Our Meaningless Hell and the Heaven We Can Build

Summary: (1) The explosion of bullshit jobs and the need to uncouple our livelihoods from such bullshit jobs. (2) A jobless future from automation and the opportunity to create prosperity and leisure for all. (3) A cool video on these topics. Here is some news: most of the productive manufacturing, agricultural, and useful service jobs […]

Why Are We Wasting our Lives in a Flood of Bullshit Jobs?

David Graeber exploded on the scene of investigating our rigged society by sharing his recurrent experience he had with people whose paycheck-earning jobs contribute nothing of value to human society. An amazing realization in a capitalist world, where we would think efficiency and the creation of wealth were the top goals: (Note: if the video […]

Video Weekend 11-04-2017 (7 + 1 Videos)

This weekend’s mix of enlightening videos, starring Jimmy Dore, Chris Hedges, and David Graeber, focuses primarily on two topics: government (despotism vs democracy) and the economy: Note: Somehow the announcement of this posting failed to go out yesterday. I have therefore just added one very entertaining video at the end here instead of making a […]

HELP! How Can We Be Heard?

This is long overdue. Millions of Americans have woken up from their fifty years of slumber, but they don’t know where to go, what to do, what is really going on, and that we could build a Star-Trek-like utopia in our lifetime… if only they knew how. And the few, like me, who do know, […]

The Seductive and Destructive Power of Debt

A hallmark of our dark current times is debt. More and more people are drowning in debt while banks get bailed out and bankster CEOs ride into the sunset with huge bonuses even after crashing the world economy. People often think that a system of credit and debt is the latest in economic developments, but […]

Why we Don’t Have the Promised Utopia Today

Out of a rather winding and over-philosophizing public talk, I have extracted an answer of why we don’t already have that wonderful world of prosperity and leisure for everyone promised to us a generation or two ago and made possible by our technology. (By over-philosophizing I mean that David Graeber looses track of who the […]

Video Weekend 11-18-2017 (9 Videos)

This political video weekend edition covers four subjects: Political Corruption, Economy, Media, and Fresh Thinking   I. Political Party Corruption Can this be real? 5 minutes into this video, reality turns inside out: (Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Donna Brazile Accidentally Reveals More Than […]

Proper Tax vs. Iɯdɹodǝɹ ┴ɐx

As the Tax Day is about to hit us over the head or under the belt line again, it makes sense to give a thought or two about how proper or improper our tax system is. Clearly, lots of people across the political spectrum hate taxes, or at least their own taxes, or would like […]

COVID-19 Killing People’s Heroes and Farewell to David Graeber

David Graeber — from the Occupy Wall Street movement, reputed to have coined and promoted the statement “We are the 99%”, and shared here on Beanstock’s World a bunch of times with his astounding insights — has died 10 days ago at age 59. Yes, only 59(!) from “internal bleeding”. Lethal internal bleeding at such […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-10-18 (16 videos)

If you lack time to discover many top level meaningful videos about major events, problems, and solutions, here is a weekly share for you to check and share onward. Major issues this time: mentality for change, the global rule of money, and how to find affordable homes. Also a smart insight on COVID. Stars & […]