Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-07-09 (11 videos)

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Summary: insights on our corrupted society, politics, and massive propaganda and how to build people power (plus some article links)

Stars and channels: The Community Church of Boston (Chris Hedges), DW News, Sky News, The Jimmy Dore Show, Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Our Changing Climate, Ralph Nader Radio Hour


  1. Mindboggling Speech by Chris Hedges in 2020 ***
  2. U.S. Shootings on 4th of July this Week (2022)
  3. Incredibly Massive Propaganda Drumming Upon Us via Media and Social Media
  4. Dems Illegally Kick 3rd Parties Off Ballots
  5. Richard Wolff: Avoiding Harmful Capitalist Cycles in Co-ops
  6. People Power: Dutch Country Example
  7. Capitalism being a Hunter and Scavenger
  8. Structured Evil Corporate Culture

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1. Mindboggling Speech by Chris Hedges in 2020 ***

Definitely don’t miss the explanation given at 18:26:

Chris Hedges: The Politics of Cultural Despair – The Rise of Fascism (2020) ~ The Community Church of Boston (Premiered Jun 23, 2022)

2. U.S. Shootings on 4th of July this Week (2022)

Six mass shootings on the Day of Independence, a dozen on that whole weekend. Versus about two per day so far this year. At least those are the numbers I came across. Here is the only American media news I came across that glanced at the big number rather than picking only one case (most commonly the one near Chicago) that they feel they can make the most money with by picking the most sensationalist short-term report:

Many Mass Shootings on our Country-Celebrating Holiday

Over A Dozen Mass Shootings This July 4th Weekend In The U.S. ~ NBC News (Jul 5, 2022)

Since U.S. news media are so extremely propagandist and untruthful, I looked for some foreign ones (maybe less extreme, or at least less forced to pleasure the American oligarchy brainwashing the American people):

Six Mass shootings, I seem to have heard:

Why can’t the US agree on gun control measures despite the rising death toll from mass shootings? ~ DW News (Jul 6, 2022)

How nice that YouTube won’t let us share this properly, no? Here is the external link.

Another incredible shooting by police (60 bullets in the corpse!)

Police shoot 25-year-old man 60 times in US state of Ohio ~ Sky News (Jul 4, 2022)

3. Incredibly Massive Propaganda Drumming Upon Us via Media and Social Media

US Spy Operation That Manipulates Social Media Revealed ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 1, 2022)

Fitting comment on rcreader.com: “Put simply, [by SMA from 1948] our government was permitted to lie to people in other countries, but not to us here at home. This prohibition was lifted in 2012, when the SMMA [the The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act] was signed into law by President Obama, allowing the same propaganda disseminated by our government to foreign publics, to now be released in the U.S. for the very first time.” — So, the government has legalized propagandizing its people, us the American people. And it has been done in a huge full blow ever since, (A) via the mass media and education systems, and (B) – as Jimmy Dore mentioned in this video – 60,000 salaried propagandists in social media from the pentagon in addition to all the similar CIA creeps. Imagine 60,000 liars, possibly each playing as 10 invented personas on social media. That would give us 600,000 human trolls in social media from the pentagon alone (in addition to robotic ones and CIA ones, and so on). So, we better stop believing social media “people” presenting themselves with anti-humanist opinions and “truths” as being real rather than actually being dishonest trolls. (heck returning to blogs like this one here might make more sense)

4. Dems Illegally Kick 3rd Parties Off Ballots

Note: While it is good we finally get reports exposing the D Party’s criminal election cheating by, for example, blocking of voters and alternative candidates, it is a pity that the same crimes done by the R Party are hardly ever reported. (and, yes, the R Party has been doing it a lot for a long time explaining in significant part the many “red states”)

Dems Illegally Kick 3rd Party Off Ballot In North Carolina ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 2, 2022)

Part 2 (far-right-wing candidacy competitors funded by the D Party):

Democrats Are FUNDING Radical Republicans! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 2, 2022)

5. Richard Wolff: Avoiding Harmful Capitalist Cycles in Co-ops

Yes, more social thinking in Co-ops than in capitalist companies (no division into slaves and masters, serfs and feudalists, employees and employers). Just a pity he didn’t actually bring up a real example, like that huge co-op organization in Spain (“Mondragon Corporation”, a corporation and federation of mutually assisting worker cooperatives) that has for a long time held up community health since 1956.

Ask Prof Wolff: Avoiding Harmful Capitalist Cycles in Co-ops ~ Democracy At Work (Jul 6, 2022)

6. People Power: Dutch Country Example

Dutch Farmers Spray Manure On Government Buildings In Protest ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 7, 2022)

Note on the nitrogen blabla: Of course, nitrogen gas is not getting produced by agriculture, and as the main gas in our atmosphere it is not our worry anyway. What happens is that synthetic nitrogen fertilizers (made from nitrogen) are widely used in conventional agriculture to boost productivity. Unfortunately, agriculture then emits methane (mostly from cattle that can be argued to be to big in numbers in some countries now) as well as nitrous oxide — an often overlooked but highly potent greenhouse gas that has 265 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide. The amount of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers used worldwide has grown 800 percent since the 1960s. We should consider a lage return to organic agriculture, including small farms and homesteads (instead of cruel factory farms) and gardening by people (as an alternative to wage slavery and/or food-getting rather than money-seeking side work). And, yes, small farms can be government-supported just like anything and anybody else, rather than merely forced to give up their living incomes. For example, in Germany, since World War II or so, farmers have been financially aided by government (imperfectly with big milk and manure over-production as a result) in order to keep German agriculture strong in a global capitalist competition; so that Germany can rely on it for the German people’s needed food. Healthier (organic) food and less greenhouse gas production can also be targeted for this way. Example: In Germany, for this aim, foresting by farmers gets governmentally financed nowadays.

7. Capitalism being a Hunter and Scavenger

Creating and using disasters for further enriching the rich.

Why Capitalism Loves Disasters ~ Our Changing Climate (Jul 1, 2022)

8. Structured Evil Corporate Culture

I desired more depth from this episode on its title “Jesus Was A Progressive”. Still there are nice descriptions of today’s structured evil. At 1:00:46 an interesting insight in evil corporate culture is given: evil behavior set up by structure. And at 44:16 some light streamed on the evil from fartphones and social media. Anyway, yes, the Jesus described in the Bible’s gospels was very progressive, a true hero for social justice; but the guy interviewed on this topic is rather shallow in my opinion. However, his experience in Davos* gave a good insight for him and us (1:00:46). Oh, and the first interview in this episode about Congress members not daring to do right things that might then create a precedent* to hit them back isn’t really new to me, nor probably to you. Summary on the Christian religion discussion with addition from me (the bribing): First the Catholic Church suppressed Jesus’s progressivism. Then evangelists popped up that recovered it. But then the evangelists gave it up, too. What seems left out to me unless I just missed it being mentioned is that the reason for this morality decline is – once again, just like in politics – the bribery from the mafia-like rich and power-holding upper class. In the past the Roman Empire rulers and then the feudal aristocracy corrupting the Catholic Church (that church even created with the goal of stabilizing the Roman Empire). And the same thing by now done with the evangelist churches by our money lords. The perhaps best statement made about the Christian religion by Jim Wallis is at 47:52 and about Christianity’s beginning (the 1st 300 years) and the Roman Empire’s takeover then (hint from me: Constantine the “Great”). On the other hand, Jim Wallis’s focus on evangelical “racialisation”, a.k.a. white evangelists, ignores the growing capture of global Hispanics and African Americans by “Christian” right-wingers and their corrupted churches.

Jesus Was A Progressive ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour (Jun 11, 2022)

Notes, quote, and link:

  • *Davos = global oligarchy meetings in Switzerland
  • *precedent = a decision made that sets an example or rule to be followed in the future
  • Nice Bible-Timothy quote: “the love of money is the root of all evil”
  • Given link: The Center on Faith and Justice




Honorable Mentions:

Grinding by speech entrepreneurs: How GaryVee manipulates you. ~ Thought Slime (Apr 6, 2022) I had no time to listen an entire 1:19:48 time about a single crook (too long, sorry). But the start is a good summary about those kinds of crooks and their poisonous selfish success cult swiping away all social responsibility; and I coincidentally captured an interesting social media commentary further into this episode at 55:49.


And don’t forget to regularly look into The Revolution Continues for good reads.


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