The Equifax Calamity – Possibly the Biggest Data Breach in History

Remember the report that, thanks to Equifax, we may all become victims of identity theft? The possibilities: credit card fraud, tax refund theft, ruined reputations and credit ratings replete with denied apartments, insurances, or jobs, and even worse: credit cards or bank accounts being set up in our names and the bill collectors coming for us over those false accounts, arrest warrants getting issued against us because of the crimes of others, arresting police shooting us in our beds… at least that’s what I can imagine coming at us. Here is an update interview:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Massachusetts First to Sue Equifax Over Massive Hack “)

It’s really sad to hear that the vulnerability is said to have been in an open-source software, since open-source is usually considered one of the best protections against hacking. But, of course, it won’t help when the quickly produced patches are not applied down the line, in this case by the staff of one of our three ruling credit bureaus.  Continue reading


Police Brutality Reveals Growing Despotism

Someone once mentioned that he or she found sheriffs much more trustworthy than police because sheriffs (at least officially) serve the populations who vote them into office. Police, on the other hand, is an enforcement tool of the state, and when the state is undemocratic and despotic by nature (not a democracy) or in bed with a corrupt private sector oligarchy, police becomes a terror upon the citizenry.

In the U.S., with all our internationally unequaled police killings, unlawful (or at least unconstitutional) arrests under bogus charges to criminalize peaceful protesters, with rampant police rackets, and rising overall hubris and brutality, we are alarmingly far along the way to out-and-out despotism. Watch the case of a dutiful, lawful nurse being brutally assaulted and arrested by a law-breaking cop, with commentary and numerous updates on the case (which many of you may already know about minus some of the updates):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Crazy Cop Brutalizes A Nurse Inside Hospital In Utah”)

Afterword: One of the dangers in all of this is the adaptability of human beings. Like frogs that never jump out of a slowly heating pot until it boils them to death, yesterday’s outrage becomes today’s new normal and the prelude of worse things to come. Hence we must fight the beginnings.

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Our Morally Upside Down Country: Jailing a Man For Trying to Save His Family (JD)

Blithe, privileged judges like this one are the creeps who should be jailed instead of poor people who are simply trying to hold on to life for themselves or their spouse and children:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Being Poor Is Still A Crime In America”)

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Funny but true: The Blinders of Privilege (The Jimmy Dore Show)

I have mingled with people from all classes of society, and directly observed the limits of their perception bubbles. With this as my background, I find the instances of blind-spot-hypocrisy in this political ad absolutely spot-on:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Pro Jeremy Corbyn Commercial Makes Right Wingers Cry”)

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The American Nightmare (Bill Moyers Interview of Richard Wolff)

Moyers: The American dream has become a nightmare for the poor.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Economist Richard Wolff on Capitalism Run Wild” and “Moyers & Company”)

The American dream has become a nightmare for the poor. I couldn’t have said it better. In this interview by Bill Moyers, Richard Wolff gives a good account of FDR’s rescue of the American dream and economy. The New Deal also rescued the American robber barons who, however, were divided into two groups, one side accepting the rescue measures, and the other side hating them. Those who hated being ousted from their god-king thrones have by now undone almost all the positive outcomes of FDR’s New Deal; and only lately are we, the people, waking up to this sad reality and rising up in anger. Let’s hope our anger will serve to take our country back from today’s robber billionaires, rather than to fall into the trap of demagogues (as back in Nazi Germany).  Continue reading

Catching up on the News and Activism 6/20/2017: Trumpcare, Medicare for All, Gerrymandering, Jail Injustice…

Trumpcare 2.0 – They are trying to sneak it quietly through the Senate

From Reuters and other sources emerges: “Democratic” Senators criticize the closed-door meetings that Republicans have been holding to craft a replacement for Obamacare (as you know, even worse than Obamacare). They are calling for open committee hearings and more time to consider the bill before a Senate vote, which Republicans say could come in the next two weeks, although a draft bill has yet to emerge publicly.  Continue reading

We Need to Hold Corporations to the Bill of Rights

In a recent TruthOut article (Many Americans Don’t Know It, but Their Employers Can Censor Their Political Speech) the valid point was made that “we haven’t enacted laws to require employers to respect employees’ freedom of speech and other human rights. Corporate censorship is much more common than most people recognize. Many employers conduct Internet searches of employees and fire anyone who says something that displeases management. Even more common is the practice of Internet searches of job applicants. Millions of people have lost job opportunities – because a prospective employer didn’t like something they did or said – and they don’t even know it.”  Continue reading

Manchester, May 22 — Decadent Concert — Sick-Minded Terrorism — Capitalist Consequences — 22 dead & 59 injured


Last night another sick-minded, pathetic, inexcusable Islamist terror strike occurred (at least, we believe it’s Islamist like most absolutely horrendous terror attacks these days, what a religion…). Once again, the target was situated in Europe: Manchester, England. But what is really behind this?  Continue reading

Tales of How Badly Our Systemic Corruption Hurts Countless Americans

I keep writing about the systemic corruption in our politics and economics, trying to open people’s eyes on the sources and extent of our troubles and what we can do to repair it all. Yesterday’s article was a deeply personal account. But there are sad stories of so many people these days. Represent.Us, which bravely fights for anti-corruption laws, has created a website I want to share with you, a site where “ordinary,” “regular” (do you like any of those words?) Americans – in other words, those of us who were not born rich and empowered to lord it over the rest of us by dint of their privileged birth (or, in rare cases, by having walked over corpses to get rich and feel themselves entitled to ravage our lives), share their stories.

You can read many stories there and share your own story if you wish. It makes for a great account of how things are going nowadays in our United States of a once proud America. Here is the link:

We Demand Better – Stories of Corruption in America

Note: If you haven’t been following this blog and want a quick catch-up on why things are so bad for many of us, this short article and 8-minute video could be a good place to start.

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The Difference Between Having a Life and — Not

Yesterday a friend showed me a cartoon which you can eyeball here:

The cartoon featured a little girl covering an ant with sand, watching it dig itself out, covering it with sand again, watching it dig itself out again, covering it with sand again, and so on. She proudly explained her game to her watching dad, who – mentally putting himself in the place of the ant and probably speaking for the cartoonist – thought to himself: “I’ve had days like that.”

My instant reaction was: I have had a life like that. Continue reading