He Told us Not to Listen to Him

by Kathleen Lake, retired mental health professional and veteran

So, we recently had the first big debate between two evils. The DNC is dragging Bernie around the country like a zoological exhibit to get us to vote for a terrible candidate. They threaten and extort us with the insipid racist bogeyman Trump and tell us to trust them. Continue reading “He Told us Not to Listen to Him”

Washington Post: “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

The lordly condescension of our ruling class and their media myrmidons really knows no bounds. Case in point: This excessively long and fully HRC-apologetic article in the Washington post called “Democrats wonder and worry: Why isn’t Clinton far ahead of Trump?”

(Note: You probably don’t want to read it. It is a sad piece of journalism gone propaganda and will hurt your feelings if this year you hoped for a presidential candidate who actually cares for the people.)

My answer to Democrats wondering why Clinton’s polling numbers are so low unsurprisingly is:  Because they threw Bernie’s supporters over board!  (and haven’t stopped mocking us since then)

Do you think there is even one word about that in this 2144-word newspaper article? Well, there isn’t. They prefer to pretend we never existed. Telling a huge chunk of voters that they neither want them nor need them couldn’t possible figure into their low poll numbers, could it now?

I can’t wait for these sorry excuses of human beings to be replaced. Let’s take all the local elections by storm and quickly grow from those grass roots to push these villains from their thrones. It could be a surprisingly simple strategy to elect ourselves into every town hall in the nation and go from there. Represent.Us, BraveNewCongress, OurRevolution, and others have already been mobilizing, but if a good portion of us threw themselves behind this strategy, we might not even need any support organizations at that local level, at least. Let’s give this some thought.


Managing the Masses from Above is a Dangerous Game

Worry about mob rule moved our founders to invent the electoral college fraught with many democracy preventing faults. In the time since then, we have seen a gradual perfection of the Big Brother state, run from behind the curtain by corporation owning oligarchs and their henchmen from a political establishment. In the 2016 Democratic Primaries we saw their machinations unfold with impudence. In an open letter to the superdelegates, one man who grew up in the Soviet Union warns us of the dangers of such condescending steering from above.

Shortly before the opening of the Convention, I heard a disgruntled talk show listener call superdelegates a “politburo.” Watching this grandiose spectacle, I had an eerie feeling. I have seen this show before: the speeches, the fanfare, the party unity, the angry alienated masses in the streets. Mike Bloomberg quipped about Donald Trump: “I know a con when I see one.” I too want to keep cons away from power. But I have also seen my share of politburos on both sides of the Atlantic. I grew up under a politburo. I know a politburo when I see one. And I am familiar with the road paved with its good intentions.

This quote is but a tiny sample of an article so astute, profound, brilliantly worded, and well balanced (like nothing I expected from the title), that if I had a spot on a wall to frame and hang an essay, this would be it. Not only every superdelegate, but every citizen, should mull over the sentiments here put forth. I strongly recommend reading the linked article.

“For members only” American Politics

Closed primaries are one of the most damaging aspects of a regulatory scheme that breeds civic apathy. “For members only” is the principle on which these taxpayer-funded primaries operate — as if they were club elections whose outcomes mattered to members only, and not to all American citizens.

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