Wakeful Video Weekend 2022-02-12 (13 videos)

Request: Please share with others. I, for example, can no longer share on Facebook, having been locked out of my account.

Summary: The majority of this weekend’s videos deal with COVID from numerous angles (esp. abuse of it and how to deal with it). Plenty of share-worthy videos this week, too many for a single weekend IMHO; so some saved away for later publishing. Let me know if you want more on a single weekend. Also: some economy issues.

Stars & channels: The Jimmy Dore Show, DW News, KMBC 9, Friendly Neighborhood Immunologist, John Campbell, Christy Risinger (MD), KPRC 2 Click2Houston, KHOU 11, Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Thom Hartmann Program (with Richard Wolff), Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar, act.tv (with JamesFromTheInternet)


  1. E & D Party Denying Us Guaranteed Healthcare
  2. World: Rapid Economy Crash in a Country (Turky, inflation officially at 36%)
  3. COVID: A Safer U.S. COVID Vaccine Available in 170 Countries Now
  4. COVID: Heart Disease Risk from the Forced COVID Vaccines
  5. COVID (and other infections): Vitamins, Minerals, and Hormones to Use
  6. COVID: A Doctor Kicked out of Clinic For Dealing Reasonably with COVID
  7. COVID: Soap and Rubbing Alcohol can Kill the COVID Virus
  8. Inflation Handling
  9. More Billionaire Mess: Historic Bridge DISASSEMBLED For Jeff Bezos
  10. Why our Roads And Bridges Never Get Fixed
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