We Better Don’t Overlook the Fundamental Enemy of Democracy and Justice

Richard Wolff compresses it into nine minutes (and I into a short written paragraph following the video):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Richard Wolff: Why Efforts To End Inequality Will Fail”) Continue reading

Chris Hedges: Corporate Despotism Has Replaced Democracy (short video clip)

As usual, Chris Hedges says how it is. The dissolution of an intelligent public discourse, the rise of sham politics, and the constant mendacious and dumbing-down drizzle from the corporate media, is why we – the awakened people – need to engage in our own media war against the corporate media’s distraction, deception, and propaganda.

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Cenk Uygur defends Bernie against deplorable Smear Attack

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Slate: Bernie’s Podcast Sorta Like A Dictatorship!”)

Let’s Not Forget: Trump’s Budget Still Looms

Over our fight for decent healthcare, we mustn’t overlook the fact that the conversion of our country into a modern feudal state is still continuing — on many fronts and at a breakneck speed. Continue reading

Thought of the Day: Our Unconstitutional Presidents

There is much hullabaloo about constitutional violations of our newest U.S. president, Trump. Those who are constantly calling for resistance against him overlook that, at least since the G.W.-Cheney regime, all “our” presidents have been violating the U.S. constitution which they were sworn to uphold. The only thing worse is partisan citizens celebrating “their” guy from “their” party for these violations or else looking the other way. This goes for supporters of both gangs… pardon me… “political parties.”

We should hold our presidents and other representatives accountable to us and our constitution, no matter which group of ours they pretend to lean to.

Whenever we succumb to blind loyalty and thereby allow ourselves to be divided against each other, the robber billionaires and their presidents, legislators, and judges screw us out of our lives. They are our true enemies, not Russia, not a single puppet president, but rather the big money wielders behind the scenes who pull all the strings.

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Fidel Castro Obituary – An Opposing Viewpoint

Report: Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide

(Note: if the video to which this article links gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Despite US Propaganda, Fidel Castro Beloved Worldwide”)

This week, we have seen despicable footage of people celebrating the death of another human being. Personally, I find death from “old age” after a few decades on Earth – which is barely enough for most people to even grow up – a great tragedy built into the human condition and something we should perhaps do something about instead of constantly fighting among ourselves. To celebrate someone’s death, I must be certain he or she was a mass murderer, torturer, or such. I cannot establish this state of affairs for Castro. Continue reading

DAPL Pipeline Being Brutally Pushed through Native American Land and Water Supply because a White Town Didn’T Want it to Threaten ITS Water Supply

If you have learned to overcome the corporate media blackout on the real news, you are probably aware of the brutality by police and private “security” firms used to force a totally unnecessary pipeline through Native American land and the thousands of volunteers trying to stop it.
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Debunking Democratic Convention “Unity” | video

Jordan Chariton of TYT reports from the DNC convention. What we saw was an infomercial. The reality of the convention was very different from the corporate media version. The Democratic party is badly split after what it did to progressive voters this year. Jordan has some sick stories to tell.