Truthful News Weekend 2023-01-06 – (10 videos)

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Summary: Tough week to find good videos. None of the super-good ones found, but after much search some decently good ones.

Stars and channels: Democracy At Work (with Richard Wolff, Harriet Fraad, and Bob Hennelly), MagnatesMedia, The Real News Network (with Nolan Higdon and Mickey Huff), Second Thought, The Jimmy Dore Show, Ralph Nader Radio Hour (with James Kahn, Fred Hyde, and Kip Sullivan), Rumble


  1. Upsurge in the Labor Movement
  2. Wealth Levels from Poor to Ultra Rich
  3. The Artificial Split of the American People
  4. Accumulated Power (of a few) under Capitalism *
  5. National Infrastructure Banks
  6. Falling American Empire
  7. Our Military Industrial Complex is a Circle of Grift (example: Ukraine) *
  8. A Reminder of Powerful Small Needles in Parliaments
  9. How Much Cheaper and Better Universal Healthcare Would Be For Us
  10. British Doctors Demanding Suspension and Investigation of mRNA COVID Vaccines
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Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-12-20 (18 videos)

Contents: We have a pandemic. Universal healthcare is the top priority now, and we must demand it NOW, not in a fictitious far future but NOW! (important videos to share!!!) — Other issues addressed: money rule, people division, and the People’s Party.

Stars & channels: Jimmy Dore, The Rational National, Fiorella Isabel (MCSC Network), Democracy Now!, Oversight Committee, Richard Wolff (Democracy At Work), Moment Of Clarity with Lee Camp, Status Coup, Movement for a People’s Party, NonCompete, Second Thought, Steve Grumbine, The Hill, Ralph Nader, and more


I. Push for Medicare for All

  1. Jimmy Dore Update on His M4A Vote-Force Proposal
  2. Save Our Lives! Push for M4A NOW!
  3. Push for M4A Discussion with Former Bernie Press Secretary
  4. Calm Research re. M4A Pushes
  5. M4A Floor Push Not Just Performative but Effective
  6. Morality Reminder by Cornel West
  7. Thousands Killed by Evictions During Pandemic
  8. A Little Insight in American Poverty Even Before the Pandemic
  9. Interesting Conversation on Capitalism, Socialism, Market Economies, Politics, Co-Ops…
  10. The Ruling (Criminal) ‘Elite’ Demolishing Tiny Homes Made for Homeless (and their possessions)
  11. Congress Numbers & The Multi-Step Nature of Fights for Change

II. People’s Party

  1. People’s Party Approves the M4A Push | Populism being Truly American

III. People Division

  1. Liberal-Fascist Alliance
  2. Revolution of Values vs Historic Rewriting

IV. Money Rule

  1. Money Made to Divide Us
  2. Example of Money-Corrupted Mentality
  3. The Money Trap Strangling us During the Pandemic (Work Loss, Rent Gauging…)
  4. How to De-Corrupt Banking

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Wakeful Video Weekend 2020-02-02 (21 videos)

The Meaning of Life & The Need for Change…

Some history of how we got into today’s mess, a lot of revelation of how the ‘D’ Party leadership became and still is corrupted, some revelation of Biden’s dishonesty, a lot of good stuff on Bernie Sanders and people uniting around him, the Joe Rogan “scandal”, the ruling “elite’s” harmful mentality, the current generational divide, and most important: what life has coming for us that our corrupted culture and system plays a big role in and is overlooked by so many of us:

Stars & Channels: Bernie, Ralph Nader, Nomiki Konst, Robert Wolff & Bob Hennelly (Democracy At Work), David Pakman, Jamarl Thomas, Jimmy Dore, Redacted Tonight, Adryenn, The Hill, FUSION, mmflint, Real Stories, and more…


  1. Prophet Aldous Huxley Foretold the Assault on Democracy
  2. Conversation of Michael Moore with Ralph Nader
  3. Public Banking, Postal Savings, New NAFTA, etc.
  4. Economy: Empire & Debt Slavery
  5. Medicare for All
  6. The Harmful Ruling Mindset
  7. Journalism vs ‘Elite’ Scuffles
  8. The Oligarchy’s Takeover of the D Party
  9. Bernie (Economic Bill of Rights | Exposing Hypocrisy | Unity & Joe Rogan Support)
  10. Biden’s Civil Rights Lie
  11. Redacted Tonight: BS-Biden, Mass Surveillance, …
  12. Republicoid 2020 “Democratic” Convention Committee
  13. “Democratic” Party Stonewalling Democracy
  14. “Democratic” Party: Big Money & Faulty Identity Politics
  15. Calling out the Corrupt 1% in the D Party
  16. U.S. Generational Divide (pitting Bernie vs Biden)
  17. Never Dying in Peace (Abandonment & Abuse when Elderly)
  18. Unity & People Power & Bernie’s Campaign

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Woke Video Weekend 2019-06-30 (20 videos)

If you have time on weekends to rest on a couch and watch movies, sports, or interesting news shows on TV – being offered mostly crap (and Bill Moyers sadly being gone by now) – this weekly video compilation is a perfect alternative bringing us bright insights into our corrupt corporate rule and how we can fight to take back our stolen world and repair our racketeered lives. It’s mostly a collection of many of the best videos released online during the week. Stars today: Bernie, Tulsi, Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader, Stephanie Kelton, John Spritzler, Russell Brand, Nick Braña, Niko House, Richard Wolff, Lee Camp, Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, Kyle Kulinski, Mike Figueredo, The Juice Media (great satire!), and more.


  1. Linking Up Globalism, Corporatism, Consumerism, and the Loss of Liberty & Democracy
  2. The Oligarchy’s Tool of Antisemitism and Boogeymen
  3. [d]emocratic Populism as Antidote to Nationalist Populism
  4. War On the Corporate State ***
  5. Debunking Some USSR Myths
  6. Debunking the Economic Recovery Myth
  7. American Concentration Camps (and Immoral Lawyers)
  8. The Dangerous Right-Wing
  9. RdtTnt: Data on Iran & Immigration “Crisis”
  10. JD: A Bit More on Iran
  11. Documentaries on the Secret New Aristocracy
  12. Internet Corporations Taking over the World, Example: Google
  13. Tulsi on Our Middle-East Wars & False Ally
  14. Better Political Debate Answers
  15. RN: (1) Alternative to Rapacious Banking…
  16. Money, Money, Money (Student Debt Cancellation)
  17. Satire: Our Mirror Down Under

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Political Awakening Video Weekend 10-14-2018 (10 videos + 6 micros)

Stars: Virginia Eubanks, Chris Hedges, RJ Eskow, Alex Lawson, Richard Wolff, Harriet Fraad, Stephanie Kelton, Jimmy Dore, Josh Androsky, Lee Camp et al., Mike Figueredo, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Mark Steiner, D.D. Guttenplan, Thom Hartmann, Jeff Sharlet, and Nick Brana.


  1. (Un)Fair Society
  2. U.S. History of Fighting for a Fair Society
  3. Medicare vs the Robber Billionaires
  4. Economic Updates
  5. Money in the Economy Explained (incl. MMT)
  6. Public Banking for a Better World
  7. News (Trade Deal, ‘elite’ SCOTUS Picks, Tax Scams, U.S. Syrian Raid)
  8. Progressives vs SJW Corporatist “Dems”
  9. Hate-Filled Groups for the Oligarchy
  10. Evil ‘Elite’ Mindsets
  11. Movement for a People’s Party

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Video Weekend 9-02-2017 (7 Videos, 2 by Jimmy Dore)

No need, this weekend, to slump and sink into the corporate media’s dementing morass. Here are six enlightening videos about our man-made nightmare world and ways to fix it. And to finish on a high note, number seven is a recording of some simple, harmless fun for a change. I hope you won’t mind. It reminds me of younger, more innocent times in my life, or the kind of life we could live if we didn’t have to struggle for survival so much in a world where natural scarcity has been overcome and replaced with man-made poverty, exclusion, and despair.


I. A Living Minimum Wage

Quite possible. Simply a policy choice:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Australian McDonalds Workers Paid Like No Worker In America Ever Has”)

This video nicely echoes things I keep saying: Low-pay economic stress drives a lot of negative behavior. There are a lot of selfish reasons to want your fellow Americans to do well. You can do things for other people out of self interest.

Quote: “So many Americans have been bamboozled by the billionaires.”


II. Patronage instead of Democracy

The big business of raking in and skimming off political donations:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “DNC Having Trouble Fundraising—Nomiki Explains”)


III. Kick the Liars

An Example of Not Letting Lying Excuses Pass:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Campaign to Recall Californian Democrat that Blocked Single-Payer Underway”)

Let’s hope the recall works, and every other recall and ousting we must relentlessly attempt until we whittle the corrupt political establishment down.


IV. The GOP’s Christian Right

Ever wondered about the Christian Right which played such a big role in the GOP even as the GOP was hurting American workers, steamrollering over our Constitution, spreading war in the Middle East, abducting and torturing people, trying to dismantle Social Security and so on? Certain money barons in the GOP certainly partnered up with “Christian” leaders and took advantage of a unifying force which would let them betray the people to the corporations and billionaire class with impunity while their party base and voters were distracted over ancient Biblical bullying mandates and their modern resurrection, just like neoliberals in the “Democratic” Party were distracting us with minority protection issues (which, while valid, still distract us from the higher priorities — and which were going hand-in-hand with the GOP’s Christian Right trickery, by the way, like both parties were harmoniously working together for our robber billionaires — gee, were they?)? Well here is an interesting video talk about the other end of the equation:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Ex-Producer Reveals the truth about Pat Robertson”)


V. Grass Roots VS King Money

Ways for regular folks to deflate the iron rule of Money:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “D@W-LA: Nancy Berlin of Arroyo S.E.C.O.”)


VI. Manufacturing Terrorism: The Taliban

People rarely turn to extremism without reason or a little help:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Fact: Taliban Has Surrendered Multiple Times – US Rebuffed Them”)


VII. Some Harmless Fun to Finish With

Since I serve up so much depressing or exhausting news, how about a little, harmless snippet of fun to finish with for a change (and show us what a happy future world could look like):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY”)

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The Dark Side of Money – Part 2: Salient Quotes

If, like me, you were impressed by the quotes in the revealing video Money as Debt which I showcased in part one of The Dark Side of Money – and you would like them in writing for future reference – here are the most powerful ones I wrote down:

Our national circulating medium is now at the mercy of loan transactions of banks, which lend, not money, but promises to supply money they do not possess. ~ Irving Fisher, economist & author

Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. ~ Kenneth Boulding, economist

Making money from simply having money is the act of a parasite, it is theft. (slightly rephrased)
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