Truthful News Weekend 2023-03-03 – (12 videos and many comments)

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Summary: Not one of the best videos week, but still some good ones AND many neat written comments. Again the more stars I give their titles, the better I found them (*** = best, only ** (= good) this week at the top). Topics: worker troubles, capitalism’s cheats, growing strikes, how religion would be useful, politician faults, COVID cheats, need for people movement.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), The Real News Network (Maximillian Alvarez with The Chris Hedges), Second Thought (JT Chapman), The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (with William Lamar IV), Sabby Sabs, The Real News Network (Taya Graham, Stephen Janis, and Jayne Miller), The Jimmy Dore Show (with Kshama Sawant)


  1. Ruinous Nature of Mega-Corporations and How We May Defend **
  2. Gig Workers’ Troubles **
  3. Sexism is a Fascist Moronity */**
  4. How Religion Should Be *
  5. Sanders’ Betrayal of his Supporters & Need for a People’s Movement
  6. Nurses Striking for NHS Rescue
  7. A Cities-Local Tax Loop (AND Subbing) for Rich Guys
  8. Bribe of Government to Force us into Untested COVID Vaccine?
  9. 30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks
  10. A Little Talk with Kshama Sawant About People Movement

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1. Ruinous Nature of Mega-Corporations and How We May Defend **

Capitalist market competition – usually considered a good thing for us consumers thus wishing for competing companies – actually creates monopolies and oligopolies rather than preventing them. It’s part of profit maximization, growth, survival, and security pushed for by the big companies (one of the built-in problems in capitalism). And when people came up with anti-trust law and business regulators the mega-corporations fought back by developing Public Relationships (misinformations and brainwashs) and bribing or capturing regulators, politicians, political parties, and whole governments. He gives a little speech error around 12 minutes in, accidentally replacing “big corporation” with “local bank” when he presents how big corporations force local banks to give them lower interest loans or be swiped out of business by using other banks and so on. And interesting fight-backs by and for the people besides the already mentioned anti-trust law and regulators: state commissions able to block utility companies and insurances from charging too much, even here in the US. Another one in countries like France that are not stuck in a 2-party system, small companies have formed a small political party that forces protections of small companies by playing with which big political party they will ally (not perfect in my opinion, if you ask me, but interesting and maybe indeed weakening the big companies somewhat and even sometimes helping the working class (if only to get some of their different wishes which ultimately are of course rarely in benefit of workers when the small companies are employers exploiting workers rather than small single family companies)). And in Germany, all companies of 2000 or more workers required to have a bunch of worker-elected members in the board of directors (slightly less than half – so not controlling the companies, sadly, but at least creating idea interactions that in Germany led to things like workers not being laid off during crises like the 2008 Great Recession or the recent COVID crisis (instead lowering the work hours, and the politics leading to income assistance by the government, thus most workers not becoming unemployed and not having to finally find a totally new job that may even cause us to lose our professions (like has happened to me numerous times)).

Economic Update: Are Mega-Corporations Ruining Our World? ~ Democracy At Work (Feb 27, 2023)

A vocab that came up: government supervision (me not sure what exact institution(s) he referred to with that). And a tip from Richard Wolff: maybe give big supervision on large companies but little if even any to small ones. I like that idea a lot because my current impression is that freelancers get condemned as “companies” and hit with cruel requirements and supervision that working people should never be hit with, since we humans are no businesses and our work is tiring enough. Also given a reminder that splitting over-big companies into smaller ones would always be helpful for most of us.

And at the end Richard Wolff gives a nice conclusion on what matters.

2. Gig Workers’ Troubles **

I start this video here after its middle (at 16:59) because the earlier part deals with stuff I find we have heard often enough by now (frontline/essential workers), and while this is important for all of us to remember and take seriously, the sad truth we must become even more aware of is that the money-based anti-human life system we struggle to live in is bad for all of us. We need to change that system for a Good Life for All, rather than always only trying to figure out which segment of folks among us needs current help, help rarely given and typically way too little if it is, because the Monopoly-game-like money gambling system we live in is set up for corruption and inequality all the way into even killing people for profit. You can of course view the video from its start if you want to spend time even on the issues of frontline/essential workers (who were praised but sapped (as all us workers are handled at one time or another in this corrupt system and culture)).

Workers are essential, capitalists are not w/Maximillian Alvarez | The Chris Hedges Report ~ The Real News Network (Mar 3, 2023)

Comments from listeners:

  • We need revolutionary working class organizing in our workplaces (not sellout unions) and communities (mutual aid and defense). That is the only way to truly oppose the kleptocrats, the capitalists and their courtiers.
  • After viewing this interview, I’m convinced that employee loyalty to an employer is foolish. An employer’s prime goal is to see how much they can take from you. — And an add from me: Our corrupt antihumanist politico-economic system and comprehension culture turn employers and other money lords into these monsters (otherwise they may get replaced; at least they fear for that and believe the nonsense of deserved entitlement in a money-based life-lottery).
  • Labor is now adverse to productivity and efficiency in the digital autonomous era that is rapidly developing around up. The ideology of capitalism in no longer valid. Labor is disconnected from the creation of value. — Me adding: To be more accurate, more and more of our work becomes possible to be performed by more or less automatic machines, robots, and softwares. In our capitalist system this gets us workers increasingly replaced and pushed into the ditch. In a socially responsible system we would instead get a universal basic income and our work hours reduced, thus the produced wealth distributed fairly for a Good Life for All.

3. Sexism is a Fascist Moronity */**

Great quote: “Fascism requires an out group on which to pin the blame for all of society’s woes.” A very well phrased point that we all should be perfectly aware of. Besides making important points, this video is a little long-winded, I think, but quite likely not for everybody. I admit, the LGBTQA…-topic tends to bore and annoy me, because I always feel we shouldn’t have to waste any time on this we-must-hate-them insanity that simply shouldn’t exist nor waste our time when we have REAL problems to fix like allowed poverty and missing healthcare, denied retirements, expensive educations, cruel exploitation by employers and insurances and banks, robber-baron-bribed treacherous governments and media, and endless wars; as well as aging and disease troubles, pandemics, natural catastrophes and so on that we should be able to really deal with instead of having to fight other people who hit us with the artificially made human world problems before we can even handle the natural problems. I mean, do we ever still have to battle with executing or disposing people who were born left-handed? Luckily not, and the same should be the case with stupid sexism, racism, genderism, or whatever similar nonsense that has been invented to split us up.

Something that people, whose minds have been pushed into fascist thinking, should realize is that nuclear families are no guarantee at all for decent lives. Think about it: when parents die early, you won’t have them. When children die, you won’t have them. When any of them become crippled, they cannot serve you. When the job security disappeared many decades ago, the loss of jobs have often forced us working folks to relocate into far away towns or states for a next job. This not only being bad for little children regularly being separated from their friends and dumped into different schools, but this also splitting the nuclear families up sooner or later. So, this faith on a good life given by being in a nuclear family is nonsense. Even if parents and their children stay alive and healthy for long and don’t get split across the country by job turnovers, they can still become devastated by unemployment, denial of unemployment benefits, denial of welfare, denial of healthcare, and so on. So, what anyone brainwashed by fascism must begin to realize is that we need healthy communities and healthy society and culture, including governments national, statewise, and local set up to help us when things go wrong. This “leftism” makes sense, whereas the “rightism” of thinking all can be kept well by a self-helping nuclear family is nonsense. It won’t help after a hurricane either, or during a pandemic. We all must assist each other, do things together to be strong enough to handle our catastrophes and never leave anyone out and abandoned. “Leftist” solidarity is much more successful for decent lives than tiny little nuclear armies who are perfect commodities for mafia-like employers but who are left in disaster by these mafia-like money lords and any bribed-into-their-pockets governments when things go wrong. We must begin to remember our ancient ancestors who all worked together, assisted each other, were strong together, and loved and cared for all each other. We must return to loving all human beings at the very least (better even all beings as much as possible) and insist on a Good Life for All. That means leaving nobody out, including anybody born with a tweaked sexual brain part that gives that person difficulties you luckily don’t have, but doesn’t make that brother or sister a danger. A fascist planning to kill or terrorize a targeted individual or group is the danger. Let’s stop being dangers for each others and learn again to be the opposite: help and appreciation for each other, even a source of happiness when we relearn to share and spread it again rather than stay stuck in hostile competition we have been pushed into by the mafia-like money lords. Just a little thought from me for you (or one for you to share with others who definitely need it). Be well.

American Fascism And The Groomer Panic ~ Second Thought (Feb 24, 2023)

4. How Religion Should Be *

… namely how Yeshua (Jesus) and John (?) were, promoting love instead of hate and how to live a moral life in an immoral empire. Sadly, most churches are instead allied with the corrupt money lords and their corrupticians and the corrupt system those gangster set up. Besides, in the reminder given to us that we obviously need to learn a moral life of love for all and change our systems and cultures into a moral form where nobody is ever abandoned (left without a home or healthcare for instance) another interesting thing that came up was a say that “God loves the cosmos”. That’s an interesting idea. I grew up without any religious faith and still find it difficult to imagine any existence of a spiritual world here or elsewhere. But it is not impossible that it may exist, and that in it could exist spirits, gods, or one main god or so. But why do I never meet them or get any signal from them? So, an idea came up over hearing this cosmos-love sentence. Any god might perhaps not really care about us living beings that simply evolved in a cosmos this god loves and maybe even created. But this, or another, “god” might perhaps wish to rescue our “soles” (minds run without our brains perhaps somehow in a spiritual world) while regarding our evolved material bodies as ignorable evolution accidents of short life duration, something just to put up with passively. Is this guess of any interest for anybody? It’s almost funny I come up with all sorts of alternatives on ‘god’ imaginations (that I rarely waste people’s time with to share). But this one is almost hopeful while putting up with the total lack of help in our physical lives (despite always made claims by preachers and religion-addicted folks that such helps are given when I have NEVER came across one – despite big need for them). Oh, well… Just a little possibly useless babble by me, I guess. But maybe an interesting idea?

Rev. William Lamar IV: Preaching in the Ruins of Empire ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Feb 21, 2023)

5. Sanders’ Betrayal of his Supporters & Need for a People’s Movement

… that does not depend and rely on a single politician. I find the video long-winded, but it does make good statements. And below I share a really cool comment from a listener.

Briahna Joy Gray & Norm Finkelstein TACKLE The FUTURE Of The Left (clip) ~ Sabby Sabs (Feb 11, 2023)

An extremely good comment: Exactly! It takes a mass movement to change anything, and that hasn’t been happening, for the most part. It’s also been focused on people who are barely getting by, but have more than truly poor people and people who are unable to work. Just the phrase “working people and working families” leaves out those too old, too injured and too sick to work and many don’t have family. When you verbally leave out people you’re keeping your movement smaller. Focusing solely on race while ignoring the class divide lacks thought. Forgetting the prejudice against poor and unhoused people is not only immoral, it’s self-defeating.

And more great comments:

  • True leaders must come from the valley of bones. Only leaders who live with the poor and working class that are subjected to their hardships will truly hold to their cause. They must be supported and surrounded by their people in order to stay strong against the slings and arrows of the owner class.
  • Unfortunately, at this point, society remains ignorant of the forces of capitalism that keep society oppressed and reluctant to change.

6. Nurses Striking for NHS Rescue

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has been over decades damaged with underfunding by right-wingers and infiltrated by capitalist greedy companies (which right-wingers always assist whether they know it or not). One thing said by a British demonstrator: “And make no mistake, there are some who want to turn our NHS into an American style, insurance-based system, where they feel for your wallet before they feel for your pulse.” Isn’t it interesting that the first ever nurses strike in British history is based on the despair of their system shifting into the American one? After the decades of underfunding, the UK’s National Health Service is on the verge of collapse. And with spiking inflation from corporate profiteering especially boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine War UK’s 300,000 nurses face staffing shortages on top of a cost of financial living crisis. Such a strike is of course a big danger for patients even when asking for a fix of their staffing shortage. Let’s hope they also manage to push against the privatization, for proper NHS repair and stability. And, since such a strike is problematic for patients (making one wonder why politicians refused to start a conversation when given 5 days to do so to prevent a strike) I can only wish other unions would quickly join the nurses and even let them get back to work while striking for them. There are reasons for the need for united and general strikes. We, the abused people, must learn to overcome the splitting that was done to us. — Now, since there are lots of other strikes in Britain already, we might think we already have something like a general strike or half general strike. I would suggest, though, that these striking unions come together to demand each others’ demands together. Interestingly, I saw a sign held by one of these strike demonstrators asking for a general strike.

British nurses strike to save NHS and for higher wages ~ The Real News Network (Feb 27, 2023)

Comments from listeners (leaving out the ones worried about patients left without nurses in such a demonstration that one could only wish were avoidable):

  • The worst thing you can do is privatize the health care system!
  • Solidarity with the nurses!
  • The NHS is one of the few things about being British that makes me proud these days. The principle of free healthcare at the point of use for everyone, whether you’re homeless or comfortable, is fantastic; and how every healthcare system should be. No paperwork, no insurance, no cost of any kind aside from general taxation, is undoubtedly the right way. Fund it how it was and return it to 100% publicly owned; and it will again be the best system in the world.
  • The People of UK must not allow the continued erosion of their NHS. Keep privatization of healthcare as far away as possible, unless they want healthFARE, unsustainable medical debt, limited choice, and worse health outcomes. PAY NURSES AND HEALTHCARE WORKERS PROPERLY!
  • Half the country is on strike, not just nurses. Thats what happens when you vote Tory.
  • This should be the start of a national movement!

A funny comment: “Privatise the UK parliament not the NHS….” — *chuckle* I’d say it already is, just as in America (unofficially of course).

A hint at growing strikes of gathering unions in Britain (at least it’s also been possible and happened in the pasts of our lifetimes there unlike in our people-crippled, people-befuddled, people-stunned USA so far where only in the past few years we have finally seen some strikes finally popping up):

Some continued infos on France: I have not come across reports on continuing strikes and protests there against the president’s plan to make the retirement system worse for people (for the aim at grabbing more money from the poor instead of taxing the rich). Here is an indication that he has hit a block in the parliament: And continued pressure on the French government (but with thoughts coming up that strikes may not be the ideal way of putting pressure on government):

7. A Cities-Local Tax Loop (AND Subbing) for Rich Guys

And why this idea could in theory help home rebuilding in abandoned towns, it really gets used to finance hotels and luxury homes for rich investors and at top of it protect them from taxes for long periods like 25 years. And what I don’t recall hearing in this episode: it is also one of these competitions between cities which, just like competition between states, keeps shrinking the country and their lives for the common people.

How obscure tax breaks make wealthy developers richer, and strangle struggling communities ~ The Real News Network (Mar 2)

8. Bribe of Government to Force us into Untested COVID Vaccine?

For what else were $400 million given? (and, yes – reported next – universities do get used and in effect bribed by Big Pharma)

Moderna Is Giving $400 Million In Vaxx Profits To The N.I.H.!?! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 1, 2023)

9. 30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks

Officially started before COVID and unrelated to the non-normal COVID vaccines we were given (and often forced to take). But at 8:50 a hint is given at COVID vaccine.

30% More Young People Now DYING Of Heart Attacks – New Study ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 1, 2023)

10. A Little Talk with Kshama Sawant About People Movement

No clear hopes, yet, but at least some reminders of how we must think and interact from now on. In case you don’t know (not been at Beanstock’s World a lot), Kshama Sawant is a member of the Socialist Alternative party and been an impressive Seattle City Councilor having allegedly been successful with her push for a big minimum wage increase and a “millionaire’s tax” in this city. And as shared here before, she now aims at making for us a successful nationwide people’s movement grow and develop.

WORKERS Unite Nation Wide To Form Political Party & Oppose Democrats! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 1, 2023)

Comments from viewers:

  • Keep in mind that the main reason why the billionaires massively increased their wealth, was due to the lockdowns. The majority of the country had lockdowns where virtually all small businesses were shut down, but the large companies owned by billionaires were left untouched. This meant that all of the demand for products and services that was handled by the small businesses, were shifted to the large corporations. The aftereffects of those lockdowns are still taking place since most of the small businesses that shut down, will never open again. The vast majority of the small businesses that cannot reopen, ended up with the owners being financially ruined due to a government forced sunk cost fallacy. They kept them believing that the lockdowns will end in a few weeks, and each time they would extend it. Many businesses kept paying rent and other services while they could not operate under the hope that they would be able to reopen very soon. They kept hanging on until they realized that they became broke and their credit was ruined. They now cannot reopen and cannot get another business loan. The party that pushed the 2+ years of lockdowns are the ones that caused the massive wealth shift to the ultra rich.
  • There is only one party in the USA. The corporate party. After the last three years, do you actually still think there is any actual or functional difference between the red corporate party and the blue corporate party?
  • A rare sincere voice, Godspeed to Kshama and her force for the good, hope all American workers stand up together and fight for themselves and a country worth living with pride…
  • Thank you Jimmy, thank you Kshama Sawant. I hope you guys find a way to unite people in this age of division.
  • It began in the 70’s, accelerated in the 80’s, then solidified in the 90’s. We were all told get to work and that it is “your fault” if you’re broke and can’t get a job outside of service for the rich “smart people” who know better. They convinced my family of that as well back in the 70’s and they pushed it out to their children. We all ended up broke and working shit jobs. There are only a couple of ways to stop sick people from taking over. One is obvious but my focus is to force mental exams on every one who wants to be a leader. Every one who wants any leadership position or has direct power over others must be tested for various psychosis that cause behavior which is antithetical to social support. Then we have to make positive laws that force positive social support no matter what, no matter who you are or who you know. The only other choice is uprising in a way that may get a great deal of people hurt and worse. And that does not guarantee we won’t end up with yet another talker running things even worse and causing even more problems.
  • “Workers of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!” – Karl Marx

Part 2: How Unhelpful Obama and Sanders Were *

Obama did far right presidency for the money lords. Sanders quickly gave up any fight for being allowed to run in the general election. Obama And Sanders abandoned and dismantled their progressive base immediately after being the election.

How Obama – Not Russia Or Racism – Gave Us Trump! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 3, 2023)

A link given:

Part 3: Unions *

Many of them also corrupted like government, also needing to be fixed.

THIS Is How Democrats LOST The Working Class ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 3, 2023)

Upcoming actions (many on this Saturday):

Honorable Mention:
Case(s) of corruption infiltrating government: Jeff Hauser: We Need to Talk About Larry (Summers) ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Premiered Feb 23, 2023)


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