Alarm: The Oligarchy is Coming for Net Neutrality and thus Our Alternative Media and Public Discourse — Fight Back Now!

Demand Progress has raised the alarm and asks us to fight back: Trump’s gang is about to pull the rug out from under the media war that we, the people, must fight to save our country from the ravages of corporatism. By killing net neutrality, the oligarchy will be able to prevent our access to outlets of real news, sharp analyses, true narratives, and bold visions we can fight for, outlets like the one you are reading in right now. Continue reading

A Short Rundown: What Do We Really Do in the Middle East

U.S. policy in the Middle East since the 1950s:

  1. Who isn’t for us is against us.
  2. Oil, oil, oil.
  3. Lies, lies, lies. (remember Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, for example?)
  4. War mongering for war profiteering and for painting our worst politicians as heroes.
  5. Different parts of the government pursue different goals, even supporting foreign groups which fight EACH OTHER.

The results:

  1. We created Al-Qaeda.
  2. We created ISIS.
  3. Islamist terrorism as a whole is mostly our creation.
  4. War, war, war, terrorism, deaths and refugees galore.
  5. A huge portion of the weapons (even chemical ones) are supplied by us.

All this in a region which is a powder keg because Islam has never undergone a modernizing reform (only the reverse: fundamentalist turn-back-the-clock reforms) and therefore is steeped in medieval mentality with all its superstition and barbarity.

Bravo! (←sarcasm) Continue reading

Bernie Bursts onto Online TV with his Own Show

Remember FDR’s Fireside Chats? Respectively, have you heard about them in your undoubtedly voracious digging through U.S. history? There once was this president who heeded the needs of the people and did something about them. Therefore, he had a message to impart and the mass media to circumvent, to get in touch with “ordinary” Americans (or REAL Americans, as I like to call us). Well, Franklin D. Roosevelt was then. Bernie Sanders is now. Bernie may not be president, at least for now (the establishment saw to that last year!), but he also has issues to speak to us about and obstructionist corporate mass media to circumvent. Continue reading

Russia or the Establishment? — Who’s Our True Enemy?


So, the manipulators for the oligarchy keep trying to get us to exhaust our energies over getting Trump impeached. And what then? Corporatist white supremacist Mike Pence? Another Shillary Clinton? Would that really help us making ends meet? Would we thereby no longer have to work longer hours for less pay? Would our corporate funded-politicians start listening to us and our needs again? Would our elections magically stop to be rigged against us, not even allowing us candidates we approve of? Continue reading

Putting on Blinders: The Musée du Bagage (PS)

The other day I came across a radio documentary about a French luggage museum (much less banal-sounding in French: “Musée du Bagage”). The reporter made a big deal of the large travel and sea chests which were in use a hundred years ago, pointing out that traveling with thirty pairs of shoes was no rarity in the year 1900. He continued to describe how a class of professional porters back then was operating in the streets to cart these huge chests between train stations, hotels, and other destinations. Then he said that this profession had by now disappeared since today we travel lightly, with baggage we lug around ourselves. He went to the trouble of adding yet another justification for the huge, heavy chests of the past: namely that, back in 1900, the ladies were changing their clothes six times a day.

That’s the moment where I couldn’t contain myself any longer and uttered a comment about how our “journalists” of today keep turning a blind eye to the kleptocratic rich folks who run our often sad lives and the huge inequality in our society which we have inherited from those past times he was reporting on. Did he truly not realize that he was comparing apples and oranges?

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