Political Awakening Video Weekend 09-15-2018 (17 videos)

Economic rigging, rigged elections, corrupt politics and business… So much more elucidating stuff to watch this weekend than big boys chasing balls. –- Stars: Chris Hedges, David Cay Johnson, Anya Parampil, Alissa Quart, Mike Papantonio (America’s Lawyer), Farron Cousins, Thom Hartmann, The Rational National, Naomi Karavani, Jimmy Dore, Jamarl Thomas, Greg Palast, Lisa Graves, Jim Carrey (yes, you read right!), Tulsi Gabbard (!), and others.


  1. The Choice between Hell or Heaven on Earth
  2. The Global Oligarchy (Thom Hartmann)
  3. The Corrupt Corporate State & Fascism
  4. Another Toy For The Rich
  5. Middle Class Struggles
  6. Corporate Corruption
  7. Election Rigging
  8. Healthcare
  9. Rogue Nation U.S.A.
  10. Digital Book Burning
  11. Blood-Sucking Capitalism (Not Just Bezos)
  12. Tulsi Gabbard


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QuickyPinion: Restoring the Rule of Law

Some people clamor for that. (unclear whether they are referring to actual law breaking like election theft, to human rights and constitution violations by institutions or lawmakers, or simply to Trumpmania)

Many people think that a rule of law is the answer to every problem.

One warning:

Law is not automatically good. The rule of law is only good when the law is fair and benign.   Continue reading “QuickyPinion: Restoring the Rule of Law”

Political Awakening Video Weekend 08-12-2018 (17 videos)

Read the brief descriptions and pick the videos to watch and make your ears flutter. Political awakening and education of the first tier. Share widely and subscribe to notifications, so you don’t miss future ones.

Stars: Paul Jay, Cornel West, Richard Wolff, Harriet Fraad, Chris Hedges, Nick Braña, Abby Martin, Brian Becker, Jimmy Dore & Co, Thom Hartmann, Debbie Lusignan, Ron Placone, Kyle Kulinski (“Secular Talk”), Marc Steiner, Bill Black, Mike Papantonio (“America’s Lawyer”), Jamarl Thomas, and more.

Topics range from corruption through our thieving economy and rigged politics, actual (not fake) election fraud, fake news (Putin/Russia), a cure for both Trump Derangement Syndrome and Trump Denial Sundrome, as well as successful soundbite debating, to deep thoughts on what it means to be human, political humor, and the dawn of the People’s Party.

At the very least, don’t miss the final three: Cornel West’s profound speech, Jimmy Dore & Co’s humorous stage performance, and a conversation between none other than truth teller Chris Hedges and (future president) Nick Braña! 🙂

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The Pharaonic Creed Ruining our Times

Pharaohs and other ancient kings and queens were often buried with sacrificed servants and soldiers to serve them in their purported afterlife. Rulers often had harems full of what we might call sex slaves. There were hierarchies topped by rulers with god status, administrators beneath them, then free men and women, some living well, some like exploited not-really-so-free serfs; and at the very bottom officially-unfree slaves, human beings denigrated to the status of cattle.

How did past populations put up with these huge disparities that scattered people across a spectrum ranging from god-like to animal status? In part, they were controlled through violence. Especially slaves were. However, another very important method of control was mentality, in the forms of commonly held beliefs, both in terms of religion and worldly world view.

As far as I know, today’s pharaohs, known as billionaires*, are not buried with a sacrificed staff, and only some still keep harems. But have things significantly changed in other ways, as well?   Continue reading “The Pharaonic Creed Ruining our Times”

What’s with the Anti-Welfare Argument: “I can spend my money better than the government”?

Well, sure. If you’re rich you can spend the money that fell into your lap better on YOURSELF than the government would after taxing some of it back from you. Duh!

How does that disqualify taxes or government spending on the poor, though?   Continue reading “What’s with the Anti-Welfare Argument: “I can spend my money better than the government”?”

Late Ed Schultz’s Swan Song Speech

You may recall that Ed Schultz who died last week lost his corporate media job over wanting to cover Bernie Sanders’s presidential race announcement. Well, he came from the “conservative” side, learned in his life that social responsibility also matters besides looking out for oneself and one’s family; and before he died gave a speech delivering what he had learned (not enough, as he still stood with some corruptitians like Obama who were still able to con him into believing that they mean well, but still he had learned a lot… something worth spreading, I think, since it might resonate with others who are currently less far along on their journey of awakening):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “America is Morally Bankrupt | Ed Schultz | Oxford Union”)


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The Deportations Are Only for Show — Take a Second to Dig Deeper


These days, so-called illegal immigration and mass deportations have been added to the growing hysteria marking the United States of Agony. Emotions are running high for good reason, but logical thinking is getting kicked into the ditch at the same time, as I will point out three paragraphs below. First, though, a look at the pandemonium:   Continue reading “The Deportations Are Only for Show — Take a Second to Dig Deeper”