Quickypinion: Third World Lives for Americans

While a huge amount of our tax dollars gets spent on our questionable “defense budget” and outright wars committed on other countries on our globe, we have constant situations like lead in our faucet waters or – currently in Michigan – 935,000 people are advised to boil their drinking water because of a water pipeline leak somewhere likely leads to bacterial contamination in the water system (news link). Also, once or twice each year, the electricity drops away for often 24 hours or more (caused by tree branches that then get cut but could have preventingly cut earlier). And the roads and streets in Michigan are a hell of innumerable huge pot holes, cracks, and bumps. And countless Americans are blocked from any health insurance or – if they do have health insurance – GET cheated by the their health insurances into bankruptcy. Big growing homelessness. Way fewer home ownerships of home inhabitants in the U.S. than in Cuba. Huge debts from studies past high-school (found this high nowhere else in the world). Is this still supposed to be a First World Country? It resembles to me a Third World Country. So very very sad.

P.S.: And please don’t think this mess is created by poor immigrants, pregnant women, or LGBTQAs. It’s created by our “elites”, our super-rich money lords and corrupticians who get to make all the decisions and care only about themselves, loving to gouge and oppress us.

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