HELP! How Can We Be Heard?

This is long overdue. Millions of Americans have woken up from their fifty years of slumber, but they don’t know where to go, what to do, what is really going on, and that we could build a Star-Trek-like utopia in our lifetime… if only they knew how. And the few, like me, who do know, are struggling to make ourselves heard.

And what are all the awoken doing to get the word out? Close to nothing. 

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Why Don’t we Create Paradise?

We clearly have the means to create Paradise on Earth. We have the science, technology, and know-how. So, why don’t we? Caitlin Johnstone, one of our most successful independent journalists (who I have caught red-handed before writing really good stuff), recently wrote an article dealing with this question: The Only Thing Stopping Us From Creating Utopia Is The Fact That We Don’t Truly Want It Yet — Well worth reading.

Her conclusion:

  1. In order to create utopia, we’re going to have to want it first.
  2. Therefor, the fact we don’t do it proves that “we don’t truly want it yet.”

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Quickypinion: Anyone Who is Wrong Can Become Right

In a discussion, I overheard the words: “It’s not that you’re bad. It’s that you’re wrong.” It lit off a little spark in my mind, having to do with the divisiveness in our country that makes it so difficult for us to advance as a society. Bad people may be beyond reform, unless they carry a seed of good inside. People who are merely wrong, on the other hand, can become right as long as they don’t go on the defensive when someone accuses them of being bad.  Continue reading

COOL! Jamarl Thomas interviewing Debbie the ‘Sane Progressive’ at the Peace Conference

When two people who usually see past more hills and corners than most people talk, it’s always worth listening to:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Interview with Debbie ‘SaneProgressive’ at Peace Conference”)

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You Shouldn’t Have Blind Love for a Destructive Person — Not Even in Politics


All meaningful discourse dies when supporters of a politician react with duplicitous smear attacks, egregious insults, and high-handed derision against anyone who suggests that their worshiped candidate may not be the second coming of Christ — worse when they do so without even taking a glance at the facts or the reasoning presented in the critique. Those supporters should take a moment to go deep into themselves and recall the principles of decency and integrity which they presumably were once taught in their childhood. After all, what does it suggest about the integrity of said politician when said politician’s supporters fail to show the slightest decency and integrity themselves? How can you assume the moral high ground when you do not even manage to mind your manners?  Continue reading

Short Video: Should Bernie Sanders stay in the Democratic Party? – Great Answer!

The only thing I can add to that is that people who stubbornly insist that there is only one way to fight the system, and the other ways draw supporters away from them, should consider sticking to unity among all of us who want a better future, and decide to work with everybody, not divide us into splinter groups by regarding multiple battlefronts against the establishment as competition. Richard Wolff, as so often, is right on the money: the battlefronts keep shifting, and what is the right move today won’t likely be the right move tomorrow. We must stay flexible in our methods, but uncompromising in our ultimate goals.

Watch this great, succinct, video giving Richard Wolff’s great answer:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Richard D. Wolff – Should Bernie Sanders stay in the Democratic Party?”)

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Gaslighting and Miscasting Fighters for the Cause as Clintonites


Posts about the DNC lawsuit[1][2] and the current efforts to create a People’s Party have been getting me polemic reactions of this sort: “Another Clintonite is trying to get Berners to leave the Democratic Party so the Clintonite neoliberals can continue to control it? What a shock!”

Here is my reply, which any of you may borrow who are similarly besmirched with (insincere?), illogical, and downright insulting accusations of your alleged insincerity. Continue reading

A Great Discussion (March 7, 2017)

The below video clip is a great discussion to watch. If all of us who are being screwed by our private-greed-system of economy and politics which makes today’s human society so very unhuman (and inhumane) – a society where a tiny few get almost everything, the rest of us having to struggle and run in proverbial treadmills all our lives, and human needs and values falling by the wayside all the time – if all of us would have such discussions, then we would be so much closer to solving all our big problems and make this into a wonderful world. Continue reading