QuickyPinion: Restoring the Rule of Law

Some people clamor for that. (unclear whether they are referring to actual law breaking like election theft, to human rights and constitution violations by institutions or lawmakers, or simply to Trumpmania)

Many people think that a rule of law is the answer to every problem.

One warning:

Law is not automatically good. The rule of law is only good when the law is fair and benign.   Continue reading “QuickyPinion: Restoring the Rule of Law”

QuickyPinion: “Conservatives” aren’t Conservative

By definition, true conservatives would uphold the principles of our nation’s founders. Republican puppeteers and their puppets, however, have taken over the “conservative” brand and stood it on its head. Instead of defending our founding principles, they defend capitalism and corporations which have undone our founder’s goals and their seeds of democracy. They slander and smear socialism which actually reflects our founders’ ideas of equality, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the general welfare; and so forth. Their religious cultist wing has even twisted the Christian love-thy-neighbour-as-thyself principle into hate-preaching against minorities and justifying corporate rule by divine right. Just as the “liberals” have been taken over by neoliberals (A.K.A. money-aristocracy-serving corporatists), “conservatives” have been taken over by neocons (A.K.A. money-aristocracy-serving corporatists).

This is what happens when people identify themselves with labels and parties and let scheming goons redefine their labels right under their noses and then wash their brains to fit the altered label.

By the way, if you missed yesterday’s well-crafted article because of it’s odd headline, you should give it a try. It delves into the creed that makes our country rotten to the core.


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Equality of Means, not “Opportunities”

What we need is not the neoliberally toted equality of opportunity, but an equality of means!!! The word opportunity can be interpreted in quite unequal ways, turning the equality of opportunity mantra into a trick to scam people into accepting gross disparity in real living conditions. The remote opportunity of the rags-to-riches legend which hardly ever turns into reality for anyone (and usually only by harming others in the process) compares poorly with what I would call a means equality. Considering the vast difference in life’s starting conditions between upper class privilege and lower class deprivation, the claim of having equality of opportunity becomes a sarcastic joke. Furthermore, when someone falls down on their luck, should we have no compassion whatsoever and deny any help based on the sociopathic idea of everybody being responsible only for themselves?   Continue reading “Equality of Means, not “Opportunities””

Quick Analysis: Preemptive vs Retroactive Welfare

Carrying the water from a far-away river to a thirsty city in buckets is a herculean task, one resembling many of the last century’s and current welfare approaches to alleviating poverty. Besides being herculean and inefficient, it is never-ending on top of it.

Redirecting the river to the city or building a pipeline is far smarter and far less herculean. We have been raised to believe in a market economy that accomplishes everything by itself. In reality, markets operate by rules, rules written into law and enforced by governments. We merely need to modify those rules so the modified economy will work for everybody instead of merely a privileged few. Thus it will stop to grow inequality and instead start creating (and fairly distributing!) prosperity for all. Thereby we would finally accomplish the goal chiseled into the famous Preamble of our Constitution by our nations’ founders: namely to “promote the general Welfare.”

For the longest time, we have had a system that produces vast inequality by design. With the New Deal we got the government to arduously shovel some of the lopsidedly hoarded prosperity back (through steeply progressive income taxes, for example), year after year, month after month, and against a growing resistance from the top. It’s like the old movie scene of two guys digging two holes throwing the dirt back and forth into each other’s hole. Modifying the rules of the system so it does what we all need and want is a far smarter approach. That requires that we put our heads together though. I hope that’s not too herculean. It’s why I keep writing and inviting everyone to comment, discuss, contribute their own pieces, and share the instructive pieces widely.

Summary: Prevention is always better than the cure. That’s also true in matters of gross inequality and poverty.

P.S.: One of the articles in which I went into some detail on a better economic arrangement – in case you missed it and are curious – was What if We Were Paid for Work in Assets rather than Ephemeral Wages?


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QuickyPinion: The Democratic Party Trap and Outside Pressure

We want change. We badly need change. Tea Partiers tried to make change happen from within the Republican Party, and right now people try to make it happen from within the “Democratic” Party and consider other approaches (like forming a new party or building up existing third parties) as a competition that weakens their own inside strategy.

What this stance overlooks is that, as long as the Democratic Party can rest assured that progressive/working class/leftist/Black/etc. voters have nowhere else to go, its party bosses will continue as before, unimpressed by any inside takeover attempts which they can squelch as long as they can count on sufficient votes. In the end, they don’t even need to win elections, since their deep pocket Big Money donors will gladly continue to dowse them with money for enabling their Republican buddies.   Continue reading “QuickyPinion: The Democratic Party Trap and Outside Pressure”

Quickypinion: Impeach Trump for Russian Collusion – Really? Why?

Even if evidence should show up and not be fabricated or exaggerated, I simply don’t see the significance. Practically all the people in high legislative, executive (and even many judicial) positions are rich thugs or in the pockets of rich thugs. We have to replace them all with honest representatives of us, the people. As long as we are ruled by bandits, swapping one bandit with another won’t make any difference. Nor do bandits with foreign passports make a difference.

Our home-made election rigging far outdoes what some remote Russians could do. This makes Russiagate, whether it is factual or not, a very marginal issue. (and maybe, just maybe, if we are so concerned about foreign meddling, we should find it in ourselves to take a look at the much more substantiated and much bigger financial support of the Clinton campaign machine by Saudi-Arabia in exchange for a shady arms sale to one of the world’s worst dictatorships)

Once we repair our broken democracy, then we can worry about foreign meddling; although I suspect that by then we will have a democracy so secured against domestic meddling that it will be quite immune against foreign meddling.


The United States has been quietly providing weapons and support to Saudi Arabia’s brutal military campaign in Yemen – driving more than 8 million civilians to the brink of famine, if death by bombs and cholera doesn’t get them first. You can sign the petition urging the Senate to pass Bernie’s resolution to end U.S. support for this international war crime.


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Quickypinion: Is Government the Problem?

Government is the problem only when it is controlled by the 1% instead of the people. ~ Dirk  Droll


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