Wakeful Video Weekend 2019-12-29 (21 videos)

Main issues treated by this week’s video collection: the cheating and rule of the rich, and the many angles of our immigrant nation.

Stars & Channels: Double Down News, Richard Wolff, Lewis Black, The Laura Flanders Show, VICE News, BuzzFeedVideo, NowThis News, As/Is, Ralph Nader & Harvey Wasserman, The Real News Network, Academy of Ideas, and several more…


  1. Fighting the Oligarchy ***
  2. Great Wolff Speech from 2013 ***
  3. Corporate Tax Cheats – How & How Much (prime example: Amazon)
  4. The Rich Doubling their Wealth while we Struggle to Live
  5. U.S. (Anti?)-Immigrant Nation
  6. The Buyers’ Labor Market
  7. Empire: The Afghanistan Scam
  8. U.S. History: Especially Election Fraud & Green vs Nuclear Power
  9. News: The Real Reason for R&D Sanctioning Against a Russian-EU Gas Deal
  10. Public Brainwash: The People Played by Schools & Media
  11. Music: Let’s Recall our Immigrant Ancestry – Immigrants are Human Beings
  12. Music: Colorful America (Star Spangled Banner)
  13. Humor: Lewis Black on 2019

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Independence Day: What Are We Celebrating Today?


Today is the big national holiday in which we traditionally celebrate independence. But independence from what? From the U.K.? The U.K. nowadays has full health coverage and a democracy (of a “constitutional monarchy” type). If we were still part of the U.K., tens of thousands of Americans wouldn’t needlessly be dying each year from lack of healthcare.

Geography matters little. What we meant by independence from the British crown was an independence from aristocracy, the British aristocracy back then, its kings, dukes and so forth. In other words, our founders had had enough of being ruled by a handful of oligarchs and replaced their rule with a republic-style democracy. (a republic is a representational democracy by definition, not an alternative to a democracy as some head spinners sometimes claim) Democracies have their flaws, but putting the steering wheel in the hands of the people who are affected by government policies is the best guarantee for responsible policies, a point which Thomas Jefferson tirelessly kept driving home. (see quotes at the bottom)   Continue reading “Independence Day: What Are We Celebrating Today?”

Quickypinion on Free College

Free College is one of the topics Bernie brought on the table of public discourse in his 2016 campaign. I think, every first world nation besides us probably has it. At least it must be the vast majority. After all, as a functioning civil society, you want people to pursue higher studies based on ability and passion, not based on family wealth. And remember: we had something quite similar a generation or two ago with vastly less costly tuition fees and the G.I. Bill. And how did our nation soar back then! We even became the only nation (so far) to send men to the moon. Probably, China will soon second us while we still wrestle with, or squirm underneath, our oligarchs.

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Tales of How Badly Our Systemic Corruption Hurts Countless Americans

I keep writing about the systemic corruption in our politics and economics, trying to open people’s eyes on the sources and extent of our troubles and what we can do to repair it all. Yesterday’s article was a deeply personal account. But there are sad stories of so many people these days. Represent.Us, which bravely fights for anti-corruption laws, has created a website I want to share with you, a site where “ordinary,” “regular” (do you like any of those words?) Americans – in other words, those of us who were not born rich and empowered to lord it over the rest of us by dint of their privileged birth (or, in rare cases, by having walked over corpses to get rich and feel themselves entitled to ravage our lives), share their stories.

You can read many stories there and share your own story if you wish. It makes for a great account of how things are going nowadays in our United States of a once proud America. Here is the link:

We Demand Better – Stories of Corruption in America

Note: If you haven’t been following this blog and want a quick catch-up on why things are so bad for many of us, this short article and 8-minute video could be a good place to start.

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A Witty Analysis of our Dysfunctional “Democracy”

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Our democracy no longer represents the people. Here’s how we fix it | Larry Lessig | TEDxMidAtlantic”)

Gist: a mere 0.02% of Hong Kong’s population (yes, .02%, a tenth of .2%, a hundredth of 2%, meaning two people out of ten thousand!)) get to pick the candidates the rest of the people are allowed to vote for. It’s precisely the same here in the oh-so-democratic and free U.S.! Ugh!

Whoever Doesn’t Cry Hearing This Speech May Be Beyond Humanity

This is an incredibly moving speech. Forget all those commencement speeches you have had or will have! Listen to THIS!

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Chris Hedges Gives a Heartbreaking Speech on Wages of Rebellion”)

Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who spent much of his life as a war correspondent until he could no longer bear the horror. He is also very astute in matters of social injustice and the falling apart of societies, things he saw in countries descending into civil war and which he now sees happening in America. For telling us about them, he lost his job at the New York Times, and is now one of those truth telling journalists who can only communicate with us through books and speeches, since the corporate mainstream media blacklist people who tell us the naked truth. In this speech he describes how he came to conclude that real journalism is about giving voice to those who have none and describes the decline of America and America’s new form of slavery which holds millions of our most disenfranchised unjustly locked up and ruthlessly exploited unbeknownst to the rest of us.

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The Nevada Coup Ends All Pretense of Democracy

Note: Originally posted on May 15 in 2016 when video recordings of this rigged convention were beginning to leak onto the Internet, this post attracted thousands of visitors looking for information the corporate media refused to publish (and soon after worked hard to distract from by spreading fictitious claims about violent Bernie Sanders supporters).
Surprise (satirical): Two of the three videos (or channels?) that revealed the rigging of the “Democratic” Party’s primary race caucus convention in Nevada have been deleted from YouTube. So, in January 2020, I have now at the bottom added an addendum with revealing videos that I came across when I scoured the Internet for replacements of the deleted ones. Especially the last video needs to be watched, being the most comprehensive of all.


Las Vegas, Nevada, May 14, 2016:  Yesterday, at Nevada’s Democratic Party Convention, Sanders was in the lead. He had won Nevada. So, the party chair (Roberta Lange) with some accomplices, unilaterally changed the rules thereby throwing out many Sanders votes and flipping the election, declared the convention concluded, and had the police clear the building.

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