Truthful News Weekend 2022-12-31 – (9 videos)

Happy new year (somehow, let’s hope for worthwhile lives to come or even make changes)!

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Summary: The last three weeks have had less and less good videos to find. Well, I finally managed 9 findings for this weekend, some of which only soso, but some still good (marked with one or two * stars, two being better, of course).

Stars and channels: Behind The Headlines (Richard Wolff & Lee Camp), The Hill (Dec 28, 2022), RISE: United Independent Media, Second Thought (JT Chapman), The Jimmy Dore Show, Timeline – World History Documentaries, Secular Talk


  1. How the American Dream & Economy Have Shifted into China **
  2. A Former D Party Fan Giving Up on It
  3. A Movement for the People Coming Back Together **
  4. Unionizations in the U.S. Attacked but Growing Nevertheless *
  5. Airline Corruption (and assisted by police?)
  6. The CIA Joined with Nazis *
  7. CIA Murder Squads
  8. Our Military Industrial Complex’s Gigantic Money Theft

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1. How the American Dream & Economy Have Shifted into China **

… and the global multipolar economics events. And things inside the U.S. (like inflation and possible dealing with it, political parties, troublesome government… capitalism being a modern version of feudalism and slavery, CEOs and business owners being a modern form of dukes and kings.

Richard Wolff & Lee Camp: The Rise of The Multipolar World ~ Behind The Headlines (Richard Wolff & Lee Camp, Dec 22, 2022)

Note: Kind of weird that I cannot find this video on the Videos page of this “Behind The Headlines” YouTube channel. The outcome of secret censorship actions against the people?

2. A Former D Party Fan Giving Up on It

(at least that’s what she sounds like)

Briahna Joy Gray: The Democratic Party Is DEAD ~ The Hill (Dec 28, 2022)

Comments from listeners:

  • “There will be no positive change in a two party system that has been completely captured.”
  • “The democratic party that I grew up with died in the mid-90s. Clinton sold out the country to the Chinese, and it’s been all downhill since…”
    • “Both parties fully supported NAFTA and shipping all our good jobs to China.”
    • “Correct. Happened way before Obama. My grandfather, die hard blue, recognized it before the end of Clinton’s first term. Reagan started it and Clinton removed any doubt that the Dem party would fight.”
  • “I agree with this commentary 💯. And I also am very sad and frightened. I am one of those Americans that work hard and now find in my early 60s that I cannot retire. I cannot even find affordable housing! I have a decent job in adm in my State Children’s Dept. That said, with the doubling cost of everything – literally everything – I cannot retire. I cannot find a place to live that I can afford. I have no credit cards, have no car payments; it is simply the cost of living. I was a Bernie supporter and believed in AOC but now no way! They sold out. I have no idea who I will vote for at this point because all politicians are in it for their own bank accounts. Things are dire. And our country will pay the price of this Capitalist greed in my opinion”

3. A Movement for the People Coming Back Together **

Occupy 2.0 & The United Independent Movement ~ RISE: United Independent Media (Sep 23, 2022)

4. Unionizations in the U.S. Attacked but Growing Nevertheless *

Why Corporate America Hates Unions ~ Second Thought (Dec 30, 2022)

5. Airline Corruption (and assisted by police?)

Part 1 – Owners of airline-canceled tickets threatened by police if staying around:

Cops Start ARRESTING Stranded Southwest Passengers At Airport! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 30, 2022)

Comments from listeners:

  • “If you stay, you’re guilty of trespassing.” I’d like to see the cop prove that. He has no way of knowing whether they are there because of the canceled flight or because they like overpriced Cinnabon. That’s why you don’t talk to cops. It cannot help you. You cannot become more innocent.
  • The error made by the cop that may be prosecuted is that he tells people that if their flights are canceled, they do not have tickets. They DO have tickets and that’s a contract of carriage and until the tickets are voluntarily refunded due to the cancellation, or until the airline provides compensation and alternate travel per the contract of carriage, these people very definitely have tickets
  • Their entire interaction was the police officer trying to gaslight her into saying something that he could arrest her for.
  • This is what a failing nation looks like as they cover for the Corporations.
  • You need to learn history how cop thing was invented back in old Greece, in the time of city countries Sparta, Athen, etc which was in old Greek called “polis” those small countries to be clear and yes the name for politicians and police come from exactly that word, you would realize that the cop doing exactly what was meant to do namely protecting the ruling class, everything else is just a PR.

Part 2 – The airline’s corrupt profiteering:

Surprise! Corruption Is Behind Recent Southwest Mass Cancellations ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 30, 2022)

6. The CIA Joined with Nazis *

Then terrorizing the world to eliminate “communist” movements (that is movements for decent working people lives and democracy, in case you wonder). Outcomes: Assassinations, terrorism, mass murders, drug traffic, political financing, and all this of course for securing the rich money lords that rule and torture us today with hardly any remaining defense by and for the people.

How Nazis Infiltrated America’s Intelligence Agencies | Nazis In The CIA | Timeline ~ Timeline – World History Documentaries (Dec 20, 2022)

7. CIA Murder Squads

BOMBSHELL: CIA’s Secret Murder Squads EXPOSED | The Kyle Kulinski Show ~ Secular Talk (Dec 21, 2022)

8. Our Military Industrial Complex’s Gigantic Money Theft

BOMBSHELL: 60% Of Pentagon Money Is Missing | The Kyle Kulinski Show ~ Secular Talk (Dec 19, 2022)

Honorable Mention:

  • Alleged Putin speech that deeply criticizes our western countries corruption (leaving out Russia’s adoption of it after the Soviet Union crash?) mixed with commenting by Danny Haiphong who ran this video. A little hard for me to understand the accented fast talk, but some good critiques seemed to be in this: Putin DESTROYS Western Hypocrisy over Ukraine in Historic Speech ~ The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong (Oct 16, 2022)
  • An old 2012 TV series revealing to some extent the U.S. Ruling Class (and the ancient American revolution (24:53) plus a rebellion (35:08) following it) –admitting that our government is corrupted by the tiny upper class of super rich folks (not much new here on Beanstock’s World, still something, incl. a sight of the slowly sprouting people’s insight in his): WHO RULES AMERICA – FULL DOCUMENTARY | Democratic Governing System Investigation ~ FilmIsNow Movies & Trailers (Oct 23, 2022)
  • China’s heathcare despite historic and not yet fully solved problems apparently (supposedly?) already better than our’s: Healthcare in China is FAR SUPERIOR to the US ~ The Left Lens with Danny Haiphong (Oct 7, 2022)
  • Ukrainian military commits atrocities, often executing captured Russian soldiers on camera (sadly this video is too long and has improper laughing (quite a lot *sigh*)): Ukrainian Soldiers Execute Prisoners Of War – Admits U.S. Mercenary ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 28, 2022)
  • Talks about Peru (coup), Ukraine, Russia, and Brazil (unsure how accurate): Vijay Prashad on Peru’s Coup ~ Katie Halper (with Vijay Prashad & Camila Escalante, Dec 20, 2022)
After ages an informative article found by me about the People’s Party (especially the phony sexual harassment allegations – written by the accused Nick Brana); People’s Party being attempted to programmatically destroy by embracing phony identity politics: People’s Party Blocks Liberal Takeover Attempt. – The Greanville Post


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