Truthful News Weekend 2022-07-22 (11 videos)

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Question: I guess renaming this series of posts from “Wakeful Video Weekend” to “Truthful News Weekend” may be better. Of “videos” people may think nothing more than entertainment. Am I correct?

Summary: Primarily looks at capitalism vs socialism, our developing economic recession this year, current situations and shifts, us getting spied upon by mobile phones, and rising deaths from continued pandemic (incl. vaccine) outcomes.

Stars & channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff and Lee Carter), After Skool (Tim Dillon), Second Thought (Jul 22, 2022), Indo Crop Circles, The Jimmy Dore Show, KUSI News, Mike Malloy Show


  1. Socialist Grand Vision (3 minutes video) ***
  2. Our Evilized Culture (victimized by “The Big Lie”) ***
  3. America’s Developing Recession This Year *
  4. Current Economic and Political Situations and Shifts
  5. Capitalisim’s Labor “Life” (Misery for Misery’s Sake) vs Socialism *
  6. Mobile Phones’ People Addiction and Distraction from Proper Life **
  7. US Gov Is Collecting Your Cell Phone Data! *
  8. The Pandemic-Profiteering After-Effects Cause Many More Deaths Now
  9. Rising Deaths
  10. Jimmy Dore Report: Denver Cops Fired Wildly Into Crowd Of People
  11. Christian Fascism Arisen & Separation of Church and State Gone

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1. Socialist Grand Vision (3 minutes video) ***

with a nice conclusion in the direction of a Good Life for All (which, if pursued at a state level could boost that state over the others).

Richard Wolff and Lee Carter on what’s it’s like to be an elected socialist in American government ~ Democracy At Work (Oct 17, 2019)

2. Our Evilized Culture (victimized by “The Big Lie”) ***

Us sold on a bill of “goods”. And everybody given personal guilt for not getting happy, for not succeeding with dreams, etc. And mafia-like money lord goals presented as being fine and proper. Celebrated lords. All their victims ignored or blamed… All this when real happiness comes from healthy communities and environments (incl. families and friendships, but also neighbors, colleagues, and our whole societies and economic/political/governmental/institutional systems); not from gouging; tormenting, and crippling each other. Self-glorification is utterly insane, the cause for gigantic suffering added to the suffering that our universe and life-biology themselves give us (natural catastrophes, pandemics, crippling aging and deaths), things we should assist each other to deal with rather than adding more troubles. And what a mess from “elites” making themselves pillaging and dominating others and blocking healthy societies and cultures.

The BIG LIE – Tim Dillon ~ After Skool (Jul 19, 2022)

My added comment: And, yes, even though getting rich would quickly make me a hundred times happier than I am these days (because I am the opposite of happy, and financial security would get rid of my financial insecurity and let me move to a nice environment and possibly get good healthcare even), a point is made here that even current rich people are not necessarily happy (not as much as I would be). Again, because happiness comes from one’s community and environment (and lack of barriers from the system one lives in). I’d get very happy if rich by not only fixing things for myself but by greatly helping as many other people as possible. Quite a difference from the narcissistic sociopathic or dumb rich people we currently have, no?

Note given about the speaker: Tim Dillon is a Stand up comedian and podcaster. Tim’s podcast, The Tim Dillon Show, puts out hilarious weekly episodes that poke fun at current events. This soundbite is from his Patreon episode # 134. To learn more about Tim Dillon visit:

3. America’s Developing Recession This Year *

Described in the 1st segment. In the 2nd segment interview a hint is given for a certain cause of disappearing leftist politics and its common goods, namely that people who have been benefited by this often become uninterested in politics and blind of the right-wing repeals that then start happening. This is one big reason why I regularly recommend that we build up a strong healthy human culture on which changes for the better can stand and then NOT be repealed.

Economic Update: Swedish Socialism Undone ~ Democracy At Work (Jul 18, 2022)

4. Current Economic and Political Situations and Shifts

Global Capitalism: War, Sanctions, Deepening Splits: Economic, Political, and Cultural [July 2022] ~ Democracy At Work (Jul 13, 2022)

Good book mentioned: Grapes of Wrath

5. Capitalisim’s Labor “Life” (Misery for Misery’s Sake) vs Socialism *

Think about this: capitalism is about wealth accumulation which always concentrates in the hands of a few hurting everybody else. Socialism, as its name indicates, is a socially responsible system. (At least socialism-intended attempts try to be. But mistakes happen always and everywhere. In governments and businesses sociopaths and narcissists always attempt to climb up, which is why injustice, authoritarianism, and mistakes also happened in more or less socialist countries in the past; they simply not being completely protected against this, just as our capitalist systems are not; the capitalist systems however sooner or later not even try to protect against this but actually favor and reward abuse).

Why Would Anyone Work Under Socialism? ~ Second Thought (Jul 22, 2022)

6. Mobile Phones’ People Addiction and Distraction from Proper Life **


Missing: the spying of us and the move towards controlling our money access, traveling permission, completely removing freedom, etc. (less clear 4 years ago)

Written info given by this channel on YouTube:

  • 40% of the population is addicted to their cell phones?
  • Most people can’t survive one day without their cell phones.
  • People often take their phones everywhere, even to the bathroom.
  • Most people will constantly check their phones without reason.
  • Most phone addicts will experience phantom vibrations.
  • 80% of 18 to 24-year-olds sleep with their phones right next to them.
  • Most phone addicts forget what living in the real world is like.
  • A study indicated that parents who spend more time with their phones have a greater tendency to shout at their children.
  • An average person checks their phone 110 times/day, while the more addicted check their phones as much as 900 times/day.
  • 95% of people have stated that they text, browse the web, or watch TV in the hour before finally falling asleep.
  • 1 in 4 people will not put their phones on silent before going to bed.
  • Cell phone addiction ruins relationships.
  • Many car accidents are due to cell phones. Phone addiction is considered a disability.
  • 72% of people state that there is a very little chance that they will ever move 5 feet away from their phone.
  • Smartphone addiction can result in mental issues such as OCD and depression.
  • 7% of individuals state that excessive cell phone use caused them to lose their job.
  • For every 100 hours that you spend talking on the phone, you increase the risk of brain cancer by as much as 5%.
  • Phone addiction can lead to a hindrance in social life.
  • Treatment is now being offered for cell phone addiction.
  • Phone addiction makes people live their life through their phones.
  • Most people are not even aware they are smartphone addicts.

Comment made:
I remember the world before smartphones. It was so much better than it is now!

7. US Gov Is Collecting Your Cell Phone Data! *

In case you ever doubted this, here is a revelation:

US Gov Is Collecting Your Cell Phone Data! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 22, 2022)

8. The Pandemic-Profiteering After-Effects Cause Many More Deaths Now

During the commercialized pandemic people were prevented from preventive healthcare and pushed into risky experimental vaccinations with lethal side effects and into worse life conditions like employment and home losses and boosted drug use. All this now results in way more death rates than we had before the COVID-19 appearance. The long-term effects are as evil as the immediate effects during the pandemic the treatment of which was focused on shifting huge wealth to the top rather than protecting people.

Global Death Rates Are Skyrocketing! Why? ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 12, 2022)

9. Rising Deaths

I rarely share mass media links since mass media have become so corrupt (no matter if officially presented as left or right, they all serve the oligarchy). Real pity that we no longer get even half-way decent big news outlets. KUSI News presents itself as an independent television station, but looks corporate-financed to me. Anyway, the issue put out in this video strikes me as something we all should hear:

There was an unexpected 40% increase in ‘all cause deaths’ in 2021 ~ KUSI News (Feb 2, 2022)

I frankly don’t know Dr. Kelly Victory (like how truthful she is, but she sounds quite truthful to me in the above video and this next one I checked – “Dr. Kelly Victory discusses double booster shots” – one that is not directly sharable, so here is the link):

10. Jimmy Dore Report: Denver Cops Fired Wildly Into Crowd Of People

There is so much trouble for and by police in our country. We should modify the setup. (A) making it less easy for nutty people to have dangerous guns and (B) demilitarize police, but also train police better and align police with local communities; so police get more help, have less to fear, and act way more properly, thus aligning with the people. Think of British police, most police officers there carrying no guns (just like most civil people), the whole interaction being much more trusting from both sides.

Denver Cops Fire Wildly Into Crowd Of People ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Jul 21, 2022)

11. Christian Fascism Arisen & Separation of Church and State Gone

Not a perfect description of what is going on, but helpful for people who are not fully aware of this, me thinks. (if I hear him right he for instance doesn’t yet realize that the D Party is also fascist nowadays, simply playing together with the R Party to maintain the illusion of a left vs right fight in our undemocratized politics)

Darker Is Yet To Come ~ Mike Malloy Show (Jul 12, 2022)

Fascist Leaders (demagogues) always have only one goal. Their goal is to gain power and wealth for themselves, just like mafia-bosses. And their method to get it has two elements. The first is to brainwash people into becoming their foot soldiers on allegedly other goals (like eliminating Jews or immigrants or abortion rights). And the second is to ally with the already rich by giving them protection against people revolutions and labor movements and any form of functioning democracy.

Honorable Mention:

Real (honest) journalists meeting and accusing the many propagandist ones:


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