Truthful News Weekend 2022-10-07 (12 videos)

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Summary: human and constitutional rights and us losing them. Also Medicare and Medicaid losses.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff, Leilani Farha), Katie Halper (with Eugene Puryear), Chris Hedges Fan Club (Thomas Hartmann), The Real News Network (Taya Graham), X. Our Traumatic Society, Toxic Culture *, Democracy Now! (with Gabor Maté), The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (and Richard Wolff), The Jimmy Dore Show (with Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Maté), Second Thought, Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with Kip Sullivan)


  1. Democracy Gone and Consider Strike-Revolution ***
  2. Housing is a Human Right *
  3. What The Federal Reserve REALLY Does
  4. Economy Shift to Monarchy
  5. Law-Enforcers Discarding Constitutional Rights *
  6. Our Traumatic Society, Toxic Culture *
  7. Our Culture’s Insane Profit & Growth Obsession
  8. Control over Stuff in Socialism vs Capitalism
  9. Trumps Battle with Deep State and Fellow Politicians
  10. Funky Socialism Jibes vs Actual Capitalism Mess **
  11. Medicare Advantage is a Scam and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Even Worse *

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1. Democracy Gone and Consider Strike-Revolution ***

Historic and current insights. Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore exposing them.

Your Democracy Was Stolen Long Before January 6 ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (with Chris Hedges, Oct 2, 2022)

2. Housing is a Human Right *

Pretty well argued in the 2nd segment. If you have never experienced housing trouble, this may move you forward in humanist growth. Many of the elements of a proper human life depend on a home. In the first segment of this Economy Update episode there are news given on strikes in Seattle (teachers) and Minnesota (nurses), the possibly in mass media somewhat over-trumpeted significance of Sweden’s big vote for ex-Nazi party, and how anti-Russia sanctions cause US electricity prices to rise at twice the inflation rate for now (and more in the near future).

Economic Update: Insecure Housing is a Social Crime ~ Democracy At Work (with Leilani Farha, Oct 3, 2022)

3. What The Federal Reserve REALLY Does

Stock market and the rich raised up, and us – the people – pushed down. On purpose! Yep, it’s class war from the top.

What The Federal Reserve REALLY Does ~ Katie Halper (with Eugene Puryear, Sep 23, 2022)

4. Economy Shift to Monarchy

If this doesn’t wake you up nothing will… ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (a Thomas Carl Hartmann cut, Oct 6, 2022)

Part 2 (the purchase of politics):

Why we’re all slaves to BILLIONAIRES now… ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (a Thomas Carl Hartmann cut, Oct 5, 2022)

5. Law-Enforcers Discarding Constitutional Rights *

… as part of being the brutal knights of the evil money aristocrats in our horrible neo-feudalism. Since reports of police violence and injustice are common now, I set the shared video to start here at Taya Graham’s powerful final commentary.

PAR: Body camera caught cops lying, this is what happened when we asked police to explain ~ The Real News Network (Taya Graham, Oct 6, 2022)

6. Our Traumatic Society, Toxic Culture *

… vs indigenous culture of mutual aid and prosperity. Proper human societies would still give (as they used to) community contact, compassion, mutual assistance, and safety – which we humans need for proper lives and mental health. And the collapse of the former Soviet Union gave lots of job losses and a lot of meaning and purpose losses in the Russian society, causing the life expectancy of men to then plummet drastically within a few years. Now we are seeing the same phenomenon in the United States.

The Myth of Normal”: Dr. Gabor Maté on Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture ~ Democracy Now! (with Gabor Maté, Sep 16, 2022)

7. Our Culture’s Insane Profit & Growth Obsession

Instead of focusing on what is good and needed. I set this to start at 17:24 where it gets to the main points.

Prof. Richard Wolff: De-Growth and Human Survival ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (and Richard Wolff, Oct 4, 2022)

8. Control over Stuff in Socialism vs Capitalism

Some basic insights on who is allowed to own what and the quality of things owned plus life security.

Do Socialists Just Want To Take Your Stuff? ~ Second Thought (Oct 7, 2022)

9. Trumps Battle with Deep State and Fellow Politicians

While doing plenty of evil stuff (like the big tax shrink on the rich) he did consider a few good things he however never performed. Here is an explanation of why and how he skipped some of them.

Trump Was Ready To Pardon Snowden Until Threatened ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (with Glenn Greenwald and Aaron Maté, Oct 6, 2022)

10. Funky Socialism Jibes vs Actual Capitalism Mess **

We are constantly bombed with jibes on how failing socialist nations are (when the U.S. slaughters them) and at the same time kept blind of the terrible things going on in capitalist nations.

Bill Burr EVISCERATES Capitalism! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Oct 6, 2022)

11. Medicare Advantage is a Scam and Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Even Worse *

Best short quick insight at 31:29. Then again a good mentioning near the end (the “wrap up”) at 57:26 pointing out that we get the very opposite of single payer healthcare financing occasionally promised to us by allegedly progressive politicians and that powerful organizations supposedly helpful for us, like AARP (American Association of Retired Persons, at least formerly called that way), don’t help us either to get us universal healthcare.

Medicare Advantage is a Scam! ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with Kip Sullivan, Oct 1, 2022)


Medicare Medicare is now in a free fall of being abducted by corporations like “United Healthcare” which should be called divided Health Care Corporation and Aetna and others. In a previous check about 43 percent of elderly people have been misled and deceived into adopting “Medicare Advantage” plans (that are a Disadvantage!) instead of traditional Medicare. “Medicare Advantage” in effect gets you out of traditional Medicare and into a normal profiteering and claim denying corporate health insurance plan. And now it’s even getting worse with a new breed of parasite called the “Accountable Care Organizations” (ACO). Currently 72 percent of Medicare beneficiaries are now already in one or the other of those wasteful programs

And the Biden Administration is not only doing nothing about this in the Department of Health and Human Services but is actually aiding and abetting a greater takeover of Medicare which is increasing Medicare costs and increasing corporate denial of benefits and reimbursements. The Biden Administration published a white paper almost a year ago in which they stated very clearly that their goal is to cram all Medicare beneficiaries into either a Medicare Advantage plan or an ACO by 2030.

Current recommendation (while still possible) given in this video: Stay with traditional Medicare and buy a supplemental policy (also called “Medigap Policy”) if you can afford it, because unfortunately traditional Medicare has some big holes in it. You’ll pay sizable deductible and out-of-pocket payment. The Trouble with Medicare Advantage plans is that while their brochures are made to look good now while you’re healthy, but when you get sick odds are high they will deny you payments. And with the exception of four states in this country, if you’re in Medicare Advantage for more than six months and decide you want to go back and then buy supplemental coverage the insurance companies that sell you supplemental coverage can turn you down or if they don’t like the look of your pre-existing conditions they can charge you a lot more money.

However, as comments from the audience indicate, the mess is far more complicated, and many of us cannot afford the recommended choice.

Comments by audience (making it look even way more complicated):

  • Relentless is Right..they fill my mailbox with Junk mail barely skipping a day…they call to the point where i won’t answer the phone anymore, screening the calls first.
  • Glad I heard this. My wife is eligible for Medicare when I turn 62 and I was going to put her on Medicare (Dis)Advantage but after listening to your podcast I will definitely go with Part D and Medigap coverage instead.
  • Part D, for outpatient meds, is privatized, so it sucks.
  • I wanted to purchase a traditional medicare supplemental plan. Unfortunately it was unaffordable. The teacher retirement board charges $80. per month for United Health Care Advantage and it includes dental. It would cost me $300. per month for the same coverage with a traditional medicare supplemental plan. The price difference makes it very difficult to avoid an advantage plan.
    • The guest and Ralph cleverly avoid any mention of those supplemental gap costs. And also any facts and figures about refused coverages by MA plans. I personally know those who have benefited greatly under the AARP United HC Advantage plan during major health crisis.
  • Ralph and the speaker suggested that people are choosing the inferior medical plan because of frivolous perks such a free lunch or gym membership, when in fact many people simple cannot afford the high costs of the traditional medicare supplemental plan. I wish they addressed the escalating costs of medicare supplemental plans.
  • The choice between advantage and original is not straight forward.
  • Unfortunately, many people cannot afford to pay for a Medicare supplement insurance plan in addition to the $170 monthly premium they pay every month for Medicare Part B. Depending upon the
  • state you live, how old you are, your health and age, the choice of insurance company and MediGap plan, a MediGap costs about $100+ per month. And premiums adjust every year, usually in an upward fashion.
  • My sister told me her dentist wants $1,000 just to pull her tooth out!!! The doctors are the cheaters also with the high prices.
  • Welcome to America where everything is for sale even your future Health and Well Being…

I am increasingly feeling forced to emigrate (and also have big worry for our unlucky immigrants). 😦

Honorable mentions:

Rural/agricultural messing with human and animal lives by corporations (I’d prefer more examples and details in shorter talks, but… still better than our propagandist mass media): Slaughtering Corporate Hogs ~ Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with Lisa Wallace, Sep 3, 2022)

Recent (mostly last 25 years) history of the Republican Party turning into the fascist-style fear-fear-fear methodology party: The Crack Up of the Republican Party Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with Dana Milbank, Sep 10, 2022); Note: Of course, the “Democratic” Party has been playing the same game for votes, in their case by triggering fear about the Republican Party (when both parties actually work together serving the money lords and crushing us, the people)


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