This Time We Must Do Better than Just Repeat History

There is something to the old claim that history moves in cycles: mistreated people revolt, fix some things, go back to sleep, have their world rigged against them again, have to wake up and revolt again, and so on. In the current popular uprising, we better aim higher than ever before to achieve more than before. If we don’t, the next uprising may hit an impermeable wall of perfected surveillance, “security,” and manufactured consent. So, while history went through its cycles, the means by which to control us, the people, from the top became ever more polished. If we don’t roll them back and put safeguards in place this time, we may pass a point of no return and never get another time. That’s why the current mantra of resist-resist-resist is not enough. In fact, I see it as a slick trick by the establishment to prevent us from achieving substantial change and keep us from stopping the perfection of our subjugation. So, beware: do not merely resist. Aim high. Aim for fundamental system change. Our current system is so sick that palliative treatment will end as it always does in medicine: with death. Death of democracy, justice, and hope, in this case.  Continue reading “This Time We Must Do Better than Just Repeat History”

Even Trump Supporters Are Waking Up

“Right” wing or “conservative” voters tend to have more catch-up to do than “left” wing or “liberal” voters (although there is plenty of that need to go around), but they, too, are beginning to wake up:

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Three Telling Videos About Inequality (with Commentary)

When you lose most of your possessions, you also lose most of your identity:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Financial Crisis Is Forcing America To Redefine Its Values”)

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First Week Update on the Justice Democrats

Update from Wednesday, Feb. 2: 95,000 members and counting, 2240 nominations and counting, 17,600 donors and counting, $315,000 and counting .


Everybody KNOWS it’s a SO-CALLED democracy!

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Announcing The Justice Democrats

There is a new kid on the block to shake up our rigged system. Its goal: to reform the “Democratic Party” back to being the party of the people.

It’s worth a look:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Democratic Party Takeover HAS BEGUN “)

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The Real Reason Hillary Wasn’t Charged for her Illegal Emails

Obama was involved. Not only did he know about the illegal email server which violated security policy, he even emailed Hillary on it. Now that such emails have come to light, Obama keeps their content from the public using “executive privilege”. So, the whole time the fox has been guarding the hen house (for sure also instructing the FBI not to press charges).

Source:  FBI Document Leaks CONFIRM Why Hillary Wasn’t Charged, It All Points to Obama!

An Idea: The American People’s Coalition

The twin party tyranny of Republican and Democratic Party (a.k.a. our party duopoly) is keeping the American people from having any say in their own affairs. Third parties have a huge obstacle to overcome in form of the twin party tyranny’s huge hurdles and voter doubt in their chances to win big elections.

I tend to think that what we could use is an American People’s Coalition in which all the non-establishment, pro-people, anti-corruption candidates campaign together, edifying each other and offering a whole Cabinet and large chunk of Congress rather than just one presidential candidate and one political party to the voters and where on the other end of things we, the “ordinary Americans”, meet in town halls or community centers, rev up our own discourse, agree on the priorities we all share regardless of traditional party lines and other divisions, and take over local party chapters and municipalities (the base of the political power pyramid) from which will sprout our own candidates for higher offices with or without any central organization.

So, instead of rallying around a single candidate like Bernie Sanders in this presidential election year of 2016, we could rally around the idea of cleaning house together under the banner and unifying title of the American People’s Coalition which unlike a single person could not be so easily murdered, intimidated, or outmaneuvered through fraud, thereby decapitating our movement against the corruption in our politics, the way it happened with Sanders.

We could hammer out a platform of widely approved and popular priorities, represent them with the three-word title of the American People’s Coalition, and all existing and emerging candidates for offices high and low could either run on this platform or not while we flood the meetings of the base of the political power pyramid and install the right candidates there.

Contact me if you wish to talk about this. Otherwise just spread the idea. Also comment. Power to the People!