Treating People Like Dogs

You probably heard last week of these news. When I myself heard of the case where asylum applicants (refugees) at our southern border are being told to drink water out of the toilet, I couldn’t help but think that human beings put in detention with your and my tax dollars are being treated like dogs. Not like beloved family dogs. Like detested street dogs.

And why are they treated that way? I think I know why. It’s because many of us working people in the U.S. are also being treated like dogs. Low wages, no job security, no benefits, no healthcare, no life worth living, no future, no dignity, and no liberty other than to go income-less or switch between employers all of whom treat us like dogs. And when we get angry, one of our evil masters comes around and tells us it’s not him and his buddies who are responsible for how they treat us. No, its a group of brown dogs who have an even lower status than us. They are responsible for everything that’s wrong; so let’s go and attack them.   Continue reading “Treating People Like Dogs”

Great Conversation between Chris Hedges and Richard Wolff (7/7/2018)

Economist Richard Wolff discusses the coming economic collapse with Chris Hedges. They touch upon both past & present of the top destroying everything and the people fighting for life. This came out too late to make it into my weekend video compilation. But now here it is:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff”)


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The way the American people is being controlled from the top involves manipulative narratives and outrageous maneuvers as two of their major weapons. They serve to distract us from the fundamentally important issues, warp our sense of reality, divert citizen activism onto roads to nowhere, disunite us, scapegoat innocents for the crimes of the plutocracy, and so forth. One of the worst versions are wanton atrocities that create problems out of nowhere, to direct us into fighting over them rather than fixing the underlying rigged system.

One of these latter is the current war on immigrants, especially the children of immigrants. Like many mind games of this sort, the perpetrators’ narrative starts out with a reasonable truism: namely that people should take care of their own pressing needs before anything else, much like medics are advised to put their own safety first lest they become hurt themselves and add to the pile of help-requiring accident victims while reducing the pool of helpers. Makes sense, right?  Continue reading “DACA, DAPA, DREAM, and Dump”

Friday Musings — Let’s Have Fun and Do Some Thinking Together

Today I am sharing some thinking of my own about our political far “left” and “right” and a joint way forward, in the mix with a very long but entertaining and sometimes informative video which is not closely related to these thoughts but nevertheless sparked them off. You may or may not care to watch this video, but I do hope you read and maybe even chime in on my thoughts. First the video, and then my thoughts:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for “Moyers & Company” and the title: “DNC Fraud Lawsuit Bringer Elizabeth Beck Live Discussion “)

Personally, I like and respect Jamarl and many of his well-considered thoughts very much; so I listen to him regularly. In this video, it was also fun to witness his conversation with someone who is still at an early phase of political awakening (but nevertheless brought an important lawsuit in defense of democracy, kudos!). In addition, I have always enjoyed America’s racial and ethnic diversity. Most other countries are so monolithically dull in comparison. It’s all a matter of taste, though, and this clip is really very, very long.

Anyway, let’s now do our own thinking:  Continue reading “Friday Musings — Let’s Have Fun and Do Some Thinking Together”