Insurance, Ethics, and a Swamp Creature (with Video)

There’s a good video getting insurance straight and outing one of our most reprehensible politicians (as he plays a wise teacher to sell his hypocrisy):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “AWKWARD: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand How Insurance Even Works”)

Now follows my angry rant with a bleeped word in it, because I just couldn’t contain myself in the face of someone so disgusting and utterly unworthy to live within the human covenant, leave alone living the rich life at our expense: Continue reading

Meet One of Our Lovely Extortionist Plutocrats

It’s not a million things going wrong in our economy, it’s only one – and it’s a pretty basic one. A small handful of people are hoarding all the resources and money for themselves. If we can prevent them from behaving so selfishly with our resources and redistribute their unimaginably large stashes of wealth (primarily in non-taxable offshore accounts) back into our economy, things would improve immeasurably…

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A Great Discussion (March 7, 2017)

The below video clip is a great discussion to watch. If all of us who are being screwed by our private-greed-system of economy and politics which makes today’s human society so very unhuman (and inhumane) – a society where a tiny few get almost everything, the rest of us having to struggle and run in proverbial treadmills all our lives, and human needs and values falling by the wayside all the time – if all of us would have such discussions, then we would be so much closer to solving all our big problems and make this into a wonderful world. Continue reading

How Real are the Differences touted by our Twin Party Tyranny?

It’s a reality of life: people have differences. However, I find that the differences which divide us politically are essentially artificially overblown natural differences (like race, ethnic, or sexual differences) which the establishment hypes up and uses to manipulate us from above. The Republican and “Democratic” Party and their echo chambers in the corporate media are very good at dividing and manipulating us with these. They group us into opposing camps and train us to bark and snarl at each other, rather than join forces and resolve the concerns we all share. Continue reading

Equal Opportunity is a Vague Memory on Both Sides of the Pond

Birth, not worth, determines life’s chances. … Upstairs-Downstairs kind of society.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “BBC Documentary Who Gets the Best Jobs”)

Note: I am not able to write more today since I have to work this weekend to try and save my stressful, low-pay day job (my stomach says it doesn’t want to go hungry)… Still, this is a good documentary. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s weekend-documentary time, after all. 😉