Truthful News Weekend 2023-03-10 – (12 videos)

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Summary: Coups, strikes, and people movements across the globe, an attempted start of people movement in the U.S., history of ancient attempts, and presentations of corrupt capitalism like Mega-Landlords and such.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff and Miguel Robles-Durán), The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (with Linda Benesch and Marcus Rediker), Al Jazeera English, The Real News Network (incl. Kshama Sawant)


  1. Housing Injustice from Mega-Landlords **
  2. Reasons to Challenge Capitalism **
  3. Economic Update: Theaters of Money Lordship and Global Hegemony **
  4. Social Security Undermining */**
  5. Inflation and OTHER Employer Options for Profits
  6. Official-History-Hidden Riots for a Better World
  7. Insight Behind Peru Protests *
  8. Peru Update on the Coup, Demonstrations, and Murderous Police **
  9. UK Update: Strikes Joined from Universities *
  10. Workers in Greece Took Over their Factory *
  11. Brazil: Bottom Folks Can Make Changes *
  12. Kshama Sawant on Goals and Practices for Worker Movement *

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1. Housing Injustice from Mega-Landlords **

Turning us all into drained rent tenants. If your time is short (or the speech too long-winded or too vocabulary-cryptic) you can instead listen to the brief main segment extracted video: We Need Housing Justice, Not Home-Ownership – Cities After… ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 8, 2023). Words from the speaker: “Let me put this clear. Landlords are social parasites. They provide no social value. They are so focused on extracting money that they perceive people’s basic need for a shelter as an opportunity to generate substantial profits… Residential mega landlords are just the latest and more evil stage of this capitalist nightmare.”

Cities After… The Threat of Mega-Landlords ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 7, 2023)

2. Reasons to Challenge Capitalism **

In this month’s Global Capitalism lecture, Richard Wolff discusses the following topics:

  • France’s General Strike March 7, 2023
  • Women, Unions and Strikes in the US
  • Inflation, Profits, Inequality in the US **
  • State versus Private Capitalism: China *

The victims of capitalism (practically all of us) were being kept apart but are now beginning to come together. And, after some longwindedness, the good part of this speech starts at 31:52 where I chose to set up the start here:

Global Capitalism: Challenging Capitalism [March 2023] ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 10, 2023)

3. Economic Update: Theaters of Money Lordship and Global Hegemony **

Corporate Government and the super-rich money lords constantly playing with our minds to keep winnings come for them at our expenses and victimizations. Examples given include our national debt and foreign proxy wars. Also mentioned the mass media participation in a long lasting class war of many decades against us people.

Economic Update: Establishment Media & Russia with Aaron Maté ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 6, 2023)

Comments from listeners:

  • Thank you Prof Wolf for sharing the connection between the excessive number of mass shootings in the U.S. and the rising levels of poverty, homelessness and drug addiction that millions of U.S. citizens are experiencing with no hope of ever climbing out of the ghetto and living a debt free comfortable life style.
  • Here in the UK we don’t think of ourselves as an empire in decline, that all finished along time ago. We now just think of ourselves as a European country in decline!
  • Mental health crisis, financial crisis, family crisis, social crisis – mass shootings skyrocket!
  • I’ve always known about the US national debt hustle — but I’ve never heard it explained so concisely and convincingly. Thank you. I really wish we could get more people to hear things like this, realize they do have a choice, and vote accordingly.
  • “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” ~ Aristotle.
  • Borrowing instead of taxing is tantamount to racking up a credit card debt that is untenable. So, not only are Americans having to pay for expensive credit card debt as a way to stay afloat but must also pay the government borrowing debt through taxes? So, Americans get fleeced at work as a consequence of private profit motives, get hosed by high interest CC debt as a consequence of constant shortfalls not met by wages and then get reamed on taxes that are misappropriated, squandered or sucked into a black hole and disappeared as a consequence of secrecy, coercion and corruption. Meanwhile the government is blowing its wad in the Ukraine and elsewhere on a fools errand. Failure is imminent but because money is created out of thin air as a consequence of capitalist logic, this will prolong the inevitable and exacerbate it.

4. Social Security Undermining */**

Social Security getting undermined by tax loophole for the wealthy and then politically argued to need cuts. The beginning of this video is really good. Sadly, the rest of it lacks importance IMHO. Let me add that (A) the over-rich should be taxed out of over-richness so they can no longer bribe the government and law makers, (2) use those huge tax payments to spread Social Security to all adults as a poverty-preventing universal income (instead of weird games of given or not given and often too small welfares) plus to finance our healthcare and all educations via tax money and give housing guarantee and rebuild our streets and bridges, etc. (and ideally reward democratically run and ecologically friendly companies). Yeah, I admit, I wish for a lot more than mentioned in this interview.

Comment from a viewer:

  • So much misinformation to steal retirees money! Tax the rich. They won’t feel any pain.

Links given:
Pledge and pledge-status of congress members:
The main website:

5. Inflation and OTHER Employer Options for Profits

… sell more products, reducing worker wages, making the workers work longer and harder or faster, adding machines for better production… (and tax loops or financial support from tax money, etc.).

Ask Prof Wolff: Why Does a Piece of Lumber Cost More Today Than It Did 10 Years Ago? ~ Democracy At Work (Mar 7, 2023)

6. Official-History-Hidden Riots for a Better World

… with some amazing fighters for a better world (like an amazingly wise Quaker dwarf 300 years ago!).

Prof. Marcus Rediker: Pirates, Runaways, and Other Heroes ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Feb 26, 2023)

7. Insight Behind Peru Protests *

Summary: basically a money-lords rule of the country from the capital, and overly life-diminished rural folks demonstrating, but the capital mass media belonging to the money lords spreading false informations (believed by lots of folks in the capital Lima where a third of Peru’s population live). This news episode then switches to a report on Turkey (earthquake and dictator) and then Belarus (landlocked country near Russia), and finally a hint at AI use in media (software-made news fantasies).

Why Peru’s protestors are sick of big media | The Listening Post ~ Al Jazeera English (Feb 11, 2023)

Another possibly interesting episode from this channel: brutal Palestine occupation by Israel with growing fascism and media censorship (but in American media and politics always treated upside down of the Ukraine war – the Israel/Palestine situation not well enough explained for far away foreigners, I feel though), translation problems of understanding the Muslim cultures, and insane media in India: The occupation of Palestine intensifies | The Listening Post ~ Al Jazeera English (Feb 4, 2023)

8. Peru Update on the Coup, Demonstrations, and Murderous Police **

The events – especially the coup – leading to demonstrations explained, and also the ways that murderous brutality against demonstrators has been run and maintained by the money-lords’ corrupt government and police. An important remark given: A non-corrupt government caring for its people would instantly remove the brutal corrupt leaders of police and such.

What’s happening in Peru? Coup and protests explained ~ The Real News Network (Mar 8, 2023)

9. UK Update: Strikes Joined from Universities *

Just like in the U.S., costs too high for students and many educators utterly underpaid.

70,000 UK higher ed faculty strike across 150 universities ~ The Real News Network (Mar 6, 2023)

10. Workers in Greece Took Over their Factory *

Not clear enough for me to understand if the corrupt money-lordship owner(s) had simply tried to shift work over to a far place like China, or if they simply gave up on the factory, or what. But, for whatever reason, the workers decided to keep working and simply sell the products themselves. Such action happened in Argentina when ‘owners’ decided to turn their companies off or move them to Asia. I don’t recall ever hearing such worker reactions about abandoned U.S. firms even though we had many such abandonments.

Inside Vio.Me, Greece’s factory run by workers with no boss ~ The Real News Network (Mar 8, 2023)

11. Brazil: Bottom Folks Can Make Changes *

The poor can battle the immoral rich lords (that frankly shouldn’t ever exist in the first place).

Life inside an MST landless workers’ settlement in Brazil ~ The Real News Network (Mar 9, 2023)

12. Kshama Sawant on Goals and Practices for Worker Movement *

Another recent interview of Kshama Sawant (this time by Chris Hedges) getting for me interesting with additional hints (goals and means) at 26:53:

Workers Strike Back coalition for a $25 min wage & more w/Kshama Sawant | The Chris Hedges Report ~ The Real News Network (Mar 10, 2023)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Talk with a fired union-creation-attempter (video: He tried to organize Home Depot’s first union. Then they fired him. ~ The Real News Network (Mar 6, 2023)). I find it too long-winded to listen to all of it. But in some skips through it I came across two nice statements worth to share, I think: 30:51 and 59:21. And here are 2 nice comments from listeners: “This is common. Years ago I worked at a place and we were trying to start a Union. All the people who went to the first meeting with the Union Rep were eventually fired. Me included. I was the last because I was skilled and needed and they had no replacement. They had me training a guy. They even fired a Spanish speaking manager just because he translated to a few workers. The company gave everyone 1.00 more an hour and a sick day. The employees dropped it after that and the firings.” and “I just recently got completely out of debt. It feels so nice. Being in debt is slavery.”
  • Finally a judge helping unions. Long-winded, but nice to hear that a judge (for a change) acted to HELP our unions rather than (as our judges usually do) aid the rich money gangsters: Judge ROASTS Starbucks’ CEO For EGREGIOUS Union Busting ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Mar 7, 2023)

Article of taxes and similar ways we get tortured nowadays:

A quote:

The Time Tax

The United States has no unified social security agency. Instead, federal, state, and local offices administer dozens of different programs with different rules and application processes.

Our tax system operates on the same “you figure it out” model, one that costs citizens 9 billion hours a year. Many other wealthy economies let their citizens know if they owe anything in taxes or send them prefilled forms to review once a year. The IRS could do that, but tax-prep companies’ lobbying and Congress’s disregard have maintained the miserable status quo.

The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980 does obligate Washington to measure and reduce regulatory burdens, but it applies only to certain kinds of paperwork. Thus, as a country, we have a hazy idea of how well our government is performing many of its central functions


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