Reading Weekend 8-26-2017: The People’s Party Looms

Fork In The National Road: A New Progressive Supermajority Party Is Forming (HuffPost ) How will Senator Bernie Sanders react? Which path will you take? The time is ripe. The Democratic and Republican parties, private political clubs, are not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution and do not represent the people who elect them, yet have […]

Give to the “Democratic” Party — What For?

It is raining demands to donate to the “Democratic” Party and their allied organizations (like, and I keep asking myself: why the hell would I give them money? To finance yet another grand show of fake primaries? I gave to Bernie Sanders last year, but – quite frankly – I was still a little […]

Join the People’s Party

Jamarl Thomas, a smart guy engaged in video blogging, has issued a challenge to political leaders who seek true progress to meet and talk about a platform for a people’s party and then push it through. His challenge to meet on August the 5th goes to: Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Debbie the “Sane […]

Bernie Sanders Rejects Leading A New “People’s Party” — Or Does He?

Kyle Kulinski has good, reconciliatory words in this video for progressives trying different paths (unlike in the last video I shared). I think, this is more like him, and – as I have been busy pointing out – more like we all should be if we want to make our country better. Infighting among ourselves […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-07-05 (11 videos)

For the Independence Weekend a look back at what got us into our ruined or threatened lives. Plus new stuff from this week (esp. about how to fight for change). Stars & channels: Remember This, CrashCourse, Gregory Thomas Jeffers, Upworthy, Gar Alperovitz (Democracy Collaborative), IWW Labor Organizer, Lisa Fithian, Jimmy Dore, Ralph Nader, and more… […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-05-24 (9 videos)

Meaningful videos from this week. Their main themes: the coronavirus-triggered economic crisis (with abuse from the corrupt ‘elites’) and capitalism, how it hurts, and where to move from that. Also, how Europe has handled COVID-19 far less harmfully. BTW, if you ever wondered why we, the people, should connect differently than only through corporate social […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-05-17 (15 videos)

Meaningful videos from this week, incl. People’s Party! (unfortunately me so busy struggling to get back into wage slavery taking continued education crash courses, I only had a few hours this Sunday to search and check these out… still worth sharing, though… esp. the People’s Party stuff). BTW, I lack time to share this link […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-05-10 (11 videos)

Issues addressed this week: need for systemic change, the corrupt ‘elite’, learning from the French uprising (Yellow Vests, Unions, General Strike), empire’s outside & inside cruelty, and building a people’s party. (Why not more videos? I am buried under continued education crash courses in a financial survival struggle. You can help by sharing, subscribing, or […]

The Hurtful Use of Wrong Words in Journalism and Public Talk

Words are meant to help humans understand each other and their world. Wrong words can lead to the opposite. Using think-tank-made vocabulary designed to warp reality therefore plays into the hands of the establishment. For example, calling neoliberals a.k.a. corporatists a.k.a. fake-left-rightwingers “centrists” gives them a fake endorsement by being presented as a people’s majority and […]