America Must Radicalize – But in the Correct Direction

Over the last three or four decades, our nation has steadily declined. Furthermore, the fire sale of our country – and of the democracy that we need so badly to take it back – is not slowing down but reaching a feverish frenzy. We, the people, must therefore act quickly and with resolution. In other […]

DACA-Repeal: Punish the Children

People who have been isolated from immigration issues tend to think everything is so simple. They never wonder: How real or artificial are our borders? What is our responsibility in what happens in places like Mexico, like when OUR politician’s NAFTA agreement and OUR agricultural subsidies to large farming corporations in combination with the eliminated […]

Context of Charlottesville: Who Owns the World?

So, recently, we had a murder of peaceful protesters by a right-wing, white supremacist youth, or some such, and many of us are joining the barking at each other across sections of the population so neatly divided into splinter groups across the dividing lines of identity politics and top-down propaganda. The thing we often forget […]