Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 4: Selfish vs Responsible Spending

How humanity spends its resources is directly linked to how good or bad we live, how much we maintain or destroy our planet, and whether we make wonderful progress or regress into the dark ages. Ever wonder what happens to the wealth and income that is taken away from you and given to the rich, […]

Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 3: The Stalled Minds of the Billionaires Forestall Human Progress

When one watches filmed documentaries about the lives of billionaires, it’s like watching a crowd of naughty children. They squander enormous wealth on luxurious shopping, jet-setting, and partying, instead of spending it in socially responsible ways. By co-opting governments, or by simply squandering the large chunk of humanity’s wealth that they control, they block human […]

Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 2: Billionaires are Bad for Us

In this second part of the mini-series on the super rich, let’s look at a few of them. As I promised before, the actual evil deeds committed by some of them are discussed in other articles while this series focuses on exposing their lifestyle and the destructive mindset that comes with that. This second part […]

Vapid Lives of Destruction, Part 1: The Pathology of the Rich

In the current hailstorm of government acts taken against its own people on behalf of the super-rich (like tax cuts for the robber billionaires tied to many expenditure cuts for the rest of us), it may be sensible to take a look at the puppeteers behind the scenes. When I say puppeteers, I don’t mean […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-23 (19 videos)

Major videos you shouldn’t miss, especially on these three main issues: (1) the D-Party’s developing 2020 primaries fraud and need for a people’s political revolution, (2) the healthcare profiteers’ “choice” fraud to rob you blind and oppose Medicare for All, and (3) the insanely huge and growing income and wealth inequality that turns our entire […]

Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-01-05 (27 videos) – Main Theme: Our Inequality

Understanding better our unequal society. And coming to realize that we need to create a nurturing environment that meets basic needs for everybody, rather than continuing to support a system that leeches everything away from almost everyone and places all that stolen prosperity into the vaults of a handful of king-like super-rich — plus their […]

Mississippi, ICE, ISIS, “Illegal Aliens” – And Some Rational Thoughts

In the aftermath of the recent ICE raids and the outrage on both sides (one legit, the other absurd) some reasonable thoughts finally emerged. Thoughts everyone should mull over. The following video presents some of them and my commentary below goes further:   11 Year Old Girl Tearfully Pleas For Father’s Release From ICE Custody […]

Financial Security for All via a UBI – Not to be Seen in Isolation

Financial security for us “common” people is an extremely important topic. The video shared below touches upon several highlights of this subject, such as the question of affordability and the worrisome band-aid-possibility of a “universal basic income” (short “UBI”, but better called something else like a citizen dividend in order to frame it properly within […]

The ‘Private Property’ Demon behind Inequality

In a video I will share this weekend, I heard the following phrase: “In the criminal justice system the people are repressed by two separate but equally important important groups: the police who defend private property and the policy makers who criminalize disobedience”. When I heard “the police who defend private property and the policy […]

Political Awakening Video Weekend 11-17-2018 (21 videos)

Once again, this weekend comes with videos providing lots of insights in our economy and politics. Especially big topic: third world poverty in America and the upcoming great economic crash. But there is plenty more. So, if you are lucky enough to have a weekend, watch these videos instead of infantile adults chasing balls in […]