Political Awakening Video Weekend 03-24-2019 (19 videos)

Biggest theme this weekend: capitalism, esp. its war on the people, incl. the new “Woke” Capitalists (The Empire Strikes Back). But also insights on our politics’ corruption and a SILVER BULLET for curing us of it. Plus various other topics, including more on AOC, Medicare & Social Security, the Green New Deal, the Silver Spooners, and the ongoing trickery of the “Democratic” Party to defeat Bernie in 2020 and how we may fight back.


  1. The Political Minions of the Oligarchy
  2. “Woke” Capitalists (The Empire Strikes Back)
  3. Stagnant Wages & the End of the Education Moves-You-Up Myth
  4. AOC (Competent & Immune to Establishment Smears)
  5. The War on Medicare & Social Security
  6. A Silver Bullet to Clean up Political Corruption
  7. Our War Economy
  8. World Politics: Venezuela
  9. Marx’s Actual Take on Religion
  10. Capitalism Discussions with Economists
  11. Green New Deal
  12. AOC vs Ivanka: Real People vs Silver Spooners
  13. “D”-Party Trickery revealed by an Insider: Why so many candidates? & Silencing Tulsi to Eliminate Bernie
  14. Mindset for a Good World

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Grassroots News 10-31-2018

While a lot of people focus on the upcoming midterm elections, their candidates, polls, and votes; there is grassroots work to be done going beyond merely voting:


I. End Money in Politics

Represent.Us, the organization which fights money in politics through ballot initiatives all over the country announced two days ago:

The most impactful thing you can do to fight corruption right now is call voters in South Dakota and give them the facts on Amendment W.


South Dakota is where voters passed America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act, and where politicians overturned the will of the people in a display that outraged the country.

If the lobbyist-funded misinformation campaign succeeds and the Anti-Corruption Amendment loses, politicians everywhere will think they can ignore the will of voters too. …

If passed, Amendment W will:

  • Restrict lobbyist gifts to politicians.
  • Ban campaign contributions from unions and corporations to candidates and political parties.
  • Ban foreign money from South Dakota politics.
  • Stop politicians from using public office for personal gain.
  • Toughen ethics law enforcement.
  • Protect voter-approved laws from legislative meddling.

End Note: They are hosting virtual phone banks every day for the remaining days. You can join calling voters in South Dakota and help win this crucial fight that will set a precedent for the whole country.


II. Rescue Valuable Media

CounterPunch is one of the few remaining truth-telling and establishment-fighting magazines. Since outlets like that can’t survive on advertisement money (read: corporate bribes), it depends on donations.

You can help Ensure CounterPunch Won’t Have to Cut Operations.


It is, regrettably, no exaggeration to say that we are living in an era of irrationality, deception, confusion, anger, and unfocused fear – an ominous combination, with few precedents. There has never been a time when it was so important to have a voice of sanity, insight, understanding of what is happening in the world. CounterPunch has performed that essential service with unusual success. It is a matter of paramount importance to ensure that it will continue to do so, with even greater resources than before.” – Noam Chomsky


III. Inside-Outside Strategy

Since the takeover of the “Democratic” Party from within seems to be ebbing out, I should take the opportunity to remind everyone of my inside-outside strategy suggestion: make pressure on the establishment both from within the DP and from the outside (nut crackers need to squeeze from two sides!). The outside pressure comes in the form of building a strong new party that truly represents the American People (not the oligarchy), takes no corporate and billionaire’s donations, and has a bottom-up democratic structure, a true grassroots party in other words — one that either forces the “Democratic” Party to reform itself in its image or replaces it when it continues to resist this reform. Setting up a new party takes work, and you can volunteer.


Ending Note: To get the word out despite of Social Media blocking, please widely share links to these posts. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). And please don’t forget to sign up for notifications (you may never again hear of a new article here on any social media platform as their blocking of the people’s voices ratchets up)! Act! Only together can we change this messed-up world!

Another Showdown against Corruption – Your Help has its Deadline Today!

Five months ago, I reported the hair-raising Coup d’État of the South Dakotan governor and legislature against their own people when they brazenly repealed the anti-corruption law placed upon them by their people via a ballot initiative in November. Well, Represent.Us, bless their hearts(!), isn’t done fighting these political gangsters. They are collecting donations to hire full time petitioners for ensuring they get the needed signatures for an Anti-Corruption Constitutional Amendment before the deadline. They will have to submit nearly 28,000 valid signatures to the secretary of state by November 2017 for the amendment to appear on the 2018 ballot

As I just found out, they are saying that a longtime supporter will add a $25,000 donation if they collect enough other donations by the end of today. Here is there DONATIONS LINK.

Don’t forget to support alternative media and citizen journalism. Help us any way you can.

Three Punches for the People: #2 Direct Action

(Note: If you have already read my long essay State of the Revolution, you will find this piece largely redundant. This piece presents a certain portion of the former article for the logistic reasons of focused reading and a focused reference I and others can link to from other articles.) Continue reading “Three Punches for the People: #2 Direct Action”

So Many News This Week (2017-01-27)

This week has had a flurry of important news each of which I’d love to write about individually. Since this blog is not how I make my living (very sadly), I can’t write a post for each of them nor provide supportive links (aside from a Democracy Now video down below which mentions many). Still, for those who read my posts and likewise are very short of time, here is a news summary of some of the most time sensitive: Continue reading “So Many News This Week (2017-01-27)”

Reminder: Today is the Last Day to Sign for SD Anti-Corruption!

To refresh everyone’s memory: On election day, voters passed the first statewide Anti-Corruption Act in South Dakota. But South Dakota’s political establishment is trying to repeal it. They’ve filed a lawsuit, and tomorrow, the corporate sponsored politicians are poised to bring a bill to repeal the law.

If you haven’t done so already, join the national campaign to protect America’s first statewide Anti-Corruption Act on this last day. Add your name to the petition now to pressure lawmakers to drop their attacks and uphold the will of the people. Then, share it with anyone you know who was freaking out about Congress gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics – this is a trend we need to break. Now!

The back story:

  1. Urgent: The Fight Against Political Corruption is Heating Up – You Can Join!
  2. Update on the Anti-Corruption Act and S-Dakota’s Reprehensible Lawmakers



Update on the Anti-Corruption Act and S-Dakota’s Reprehensible Lawmakers

In just a few days, Represent.Us raised not just its goal of $12,000, but $18,478 to fight back at the corrupt lawmakers of South Dakota who have mobilized to undo the people’s vote for an anti-corruption law. Continue reading “Update on the Anti-Corruption Act and S-Dakota’s Reprehensible Lawmakers”

Urgent: The Fight Against Political Corruption is Heating Up – You Can Join!

On November 8, 2016, voters in South Dakota passed the first-ever statewide Anti-Corruption Act via ballot initiative. A great triumph for democracy! The initiative was led by Represent.Us volunteers and members. You can read more about this story here: How 600,000 People Broke Big Money’s Grip On Power

I have previously pointed to Represent.Us as one of the tools that we, the people, can use to fight corruption in our politics. This organization has already had some successes, but – as was to be expected – the goons who pretend to be our elected representatives are already fighting back. Continue reading “Urgent: The Fight Against Political Corruption is Heating Up – You Can Join!”