The Chain-Smoking Climate Change (Commentary with Video)

Here is a nice interview by, rather than of, Bernie Sanders — well worth watching:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Bernie Sanders & Al Gore: A Candid Conversation on Climate Change”)

I like how Al Gore is comparing our cottage industry of climate change denial to the tobacco industry’s public brainwashing with actors dressed up as doctors (and the tobacco companies’ delaying of sound public health policies by lobbying politicians, of course – lobbying being our classic euphemism for legalized bribery of officials in our country, of course).

This comparison opens up a number of interesting connections.  Continue reading


Nine Things You Absolutely Have to Know about Global Warming (Medium)

A picture is worth a thousand words. Among other interesting things, this article sports exactly such a picture about the issue of climate change, one which makes it visible like none other I have ever seen.


Flint’s Lead-Laced Water is Everywhere

America has 1.2 million miles of lead pipes for water delivery, pipes that have a lifespan of about 75 years, and many are reaching that age. It’s a recipe for disaster that experts warn will cost close to $1 trillion to fix. Thus, Flint MI, is just a tiny piece in a much larger story.

Read the full story on The US Is Suffering From a Very Real Water Crisis That Few Are Acknowledging

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