Truthful News Weekend 2022-09-09 (11 + 4 videos)

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Summary: Mostly our current corrupt system and its history plus history and current possibilities of changes.

Stars and channels: The Real News Network (Richard Wolff), Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Second Thought, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (and Lynn Parramore), Chris Hedges Fan Club (Michael Hudson), SilverWolf, ChrissyA1 (George Carlin), Systemic Justice Videos (Briahna Joy Gray), The Jimmy Dore Show, People’s Podcast (Nick Brana and three others)


  1. Richard Wolff: Capitalism is holding “all of us hostage” ***
  2. Socialism & Communism Definitions Explained by Richard Wolff **
  3. Capitalism Cheating and Looting Us and Preventing Actual Democracy **
  4. Healthcare: The United States of Death *
  5. The Destructive Warp of Financial Capitalism
  6. Wealthy Folks’ Money-Possession-Mentality Warp **
  7. Comedy: George Carlin Presenting the Common Fake-Christianity
  8. American People Comprehensions & Independent Media
  9. COVID: Paxlovid Drug only Helps People over 65
  10. People’s Party Discussion 2022-09-08 **

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1. Richard Wolff: Capitalism is holding “all of us hostage” ***

A really great interview of Richard Wolff a year ago (which I missed during a far relocation and new sh*t job entry with temporary homelessness). If you missed it, too, better listen to it now. The less important start ends at 11:58, Richard Wolff then hitting strong things to hear about. Important points about what happened in the COVID crisis and bubonic plague crisis, in the last century, and what is happening now and what should be done now, and that working people are waking up.

Richard Wolff: Capitalism is holding “all of us hostage” ~ The Real News Network (Aug 4, 2021)

2. Socialism & Communism Definitions Explained by Richard Wolff **

Also past failures, our current trouble, and an improved move forward. More details: Socialists tried to bring humanitarian elements back into national societies through politics, but since they did leave capitalists in their positions of excessive power, these advancements could not last. Example: America. A split from socialists calling themselves “communists” tried to go further, replacing capitalists with government officials, but even in these cases power mongers could develop, this time in high government and political party seats. Example: the Soviet Union (main country: Russia)

Conclusion: For lasting good changes, true democracy – that can keep away thrones of excessive power that narcissists and sociopaths always strain to occupy and abuse – must be created, not just in political activities and governments, but also in the rest of our society, like our work places (and I would like to add: schools).

Economic Update: What Is Communism? ~ Democracy At Work (Sep 5, 2022)

Part 2:

Richard Wolff answering a question about making ruined lives affordable again.

Ask Prof Wolff: Western Capitalism’s Decline ~ Democracy At Work (Sep 7, 2022)

3. Capitalism Cheating and Looting Us and Preventing Actual Democracy **

Like by avoiding taxes (making us common people forced to pay higher taxes) and using part of that stolen wealth to bribe governments and laws and justice systems into their pockets.

McDonald’s $3.4 Billion IOU To Itself ~ Second Thought (Apr 22, 2022)

4. Healthcare: The United States of Death *

The poor and non-poor never meet or know each other thus losing justice and compassion. And the money lords wish for our poverty or (among the less evil of them) believe it’s unavoidable.

Lynn Parramore on Healthcare & The United States of Death ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Sep 2, 2022)

5. The Destructive Warp of Financial CapMichael Hudson | Economy is one big PONZI SCHEME ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (Sep 5, 2022)italism

It basically loots incessantly, corrupts governments and judicial systems to support this, and lets the economy crumble. Michael Hudson is sadly always a bit blurry in his speach, and this is also only a crop from a longer speech, but this video brings good reminders of our consistent economic crumbling since the 1980s.

Michael Hudson | Economy is one big PONZI SCHEME ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (Sep 5, 2022)

6. Wealthy Folks’ Money-Possession-Mentality Warp **

Wealthy folks indulge in materialism like the purchase of needless jewelry or luxury cars in order to turn meaningless extra money into some kind of real life achievement, a fantasy of still having a purpose when living a non-real-purpose life. Such a money-bent mental culture keeps the human world at a very low life. And it’s an endless loophole that deprives so many people of fulfillment and purposeful lives. The poor and even many who are not poor. (and lack of life purpose drives us into seeking pleasure for relaxation instead – for example drugs, social media nonsense, religious nonsense, or wealthy materials).

The Toxicity of a MATERIALISTIC Culture ~ SilverWolf (Jan 19, 2022)

Side note: This video would be even better if SilverWolf mumbled less and maybe spoke a little slower.

7. Comedy: George Carlin Presenting the Common Fake-Christianity

Comedy dealing with religious claims of an allegedly benign, loving, helpful god who however lets us suffer in a hellish world and allegedly will also throw us into hell after death for all eternity over tiny “sins”. Problem issues never well explained away by any preacher I have ever heard speaking.

George Carlin –- Religion is Bullshit ~ ChrissyA1 (Apr 23, 2009)

8. American People Comprehensions & Independent Media

Many Americans now know about corporate and political violence (the latter less well known but its understanding is growing). The corporate media are still hitting us with status quo propaganda (like blaming immigrants or one of the two corrupt major parties praising the other). And many of us go for independent media of greater honesty and meaningful discussions. The older impression that only one major party and one certain war is bad is now gone for many of us by now.

More details: Briahna Joy Gray shares her insightful thoughts about her experiences and influences in law school, her goals as a journalist and podcaster, her experience on the Bernie Sanders campaign, the role of left-wing journalism, the problem of corporate power, her theory of change, and her hope for the future.

The [F]law Launch Interview: Briahna Joy Gray ~ Systemic Justice Videos (Jun 30, 2022)

9. COVID: Paxlovid Drug only Helps People over 65

Paxlovid Provides ZERO Benefit For 40-65 Year Olds – New Study ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Sep 1, 2022)

10. People’s Party Discussion 2022-09-08 **

Talking about overcoming the splitting of our society (the American People), about our betrayed past American revolution, about patriotism, and about the illusion of political betterment (like Bernie Sanders appearing like becoming president via the D Party which cheated in the primary vote counts and would have disqualified him if necessary to pick instead a corporatist corruptician no matter how Americans had voted). Also Trump’s R Party connection and fight.

Patriotic Socialism, Economic Populism, and Uniting Left & Right Against the Establishment ~ People’s Podcast (Sep 8, 2022)

Honorable mentions:

  • Ralph Nader giving a speech to law students in something set up to shift lawyers back to justice (some strong pieces I caught, but much of it probably more understandable to lawyers and law students): Ralph Nader Keynote Speech at the launch of The [F]law – 02/10/22. See
  • Another case of labor movement pretension by small businesses (money knights rather than higher level money aristocrats), so that a real people’s movement can be diverted into right wing brain wash against an effective movement for needed change: The Marc Steiner Show: Canada’s trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ goes Christian nationalist ~ The Real News Network (Sep 8, 2022)
  • A freelanced young woman in Great Britain talking about escaping the wage slavery when she addresses an “anti-hustle culture”. Unlike Americans, she doesn’t have to worry about getting healthcare denied or retirement preps blocked: Anti-hustle culture is brainwashing you. ~ leena norms (Aug 1, 2022)
  • A British report on bad COVID vaccine(s) misrepresented by profiteers. The channel broadcasting this has been pointed out to me to be a British Fox News equivalent, hence not very credible. But in the neoliberal-neoconservative partnership of oligarchy, the various top oligarchs run partly different routes on their monopoly game, somewhat competing with one another, and therefore not always 100% aligned on everything. Thus pieces of truth can on rare occasions still leak out of one of their owned mass media, although even then usually embedded in a still brainwashing context. So, always be careful with tales from media. Interesting, though, that this British report points at very similar corruption and COVID abuse as we have heard about in the U.S.: Dr Malhotra on calling for vaccine data transparency: ‘The information has evolved considerably’ ~ GBNews (Aug 16, 2022)


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