Wakeful Video Weekend 2021-12-26 (7 videos)

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Summary: I had little time this week, but these merely 7 videos are definitely worth sharing with you. Main issue presented: How we get massively cheated in today’s world. Also another COVID update (ivermectin treatment).

Stars & channels: Second Thought, Richard Wolff (RichardDWolff), Jacobin, The Jimmy Dore Show, Ralph Nader Radio Hour


  1. The Robbery Cult of Capitalisn
  2. Feel Good Stories Used to Let A Corrupt System Off The Hook
  3. COVID: Ivermectin Now Appears Proven in Japan as the Best Treatment of COVID
  4. Richard Wolff on Crypto-Gambling and Inflation-Blaming
  5. Corporations Nowadays Forcing us to Frequently Buy New Products
  6. Inequality Stats
  7. Shocking Astronomic Corruption Claims Made About the FDA, Pharma, and Anthony Fauci
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