Get to Know the DCCC (“C” Stands for Corruption)

While the DNC marries the entire “Democratic” Party to our plutocracy and infamously rigs especially the presidential primaries, the DCCC (known as D-triple-C or D-Trip) is – as the name Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee suggests – focused on rigging the primaries for the House of Representatives. It does so up close on a district by district basis. It takes candidates by the hand to twist their arms and put on its thumb screws. This is why we so often hear about the DCCC lately in this Congressional election year of 2018.

An examples of how the DCCC works: it puts you on the “Democratic” ticket only if you raise at least a quarter million dollars from its list of wealthy donors, or should I say party owners?   Continue reading “Get to Know the DCCC (“C” Stands for Corruption)”