Truthful News Weekend 2022-10-21 – Main Topic: Capitalism vs Humanism (8 videos)

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Summary: mostly reports on humanist societies destroyed by capitalism and also older greeds versus the internal growth into love for all that can let us return to truly human lives.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Harriet Fraad, Richard Wolff), The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (and Richard Wolff), More Perfect Union, Second Thought, The Jimmy Dore Show (with Liam Madden), The Peaceful Revolution


  1. Individualism Cult: Capitalism-Made Forlornness vs Freedom Gained Together ***
  2. The Faulty Fed and Likely Great Depression
  3. Destructive Monopolies (main example on live music) *
  4. How The Returning of Privatized Capitalism Burned Russia **
  5. Continued Colonialism (Political Economy)
  6. Progressive Invader into the R Party
  7. The Bible Not the God’s Word (says a deep Jesus believer) **

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1. Individualism Cult: Capitalism-Made Forlornness vs Freedom Gained Together ***

The wealth-theft-based neo-feudalism (typically named capitalism) isolates us humans from each other, both systematically to exploit and control us more powerfully, and also by warping our human cultures into inhuman separation from and disregard of each other. And that when we humans evolved and survived as a pack animal kind, always strong and successful together, but weak and often hopeless alone in our tough world. We need to recall and rebuild our healthy human cultures and societies, and there are happening beginnings of this via massive strikes and uniting of all kinds of activist movements.

Capitalism Hits Home: Individualism is a Capitalist Deception ~ Democracy At Work (Harriet Fraad, Oct 13, 2022)

2. The Faulty Fed and Likely Great Depression

Set to start at 27:35 after a lengthy and not very detailed talk about things already presented here. This 8.5 minutes end of the half hour video points at the ridiculous actions of our Fed quite likely pushing us into a great depression (possibly a crush like the Soviet Union had):

Prof. Richard Wolff: How Would a “People’s Fed” Behave? ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Sep 17, 2022)

3. Destructive Monopolies (main example on live music) *

How Ticketmaster Destroyed Live Music ~ More Perfect Union (Oct 19, 2022)

4. How The Returning of Privatized Capitalism Burned Russia **

Capitalism against democracy. Any chance of democracy instantly strangled away by the transition from the “crashed” Soviet Union. All this against the will of 80% of its population, and causing many deaths and horrific poverty, plus a lasting cruel oligarchy of which Putin is just a member, not a destroyer of democracy that after all never existed in or after the Soviet downfall created apparently by people in political power wanting to become rich lords. So, basically the Soviet Union Collapse was a coup d’état on both the government and the economy, and thus the entire people.

How Capitalism Destroyed Russia ~ Second Thought (Oct 21, 2022)

5. Continued Colonialism (Political Economy)

Not much country details given, but fairly short and simply exposing that colonialism isn’t yet over.

Part 1:

Colonialism Never Stopped – Economic Update with Richard Wolff ~ Democracy At Work (Oct 18, 2022)

Part 2:

Economic Update: The Economics of Colonialism Pt. 1 – The British Empire ~ Democracy At Work (Oct 10, 2022)

6. Progressive Invader into the R Party

Fake Republican Wins Vermont Republican House Primary ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (with Liam Madden, Oct 19, 2022)

Note (maybe a vocabulary help): duopoly = two party dominance

7. The Bible Not the God’s Word (says a deep Jesus believer) **

Lots of dangerous crap is in the bible to bury the good parts. Four cool chapters/books are in it: the 4 gospels (placed at the beginning of the “New Testament”). These four chapters or small books present marvelous deeds and teachings from Jesus (whether historically +- real or invented). One of his main teachings: Love your enemies! This is indeed an internal shift giving up reptilian hostility and insisting on loving kindness in us all and for all – and thus to give a Good Life for All. Something I myself arrived at in my life journey. Think about it: we become good or evil based on how our life conditions make us be. But life is a journey of discoveries and internal growth. We can change. And punishments only spread hostility while generous love for all can spread love and kindness. Hence, better help criminals (including our narcissistic and sociopathic billionaires who cause the most harm) – if possible – to grow their own hearts into universal love and kindness rather than punish them with execution or antisocial rehabilitationless imprisonment.

The World’s Darkest Book: Part 1 ~ The Peaceful Revolution (Jan 18, 2019)


  • With “Light” he seems to mean “God”.
  • Historic name changes: Yeshua → Joshua, Jesus
  • The two sequels didn’t add much for me (hence not shared here).

Honorable mentions:

  • Hardly anything new for me, but probably useful for less informed people: Sabby Sabs reporting on the total failure (or not even true attempt) to take over the D Party by progressive champions for the American people and the corporate block against national third parties (and disappearance of social media promotion for them) and recommending local boost of third parties: Ralph Nader, Jill Stein & Bernie Sanders – The Case For THIRD PARTIES (clip) ~ Sabby Sabs (Oct 5, 2022)
  • Research finds no harm from immigration (IMHO this doesn’t go far enough; me believing that immigrants mostly improve countries (some details in these research reports simply not looked at)): I Read 100 Studies on Immigration ~ Then & Now (Aug 30, 2022)


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