Corporate Greed Shredding Democracy — Meet the Twitter Bots


As to now, I had always thought that twitter bots were the creation of black hat hackers hacking into Twitter. Sadly, the opposite is the case. Once again, it’s corporations gobbling up democracy fro profit.   Continue reading “Corporate Greed Shredding Democracy — Meet the Twitter Bots”

Your Information Channels are in Trouble

Independent media have come under all sorts of attack by the establishment which doesn’t want us to tell you the truth or strategies to make things better. There are smear attacks and criminalization, online censorship through the elimination of Net Neutrality, as well as online revenue defunding schemes you certainly have heard about. Let’s spend a few minutes on this issue. I’ll mostly let two well-known youtubers do the talking.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Progressive YouTubers Are In Danger…Do You Care?”)

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The People’s Position Must be NO!

Once you realize how thoroughly our country’s system is rigged in all its aspects — the economy, the government, elections, and the corporate mass media — the only logical stance to take is to reject it.

As it turns out, we are getting played every second of our lives. At work we are being bossed around from the top with the virtual gun of financial ruin held to our head, and so we are forced not only to put up with abusive treatment and little to no say, but with shamefully low pay after having much of the value we create through our work stolen from us when it is swiped into the vaults of CEOs and shareholders (or single company owners in the case of non-traded companies).

When we pay rent, we are being made to finance the acquisition of real estate by our landlords, and when we pay a mortgage we are being made to enrich the banksters. When we seek help in a health crisis, we are being made to enrich doctors, insurance magnates, and the owners of drug companies and equipment manufacturers while our health is merely a second or third priority or no consideration at all. When we try to get a good education, we are forced to go into possibly lifelong debt only to never find a good job despite great qualifications.   Continue reading “The People’s Position Must be NO!”

QuickyPinion: The Dark Side of the Force in Politics

Commonly, certain portions of society justify their defeatist ideology – which paints those who fight to make the world better as pipe dreamers – on the premise that human nature is simply too evil to allow for a good human world. This attitude pays a lot of credit to the dark side of human nature but ignores its good side. By following this attitude, many of these folks end up siding with humanity’s under-belly, its dark side. In Star Wars terminology, they are the Sith (or at least their followers). Example: the “alt-right.” (but some “liberals” share a very similar attitude, arguing for “incremental change” and voting for lesser evils… again because they focus on the dark side of human nature rather than working on having the good side overcome the dark side)   Continue reading “QuickyPinion: The Dark Side of the Force in Politics”

The Great People’s Platform

I want to share this remarkable piece of work with you. As I and others have pointed out before, being against bad conditions of our current world isn’t enough. To move forward, we also need a vision of the future we want. I shared with you my own attempt at a draft of a people’s platform (or agenda, or wish list) in 2016 as a way to kindle a discussion. It is still up for reading and a Facebook Page for commenting on it is also still up.

However, the Movement for a People’s Party (which started out as the Draft Bernie for a People’s Party idea and movement but evolved beyond Sanders by now, looking especially at forming a people’s coalition outside the twin-party tyranny; a way to have third parties, old and new, work together against the tyranny and to give us, the people, our voice back in our country’s affairs) just came out with its own more fleshed-out draft and is inviting everybody to take a look and make their own proposals. If you wish to really go deep, you could compare their draft with my draft and point out the gaps in each. 😉 Admittedly, I have been too busy these days to read the MPP draft from end to end. How do other people get by with only 24 hours in a day?

Anyway, perhaps you can make the time in a timely fashion. Here are two snippets from this platform document to raise your interest:



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Discovery and Unity

Probably all the folks who read my writings have had many, most, or all of their lives’ dreams crushed to the point that being born a human in this world is a curse.

My own dreams and goals were crushed again and again, forcing me countless times to restart my “life” from scratch and lower my goals to where I am now reduced to a struggle for mere short-term survival, the fight for long-term survival having been lost forever, making me wish – if I am to be honest – that I had never been born. (On the side of my struggle for survival, I try to fight this corrupt system through my writing while I still can.)

This depressing hardship is the life not just endured by me but, I suspect, the majority of human beings born in our times… at least once they reach a certain age. How can we be proud of such a failed civilization or not wish to improve it?

I think that most people don’t have it in their nature to rock the boat. They just want to pursue their goals, no matter how sensible or senseless they are; and they want to be left in peace. Therefore it is easy for confidence tricksters to scam them and set up a system that works as a continuous and self-perpetuating scam known as our economic and political system.  Continue reading “Discovery and Unity”

A Question: How Shall I continue?


A year-end review of this blog and a question about its future and the realization of our people’s movement for a world worth living in.

With the tradition of New Year Resolutions quickly approaching, I wonder about my part in our moving forward as a movement for a world that ensures lives worth living for all people. Over a year ago, I set myself the task to produce one piece per day for this blog of mine. It is very time consuming, and I don’t have the automatically large audience of media insiders (nor of teens who get millions of followers when tweeting selfies). In fact, I often feel like a preacher in the desert.  Continue reading “A Question: How Shall I continue?”

The Continued Fight for an Open Internet


The Internet we have been used to – an open platform for uncensored communications and organizing – has suffered a major sabotage by a corrupt appointee sitting at the head of the FCC, but – just like our general fight for a fair civilization in which we all can live lives worth living – the fight for having such an open platform which is vital to our fight for a better world isn’t over. In fact, it is part of the fight for a good world to live in, a fight that has been raging ever since selfish bullies transformed the egalitarian societies of our ancestors into cruel pyramid schemes based on underhanded tricks like land ownership, “blue blood,” privately held corporations, and ill-gotten positions of state power.  Continue reading “The Continued Fight for an Open Internet”

Obituary for the Free and Open Internet


On Thursday the 14th of December 2017, our beloved friend and platform for the free exchange of ideas passed away after a long struggle with greedy broadband corporations and their corporate stooges such as Ajit Pai who was sent by Verizon to assassinate Internet Freedom (more commonly known as Internet Neutrality). All its life, the Internet served us as an open platform where facts and ideas could be freely exchanged and suppressed peoples could organize their opposition to despotic regimes and lethal corporations.  Continue reading “Obituary for the Free and Open Internet”