Good Nowadays? ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (May 14)

2. Three Ways the U.S. Historically Curbed Inflation (NOT With Interest Rates)

Ask Prof Wolff: 3 Ways Government Has Historically Curbed Inflation ~ Democracy At Work (May 18, 2022)

3. The U.S. Health Insurance Labyrinth

A medical students test prep describing the different insurance and health system types. (NOT telling us, of course, how Medicaid might interact with our finances; also no patient warning about the privatized Medicare “Advantage” used for profits for the rich, of course *sigh*). Still, a help for getting lost less in the labyrinth we are forced to deal with in our healthcare issues.

Insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, COBRA, CHIP, Payments, and Plans) ~ Dirty Medicine (May 1, 2021)

4. Is Medicaid Coverage Better or Worse than Private Insurance?

Is Medicaid Coverage Better or Worse than Private Insurance? ~ Healthcare Triage (2018)

5. Medicaid Very Different in Different U.S. States

A good reveal. Sadly from 2017. Who knows if there have been meaningful changes since then (my impression so far is that there haven’t).

Medicaid, explained: why it’s worse to be sick in some states than others ~ Vox (Aug 1, 2017)

Good comments made by viewers:

  • “I’m English and I’m a disabled veteran. If it wasn’t for our national health service (NHS) I would probably be dead. It amazes me that a country as rich as America doesn’t provide medical care for all its citizens. I simply can’t believe it. I love America. I love it’s people. I love it’s values. I love it’s patriotism. But I can’t get behind its archaic system of privatized health care. Get your bloody act together. Can’t you see how ridiculous you look to the rest of the civilized world?”
  • “I’m an outsider but also a doctor, and I think the problem is how USA spends the money, not how much or how little. Every time someone needs a test, a hospital bed, medicine etc, they fall in to the claws of companies that provide it with a huge margin of profit.”
  • “I can’t imagine the pain of a parent who can’t afford to bring its sick child to a doctor. Health should not be a luxury.”
  • “In the USA gun ownership is a right but Medicaid ownership is considered a privilege. Am I the only one finding this fundamentally wrong?”
  • “Greed seems to have ruined a lot of things in America.”

6. Our Welfare Systems Converted into More Theft for the Rich (example Medicaid)

Looks into our all so “wonderful” welfare system, so bad compared to other countries. In this case Medicaid. While Medicaid has become important to give health insurance to millions of poor and/or unemployed people, a setup that then brings in profiteering private health insurances to gobble up the state-based financing, most articles and videos I have managed to find so far focus exclusively on Medicaid getting used for nursing homes patients and the huge loss of old age savings and incomes (like taking away bought homes from people). Once again, we get our governments presented as the thieves, but what once again is left out is that the nursing homes obviously make huge profits when their single month money gouging approaches full year incomes of poor working people. And keep in mind that most of us die at “old” age (in our rather short lives of usually less than ten decades). So, what I want to make you aware of is that we have an old age care system set up by the fascist-style marriage of governments with the super rich money lords for one goal: steal all the owned homes and life savings from the middle class to make all but the 1% poor and by this accumulation make the rich even richer. Let’s not only blame the federal and state governments, but also the robber billionaires who are ultimately behind this. So, instead of still having a fair society where our old age troubles are prepared for in a proper way, we now have profiteering nursing homes comparable to our commercial prison system aiming primarily at increasing inequality.

First Look: Medicaid’s Nursing Home Theft (with 5 Year Savings Rule)

Part 1:

Some hints given (about stuff we should all be warned about but are not). Missing though is the situation when getting health insurance via Medicaid (when unemployed or not given healthcare from an employer) without a nursing home involved, yet.

Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC ~ Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC (May 22, 2019)

Part 2:

2021 changes (not much changed if I heard right):

New 2021 Medicaid Nursing Home Asset and Income Rules ~ Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC (Jan 10, 2021)

Vocabs: assisted living facility vs nursing home.

Part 3:

Trusts (only some irreversible trusts safe from getting grabbed away – another problem sadly not addressed in these videos might be the time it might take for Medicaid to step in once all the life savings and inheritance (if there was any) are expended as the government demands — Darn, wouldn’t it be a lot nicer if our government(s) would instead restrict the huge profiteering of the nursing homes for their rich owners?):

Difference Between a Revocable vs Irrevocable Trust ~ Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC (Sep 20, 2019)

Maybe of some interest for you when you are upper-middle-class-wealthy or want to know what the big money folks can do to avoid taxes: besides the highly critical ~12 million (~24 of a couple) free to pass on without any estate tax deduction upon death – something mentioned and criticized here a number of times before – there also is a $15,000 gift one is allowed every year to give to a person that won’t cause taxes (and apparently multiply-able by multiple recipients).


Part 4 (from another source – easier to listen to… most useful hints starting at 14:23):

A long detailed talk about protection from loss both when thrust into a nursing home AND also merely having home care (by apparently an experienced elder law attorney who points out a need to get informed from such a one):

How to protect your home and life savings | Medicaid Trust (MAPT) ~ Ettinger Law Firm (May 12, 2021)

Here is another nicely slow speaking 8 minutes video comparing Medicare and Medicaid and describing “long term care” of Medicaid (like nursing homes and home care) as one of the differences (our Medicare sofar not going above a 100 days of care): Medicaid Eligibility For Single Individuals ~

Eldercare Resource Planning (Oct 16, 2018)

And, yes, it’s from a lawyer again. Beginning to sense their money making involvement in this chaotic labyrinth?

The Lawyers Game (having only the profiteering lawyers there to help us (to some extent)):

Part 5 (a short ad from a lawyer claiming you need one when applying for Medicaid for nursing home costs):

Medicaid Qualification in Michigan Basics | Berry’s Bites ~ Christopher Berry (Nov 1, 2018)

And what about Medicaid used to Give Health Insurance to Uninsured Victims?

No decent info found, yet, in my opinion. So much secrecy in it all! But in these short videos are hints like on the income threshold (but maybe not savings threshold like for long term care???):

7. Some Hints at Medicaid Insurance Permission

These mentions by one of the advice-companies (or however to define them) seems to me to hint at only income being a barrier, not savings (unlike when Medicaid gets applied for to finance long term care):

Medicaid Defined: How Does the Program Work? ~ AmeriHealth Caritas (Apr 28, 2020)

8. Medicaid can be Combined with Medicare

Medicare & Medicaid 101 ~ InfusionCenters (Mar 9, 2020)

9. Pregnancy and Child Birth Can Give Medicaid

Understanding Medicaid ~ UnitedHealthcare Community & State (Feb 26, 2021)

10. Basic Medicaid vs Medicare explanation

But once again not telling enough on what how to set up, and especially when poor but not yet 65 or older. And what about the Medicare “Parts” accessibility? Can you get only one or sometimes or always all? So, this video despite being a notable synopsis effort is still far from perfect. A comment given by a video watcher declares from personal experience that we have to apply for different parts based on our health situation jumping through overwhelming hoops delaying help by many months (that can kill and/or maim us) or blocking us completely when old, disabled, and thus unable to handle this mess well. Darn, if only we had an automatic universal healthcare!!!

Medicare vs. Medicaid | Mnemonic for USMLE ~ Pixorize (May 27, 2019)

An allegedly useful information site: Medicaid.gov (the official U.S. government site for Medicare)

Another one could be the site of your state (if you can find it, even if not named with Medicaid).


And don’t forget to regularly look into The Revolution Continues for good reads.


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