Truthful News Weekend 2022-10-14 – Main Topic: Medicare (8 videos)

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Summary: Big issues of Medicare being corrupted and healthcare denied for Americans get today presented in a lovely short video and very impressive written comments given to it. Yes, quite a bit of reading here for you today on this! Also: exposures of slavish economy and politics. Several GREAT videos!

Remember, the stars are my grading: *** = super good (a must), ** = very good, * = better than average here.

Stars and channels: News2Share (Chris Hedges), The Jimmy Dore Show (with Fiorella Isabel and Craig Pasta Jardula), Democracy Now! (with Wendell Potter), Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Heartland Media of Chicago & the Live from the Heartland Radio Show (Brian Mier), Niko House & The MCSC Network, Second Thought


  1. Slavery State ***
  2. Great Brazil-USA Comparison **
  3. The Medicare Advantage Fraud ***
  4. Deaths from Socialism or Capitalism? *
  5. World/War: Ukraine Update
  6. World: More Insights on Brazil
  7. Julian Assange Exposed War-Crimes and Never Raped
  8. Nazis were NOT Socialists – They Were the Opposite

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1. Slavery State ***

“Merrick Garland and those who work in the Department of Justice are the puppets, not the puppet masters,…” and many other top exposures and judgments given by Pulitzer-winning journalist Chris Hedges outside the Department of “Justice”. Including at the end a reminder of our golden ancient revolution aim we should refresh: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Chris Hedges speaks out for Julian Assange at DOJ – Full Speech ~ News2Share (Oct 9, 2022)

Comments from listeners:

  • Chris Hedges demonstrates the knowledge and awareness that the average American should aspire to in order to fulfill our duties as citizens of the American Republic. Along with Assange, he is a true hero.
  • Thank you Julian for being a man of character, and speaking the truth. We need more people like you.
  • Bravo to Chris Hedges! We need more brave people in this world who are not afraid to speak the truth! So many fall for the money trap and good life by selling their souls.
  • Thank you Chris Hedges for your support 🙏 Free Julian Assange NOW! ❤Journalism is not a crime !✌
  • This has to be a defining speech, spoken with authority, clarity and truth. It is us against the corporate hegemony.
  • Chris, that was a tour de force. It’s impossible to look at the world in the same way after listening to you.

2. Great Brazil-USA Comparison **

… with really well given insights on our messed up politics like only mildly progressive politicians, fascist demagogues getting approval from promising fight against power, and the split of the people into two major working groups: lucky ones vs utterly hurt ones, letting the lucky ones worry about getting taxed for help given to the poor they have been convinced of not to deserve anything, not having “earned” what they get, and so on. We live in personal isolation, individual blaming, and slave-cult societies (created by the past slave masters and feudal lords and since then by the money neo-feudal lords) rather than healthy human societies of mutual assistance and care and universal prosperity and freedom. I really liked this video of for once more than usually informed people talking. (and, yet, some aspects and insights probably missing; but the ones given here are so rare to come at, so I rcommend listening to this conversation)

Leftists Disappointed By Lula Win In Brazil Election? ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (with Fiorella Isabel and Craig Pasta Jardula, Oct 4, 2022)

Comments from listeners:

  • lt’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled.
  • At one point, Lula and his party had the support of 80% of the population but they failed them one corruption scandal after another. People felt betrayed much like how they felt after Obama’s tenure.
  • What a outstanding speech. Let us disempower and overthrow those few who will enslave us all. Power to the people.
  • Speaking as an American most policies to help the “poor” translate to higher taxes on the middle class. Also many of those programs help not the poor but the gov and private orgs that get the grants. So much is lost to administrative costs. Those Uber drivers aren’t anti poor they are anti having the government take their money via taxes that in reality much will never go to the poor.
  • [Lula gave] mostly to poor people who actually needed the money. He also gave incentives to poor families to send their kids to school, and he started programs to cut hunger and malnutrition. The programs were very wide reaching and very successful.
  • The issue in Brazil is that Lula’s party engaged in corruption and greatly benefited big banks, while giving a small percentage for poor people. I can understand those who were tired of so many contradictions.

3. The Medicare Advantage Fraud ***

Lots of big data given in a short news video (a good addition to the last recent posts here that also dealt with Medicare). Billions are stolen from us. Healthcare blogged. People scammed into what starts cheaper but then becomes more expensive and less helpful. What’s left out of course is that so many of us are so poor nowadays that they cannot afford the regular Medicare route since it demands too high premiums from people (Maybe only via the Supplemental plans? Something I still don’t know.). And these patients are no longer able to earn decent or any incomes at olding age. Poverty is alien after all to those speaking in mass media. And regular Medicare still has big holes in it making Supplemental plans necessary (apparently also known as “Medigap”, a synonym to make things even harder for us to understand). This again many of us can not afford because we are too poor. Our American healthcare system is truly a catastrophe and global shame.

Health Insurance Whistleblower: Medicare Advantage Is “Heist” by Private Firms to Defraud the Public ~ Democracy Now! (with Wendell Potter, Oct 12, 2022)

Note: And this channel lives in the money market by always supporting the D Party. Hence some praises given to fake-progressives in the D-Party.

Comments from viewers:

  • Think long and hard about switching to a Medicare Advantage plan, because you pay a big penalty if you want to switch back to regular Medicare. Also, even with regular Medicare you still have to get your drug coverage through a private company. This needs to change.
  • I’m so glad this news is now going mainstream. This is criminal! Ralph Nader and guests have been trying to highlight this issue for awhile.
  • Juan nails it. Testing for EVERYTHING, whether it’s merited or not, is keeping seniors running around from corporate facility to corporate facility. Those tests are extremely expensive. Rarely is a diagnosis or treatment derived from the many tests an average senior is channeled through each year. It’s all a money-grab. If you are approaching Medicare eligibility age, DO NOT BUY AN ADVANTAGE PLAN! You’ll be stuck in it for at least a year. And it will COST you a ton of money. You will not become any healthier in the process.
  • He forgot to explain the difference between Advantage (a rip off) & Supplemental plans one buys in a addition to Medicare, Medicare “does NOT” pay for everything so the consumer is basically “forced” to buy 1 of the plans, advantage has no monthly fee but cost the consumer a ton in Dr bills, and Supplemental picks up all that Medicare does not pay, Supplemental has a monthly fee, (not cheap upwards of $300 a month) and if Medicare does not cover it, these plans will not kick in additional coverage, PLUS the consumer has to purchase a prescription plan. They are almost horrible as they don’t cover many meds which is more out of pocket to the consumer. What a real loss to the consumer again. He is CORRECT! The advantage and supplemental is only additional coverage IF the consumer wants to purchase it. OR Do NOT and bar the door hoping Medicare covers what happens to the consumer health wise. Either way the consumer is strapped significantly with further bills. Something has got to GIVE USA GOVT!! Every citizen pays ROYALLY into the Medicare system all their lives by working.
  • I was forced onto Medicare at 65 recently and one of the problems I am facing is that many practitioners especially holistic do not accept this insurance plan. So much of what I do as preventative healing is out of pocket.
  • We don’t have a functional medical system in this country. Like all things in America nothing is off the table for profit, nothing is sacred, and everything is turned into a grift.

Example with numbers of how unaffordable Medicare has become for us poor Americans (at least half of us too poor to afford such monthly expenses):

  • What are people supposed to do in the meantime when they turn 65 and cannot afford a Medicare Supplement plan? In California, Los Angeles county, the average price for a person turning 65 is $150 a month for just a Medicare Supplement plan, that doesn’t cover vision and dental. In addition, the person turning 65 must also buy a standalone Part D (prescription) plan, the average price for this coverage, and to avoid the Part D penalty, is $30 a month. Until we change our U.S. Healthcare system, what are seniors supposed to do? Medicare Part B will be $164.90 a month in 2023; the average price for a Medicare Supplement plan is $150 a month; and, the average price for a Part D plan is $30 a month. That’s a monthly of average of $344.90, and that’s without comprehensive dental nor vision coverage! What are people 65 and older to do until we make big changes?

And a reminder that it’s not only the corrupt insurance system that extorts and mistreats us in our heathcare (a comment from a viewer):

  • About 25 years ago I worked in the medical field. There was a woman who came in with some anxiety due to changes that were going on around her life including going to college and the possible divorce of her parents. After talking to her for a bit she had good support systems and she felt better and I’m sorry to go home. When my supervisor found out the insurance she had, a nurse was sent to the parking lot in search of the woman who was then brought back to the hospital. She was then diagnosed with something more serious. She was given antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication but because she had excellent insurance they prescribed some of the newest medicines which were much more expensive and had many more side effects despite not being as efficacious as some of the traditional medications. In short for these medications she received four additional medications that would help mitigate the side effects of these medications for her so-called depression and her so-called anxiety. This is what happens depending on the type of insurance you have. Physicians in the United States are more like businessmen than they are healers.

And an example of how Medicare “Advantage” (and greedy doctors) can kill us:

  • My mom, God rest her soul, got a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. She was on a Medicare Advantage. The doctors she had said they couldn’t pin point which exact cancer but wanted to start treatment anyway. I said no, find out what she has. They refused. I got one of the top cancer hospitals in the world to accept her. (ONLY because she did not start any treatment yet)Medicare Advantage denied it. Said they weren’t sure about the hospital. I thought it was a big misunderstanding, called the insurance. After pleading, in tears for mom to get to cancer specialists the lady from the Advantage plan had mercy on me when I asked, “What would YOU do if this was YOUR mom?” She said, “Listen hun, it’s nothing personal it’s profits, this company denies almost everything first time. So people give up. Just appeal it.” I asked how long does that take? She said usually about 3 months. I said my mom doesn’t have 3 months. I then found out we were in a special enrollment period. Changed her to traditional Medicare, she got into that hospital and beat her cancer. The treatment the other doctors insisted on would not have worked on her type of cancer. She lived another 8 yrs until a more aggressive form of the cancer returned. Long story short: For profit health care is about caring for their profits not your health. Stear clear.

And a perfect short statement made in another comment (an insight I keep pointing at):

  • Corruption, fraud, etc will always be problems, but capitalism incentivizes them by design. That’s why we need bottom-up economic/political democracy, rather than top-down state or private control of either.

4. Deaths from Socialism or Capitalism? *

Money-aristocracy propagandists and their believers always chant that socialism murders lots of people giving examples of mass deaths in drastic revolutions in the Soviet Union (Stalin) and China (Mao). But they turn a blind eye on capitalist nation’s mass deaths which were even a lot bigger. Here, starting at ~18:51 in this video, the comparison is given, with stinging numbers. I am having the local share start there. The previous stuff is about ancient colonialism, nothing of which was new for me.

Economic Update: The Economics of Colonialism Pt. 1 – The British Empire ~ Democracy At Work (Oct 10, 2022)

5. World/War: Ukraine Update

(if only there were not a laughing segment)

Russia Now Devastating Ukraine In Latest Escalation ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Oct 11, 2022)

6. World: More Insights on Brazil

The fascist Bolsonaro may have picked up votes from 3rd and 4th place candidates that faded out, and he performed the same leftist voter blocks we have had here in the U.S. Meanwhile the center-left Lula has gotten the best ever votes win in a first round presidential election in Brazil’s history, as well as the best ever voting of him. Other left shifts in congress, senate, and local elections.

Live From the Heartland 10/8/22: Michael James with Brian Mier & Katy Hogan ~ Heartland Media of Chicago & the Live from the Heartland Radio Show (with Brian Mier, Oct 9, 2022)

7. Julian Assange Exposed War Crimes and Never Raped

A four hour compilation from the British demonstration Saturday. I have it start at 1:06:65 where the reason for his persecution and the fake that Sweden gave at the beginning are explained. I picked this because the false rape accusation may be still not clear in many people’s awareness.

Hands Off Assange ~ Niko House & The MCSC Network (Oct 8, 2022)

8. Nazis were NOT Socialists – They Were the Opposite

In case someone you know and converse with ignorantly believes that Nazism/fascism is a form of socialism.

Were The Nazis Socialist? ~ Second Thought (Oct 14, 2022)


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