How the Fight from the Bottom Looks at the Local Level

Here is the inspiring recording of activity at the local level. If you think you are the only one sick of Big Money in politics so greedily taken by the treacherous major parties think again. If you think you are the only one who wants to kick these corrupt political “parties” (I rather think of them as political gangs, a political form of organized crime), then think again. If you think nobody will move to replace this corruption with a true people’s party or coalition of people’s parties representing you and me, watch this video where a local chapter is forming:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Chicago Movement For a People’s Party Chapter Launch”)

Note: We all need to undergo a transformation at some point in our lives to awaken to the crooked rigging of our system, pull off the wool from our eyes, and get ready to fight for what’s right.

Thought: So, maybe, thanks to Noam Chomsky speaking his mind, we will some day have Nick Brana as president, and good life will return to the United States. And this time for all!

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Interesting Jane Sanders Interview at the People’s Summit

I admit to mixed feelings abut this: some worries and some happy surprises. Worries: it sounds in some parts like a retreat into divisive identity politics (caring about certain groups/communities and forgetting about the big picture, you know what (neo-)liberals have been doing for a long time), credentialism (Ph.D.’s trumping reguar folks), and also like maybe dumping the fighting spirit (Sanders Institute only getting facts, not working on the emotional component that wins elections?). Happy surprises: Finally addressing election rigging somewhat and possibly pushing back against neoliberalism, not just Trump. Also, it’s good to get an introduction to the just launched Sanders Institute, and hearing it may help building information sources alternative to the corporate media. It’s also good to hear some stats about the People’s Summit: 4000 attendees from 49 states, 54% people of color.

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jane Sanders Discusses The Sanders Institute With Nomiki Konst”)

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Jamarl Thomas on the People’s Summit, Bernie, and Other Important Topics (2 Videos)

Jamarl Thomas (a really bright guy who went to check it out) finally got around to make up his mind about the People’s Summit which at the start didn’t sit quite right with him. He also adds some other sharp thoughts, especially about Bernie Sanders’ role in our politics (to which I would add that Bernie might be doing what Richard Wolff suggested: namely prove that he has tried everything to save and reform the “Democratic” Party before turning his back on it when the attempt eventually has failed visible to all). This speech is really long, and has stretches that are rambling or recursive. But it is worth spending the time listening, maybe while you cook and do house chores or such. (1:20 hours)

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Jamarl Thomas Talks Bernie, People’s Summit and more #pplsummit | Context with Jamarl Thomas”)

Two days ago, Jamarl added another evaluation of the People’s Summit, concluding that there is a serious co-opting attempt, but that the visitors seem to have successfully resisted, so far. Also, he feels this kind of summit should be more action oriented like hammer out a political agenda (29 min):

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Discussion of People’s Summit and Push Back Against Criticism By People That Didn’t Attend“)

I might add that the slippery slope I wrote about last time is something to truly be wary of. People don’t necessarily get corrupted by it and the corporate money that sloshes around on it. They can become co-opted even with their best intentions intact, simply by being forced into compromises, restricted by the mechanics of private campaign financing, and such. To overcome these old co-opting weapons, I kind of agree with Debbie the Sane Progressive that we need to alter our mindset, consciously stop doing what hasn’t worked before, keep our sights on a bold vision for the future, and get creative about new ways of doing things (for instance create our own alternative media, run political campaigns heavily relying on grassroots volunteers (canvassing, distributing yard signs…) rather than money-sucking TV ads, etc.).

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Hillary Would Have Been WORSE For Us Than Trump

Let’s be honest. The “Democratic” and Republican Party are not extremes of one another! They are almost identical! No true alternatives, at all. And the same goes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Yes, you read correctly. They all screw us (the American working class people) to enrich themselves and their wealthy cronies. And, there is at least one very critically reason why Hillary would have been actually worse than Trump!

Jamarl Thomas, an unusually smart video blogger who I rate highly, gave a very sharp analysis arguing that the confused ones among us should stop, once and for all, to perpetuate the canard that Hillary would have been better than Trump in the Oval Office. In fact, the exact opposite is true! The very sensible argumentation comes from someone situated on what we, in America, traditionally consider the political “left,” a term which in the past was synonymous with the “Democratic” Party, but today is anything but that. Listen or read (or do both). It’s well worth it.

Here is the video, and below it my own summary and commentary:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “Verdict Segment. Is Hillary Clinton the Lesser Evil? For Once and For all, NO!”)

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State of the Revolution 5/2017: The “Democratic” Party Rejects the People

News from California: the people-crushing corporate lobbyist, Eric Bauman, who took $100,000 from Big Pharma to prevent lower medication prices, has been announced the new chair of the California “Democratic” Party (moved up from vice chair). This is despite the celebrations earlier this year over anti-corporate (Bernie-aligned) party members electing a majority of the party’s electable delegates and their expecting to vote a people’s representative into the office of state party chair. It turns out, that California’s “Democratic” Party has its own version of superdelegates. There is also suspicion of a false vote count. Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

This development confirms my doubts back in April that the initial successes in reforming the DP which had been reported by then would be able to go much further, even as bringing this kind of pressure to bear was still worthwhile.

Before I write a few more words on this, here is Jimmy Dore’s video on the same topic:

(Note: if the video linked above gets deleted, you may search the Internet for the title: “CA Dem Party Tells Progressives “Shut The F*ck Up””)

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Idea: Let’s All Join the “Democratic” Party But Vote Against It! (Hehehe. There’s more. Read on.)

It’s a devious idea: Let’s all join the “Democratic” Party, but vote only for anti-establishment candidates regardless of party affiliation and give the corrupt party operatives hell from the inside. This is where it gets funny… Continue reading “Idea: Let’s All Join the “Democratic” Party But Vote Against It! (Hehehe. There’s more. Read on.)”

Is the Time Ripe for a New Party?


To answer this question, two contributing questions must be answered: Is a new party necessary, and is it possible? These answers are straightforward:

  1. Most of us will agree that change is necessary. So, if the political monopoly formed by our twin party tyranny is beyond reform, then a new party is necessary.
  2. New parties started from scratch have never yet grown powerful after the first parties in our nation formed and thereafter blocked all new ones; but new parties arising from the break-up of failing major parties have succeeded! So, at least when this condition is met, it actually is possible.

So, how does the land currently lay? Continue reading “Is the Time Ripe for a New Party?”

Three Punches for the People: #3 Third or New Parties

(Note: If you have already read my long essay State of the Revolution, you will find this piece largely redundant. This piece presents a certain portion of the former article for the logistic reasons of focused reading and a focused reference I and others can link to from other articles.)

Part one dealt with flooding the system with good people displacing the corrupt ones. Part two dealt with direct action. Part three deals with: Continue reading “Three Punches for the People: #3 Third or New Parties”

State of the Revolution (PS) — Where Bernie’s Revolution is Right Now

Fact #1: Our government, mass media, and major political parties only serve the plutocrats. We working class Americans are screwed.
Fact #2: Americans have finally begun waking up. Especially last year when millions woke up.
Fact #3: Efforts have been underway to do something about it, to, essentially, have a second American Revolution.

While the wheeling and dealing in Washington and other power nodes continues as always – and while much public hysteria is being fanned about Russian meddling, politicians spying on other politicians, Trump resistance, and so forth – I thought it was time to take a little stock of how we the people are faring in our burgeoning efforts to clean house.  Continue reading…