Great Reads on The Revolution Continues

Both this and last week had very well written articles on the current hikes in Washington: the GOP Tax Scam, the move to kill free speech on the Internet, our for-profit wars, and more — many of them replete with very telling graphics and memes. I regularly point at this great weekly blog, and – since I have been focusing more on general economic reform ideas lately than on the current D.C. scandals – I want to point my dear readers at that excellent blog so you can fill up on recent stuff I may have somewhat skipped over. Or I could simply say, the last two posts on The Revolution Continues were so neat, I’d be remiss not to share the links. 😉

So, for today, I will here merely post some recent quotes from The Revolution Continues to wet your appetite (and link to them, of course):  Continue reading “Great Reads on The Revolution Continues”

Dance of the Vampires around Net Neutrality

In case you haven’t noticed, we live not in a democracy and just economy but a cruelly callous oligarchy which concentrates all wealth and authority in the hands of a few robber billionaires and their millionaire minions. Part of the latter group are establishment “journalists” and news anchors, as well as the corporate stooges who get plugged into federal agencies whose official task it is to regulate the corporations from which these stooges come and to which they return after their agency stint to get repaid for their treason in millions of blood money. And when these various kinds of millionaire minions meet to dish out a buffet of misrepresentations and lies to the (often all too gullible) public, it reminds me of a dance of vampires. Watch how they are leading each other in their carefully choreographed minuets and baroque pavannes, the Grand Ball of Bloodsuckers:

(warning: watching these creeps can give you indigestion)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Pai’s Lies | Episode 121”)

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The Shared Assets Economy – Part 2


Yesterday, I introduced Yanis Varoufakis’ proposal of work compensation via shared assets as a means to end the division between an owner class and a working class. These assets would provide an earned residual income combining perfectly with an inherited Universal Basic Income (UBI) and a Federal Job Guarantee, to create a virtually Utopian society of prosperity for all, a society in which everybody would be financially secure and, if they so wished, could earn a desired raise of their income in a fair and reliable fashion.

In this combination of a quasi-holy trinity, the UBI — which is a citizen’s dividend based on our national economic resources that we all, not just a few plutocrats, deserve to inherit upon our birth — would provide a safe minimum income for everybody, gainfully employed or not, while the asset-based work compensation would provide a raise for those who want more money, and the federal job guarantee would provide paid work opportunities often missing in a purely profit-driven “free” market — as the millions of un- and under-employed wannabe-workers who are desperately looking for properly paid jobs these days clearly show.

Since the article was getting a bit long, I decided to perform further elaborations in a second article, which is the one on hand. Basically, in this article, I want to flesh things out a little more, both the current system and the one we can aim for, and also what we must do to get there.   Continue reading “The Shared Assets Economy – Part 2”

Another Election “Irregularity” Made it into the News

While nearly all the election fraud and rigging that is rampant in the U.S. never gets reported in our colluding mass media that prefer to drown us in unsubstantiated allegations of Russian meddling (even as it would be very unlikely to amount to anything comparable to what happens domestically right under our noses and the actual allegation is only one of revealing the truth to the American public), one case of election rigging actually did recently make it into our corporate media for once! Basically, voters in Georgia wanted the possibility of election hacking investigated, and the people in custody of the electoral data quietly erased them to sabotage the investigation, to which I can only say that our security begins at home, not in Russia:

Here is this rare news report: Georgia Election Server Wiped After Lawsuit Filed (NBC News / Associated Press)

Quote: “It’s not clear who ordered the server’s data irretrievably erased.”

That’s when people need to be brought in for questioning!   Continue reading “Another Election “Irregularity” Made it into the News”

Billionaire Pleads for No More Tax Cuts for his Kind

Nick Hanauer, who possesses at least half a billion dollars in assets and is one of the few moneycrats who realize that pushing the rest of the people into abject poverty will ruin the economy that makes his kind so rich, just weighed in on the PCCC’s petition:

The Republican cuts would only worsen already-unprecedented inequality and undermine our commitment to the one thing that will actually strengthen our economy — inclusion. The more people participate in our economy, the better it will work for everyone.

Sign the petition telling Congress not to cut my taxes. Not one penny.

Then, call Rep. Bishop and tell them and demand not one penny of tax cuts for big corporations and rich people.

— Nick Hanauer, business owner and really rich guy who doesn’t need a tax cut.



Why Don’t we Create Paradise?

We clearly have the means to create Paradise on Earth. We have the science, technology, and know-how. So, why don’t we? Caitlin Johnstone, one of our most successful independent journalists (who I have caught red-handed before writing really good stuff), recently wrote an article dealing with this question: The Only Thing Stopping Us From Creating Utopia Is The Fact That We Don’t Truly Want It Yet — Well worth reading.

Her conclusion:

  1. In order to create utopia, we’re going to have to want it first.
  2. Therefor, the fact we don’t do it proves that “we don’t truly want it yet.”

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Bad News (and an Idea): Unlimited Censorship on the Horizon

Defeats happen every once in a while, more often at the start of a struggle than in its later phase. We are still at the start of fixing our corrupted system, so defeats are still common. On Monday, the Senate voted 52-41 to confirm Ajit Pai, the sworn enemy of Net Neutrality (i.e. free speech on the Internet), to another term as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Senate Confirms FCC Chairmen Effectively Killing Net Neutrality “)

This is a disaster that we must not take lying down because Net Neutrality is one of the last, and perhaps the most essential, of hold-outs of democracy in our country.
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Current Battlefronts: Internet Censorship & Kleptocratic Taxes

Our already extremely unfair tax system is once again up for being made even worse for red-blooded Americans. If they can’t rob us with a knife (healthcare), they’ll now try to rob us with a gun (taxes and spending). And our ability to fight back will be severely hamstrung if the current war on Net Neutrality succeeds (which it looks dangerously close to do).  Continue reading “Current Battlefronts: Internet Censorship & Kleptocratic Taxes”