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How You Can Help This Site and Why You Should


Many Americans suffer from our man-made problems which torment us with things like war, poverty, a jobless economy, denial of healthcare, crushing debt, a life of ever-losing struggle, politicians that represent Big Money instead of us, and an overall sense of helplessness and life denied. These same man-made problems keep us from properly addressing nature’s attacks on us, such as horrible diseases and short lifespans which ravage and rob us of everything and everyone we ever held dear — including our own lives in the end. Why add man-made suffering and death instead of joining forces to address nature’s attacks on us? There is no good reason. It is sheer stupidity which we must overcome. So, this is why you must join the fight for common sense whether you are well off or poor. For yourself and everyone you care about.


Here is how you can help:

  1. Educate yourself by, for instance, following this blog. (you can sign up for email notifications and RSS feeds in the side-bar)
  2. Educate others by sharing what you learn. (for instance by sharing what you find on this blog)
  3. Take what actions in politics, your workplace, and your private circles can move us forward.
  4. Connect, if you can, voices like mine with bigger outlets.
  5. Support independent voices like me and my blog financially (for example on their Patreon accounts), since volunteer labor can carry us only so far. You can either contact me in the CONTACT section to discuss something you might like to do, or become a supporting patron on my Patreon account.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right? Now do it. — Thanks. 🙂.


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