102 great words that aren’t in English but should be!

Stephen Liddell

I spent 4 years at a college in London University studying Africa and Asia.  It was the most wonderful place due to the exposure of various languages and cultures and when I say various I mean hundreds.  I remember one day on the train thinking to myself how many countries I had friends from.  Given that I didn’t know every ones nationality, it says a lot that I went from A-Z almost off the top of my head.

One of my Professors was a certain Alexander Piatigorsky who died just a year or two ago at a very good age.  He would be able to tell someone exactly where they came from going by their name and he would also know their ethnic group and how in 5-10 stages you could take that name or ethnic group and see how it relates to everyone else.  He was a genius and…

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Living is Life’s Priority

For those many of us caught in the daily rat races or the lifelong hamster wheel, here is an important reminder we should probably hang over our desks, doors, and mirrors: Living is Life’s Priority

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How do we change school when… Oh them teachers!

I just saw something odd on Twitter (no surprise there, right?), namely the question: How do we change school when lots of people are concerned with protecting their little corner of school?

I suspect that a lot of people (I mean a LOT of people) wisely nod their heads hearing or reading this assumption loaded question, the assumption of course being the one drummed into the public’s mass mind by our media, namely that teachers obstruct change for the better and are the cause for all that’s wrong with our schools.

The question is so upside down, it made my brain flip inside my head.
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Why Fermi had to Lunch Alone and the Dark Secret of Billionaires

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