Fighting Back: Trumpcare 2.0 about to kill even more Americans as Trumpcare 1.0 – Sign the Petition against it!

… and keep pushing Medicare for All!

Remember me calculating very conservatively that by next year alone 13,000 people would die from Trumpcare? Remember me warning you that Trumpcare 2.0 was on the horizon, adding to the above death toll the abolition of the pre-existing conditions protection we have finally enjoyed for the last few years, thereby making us all vulnerable to the heist of paying for insurance all our lives and being barred from receiving healthcare benefits as soon as we really need them?

Well, the move against us is being made now, and here is a petition to voice our protest: Continue reading

The National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare Wants to Hear from You

As you know, there is a debate raging in Washington over the future of Social Security — some lawmakers are calling for strengthening and boosting benefits while others wish to cut and privatize Social Security. (privatize = limit retirement and health care protection to the already well-off but also expose it to heists and losses at Wall Street, if you ask me)

One issue that comes up and is well known is COLA. You can brush up on it in these two articles: Why Your Social Security Check Isn’t Keeping Up With Your Costs, Big gap between Social Security cost-of-living adjustment and retiree inflation

To help its fight for our Social Security, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare wants to hear from you what YOU want to happen.


Beware: The New Heist Against Our Healthcare Will be so Devious it Could Succeed

Remember last month’s Trumpcare bill (wealth care sold as health care), my calculation of how it would at an absolute minimum have killed 13,500 people by next year, and how – among massive public protests – it was defeated?

Do you also remember that our protests were not so much the reason it failed, but that the real reason was the super-corporatist “Freedom Caucus” within the Republican Gang which refused to toe the party line because Trumpcare was simply not cruel and murderous enough for them?

Remember the warnings that the goons would be back with a renewed attack on our healthcare?

Well, they are! A deal has apparently just been brokered between House Freedom Caucus chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Tuesday Group co-chairman Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.) Continue reading

Healthcare in America — Past, Present, and Future (PS)

In the ages before money became king, people took care of one another the best they could, even if they only had herbs, magic fetishes, and rituals, in addition to feeding and bedding the sick. When greater healing powers arose with the ascent of modern medicine, sadly King Money had, by then, taken power, and – from then on – care became rationed by how much a person or family could pay.

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